NOW IN PRINT: Rape Culture Hysteria

Hysteria 180Now available!  The latest book from Wendy McElroy, Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Men and Women.

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Print edition from Createspace and also available from Amazon.


The Daily Caller, 17 Jun 2016: Author Vows To End Rape Culture 'Hysteria' With New Book, 20 Jun 2016: Review of "Rape Culture Hysteria"
The College Fix, 1 Jul 2016: ‘Rape culture hysteria’ is based on a ‘Big Lie’ that qualifies as hate speech: BOOK REVIEW
Men's E-News, 5 Jul 2016: Wendy McElroy’s Latest Book Strikes a Blow Against Rape Culture Hysteria, 11 Jul 2016: Government in the Bedroom: Statism and Rape Culture
Notablog. 20 Jul 2016: Review by Chris Sciabarra
The Mental Militia. 22 Aug 2016: Wendy’s Latest Reviewed by Elias Alias.
Justice Denied. 3 Sep 2016: Review by Hans Sherrer
El Paso Times. 17 Sep 2016: "Well-argued book tackles issue of rape culture," by Mimi Gladstein

Other Mentions:

Interview on the Tom Woods Show, 26 May 2016
Independent Women's Forum, 9 May 2016: Maverick Feminist Wendy McElroy Takes on Campus Rape in a New Book
EGP News, 16 Jun 2016: Rape, Culture, Responsibility, and Brock Turner

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