Index to Liberty Part Two: Individuals

Liberty Index: Part II--Individuals


A.: See Herben, Adolph, pseudonym for; a/k/a Basis.

A.E.G.: on Whitman, 26p.1.

A.H.S.: See Simpson, A.H., pseudonym for.

Abbot, Francis E.: 2p.2, 6p.2, 10p.1, 92p.5. See also Index, editor.

Abbott, Leonard D.: 367p.3, 397p.6; Tucker on, 397p.4-5.

Abbott, Lyman (Rev.): 21p.2, 71p.7, 330p.4, 330p.8, 397p.47; Yarros on, 243p.3. See also Christian Union and Evolution of Christianity.

Acton, Lord: on Machiavelli, 204p.2.

Adam Anarchist (pseudonym): on anarchy, 290p.7; on politicians, 276p.3; on prostitution, 266p.3.

Adam, Paul: 282p.1, 284p.5, 293p.5, 311p.5.

Adams, Charles Francis: Tucker on, 376p.4.

Adams, Judge: S.R. on, 372p.2.

Addams, Jane: 366p.5; on labor, 263p.2.

Addis, Henry: Byington on, 363p.4.

Adler, Felix: 14p.3, 83p.7, 125p.5, 330p.4; Truth Seeker on, 391p.57; Tucker on, 21p.1, 22p.2.

Alavoine (of the Paris Commune): 222p.2.

Albert, J.H. (Rev.): on anarchy, 299p.7.

Albrecht, (Dr.): 211p.1; on capital, 148p.1.

Alceste (French): on liberty, 1p.4.

Alcott, Louisa May: 262p.2; on W. Greene, 131p.1.

Alcott, (Mr.): Cheney on, 131p.1.

Alden: on Newcomb, 164p.5-6; on taxation, 241p.2-4; on usury, 282p.3-4.

Aldrich, Herbert L.: on anarchy, 112p.6.

Aldrich, T.B.: 305p.7; 369p.1; poem, 128p.1.

Alexander II: 4p.4, 15p.3, 28p.3, 36p.3, 55p.7, 58p.1, 63p.1, 83p.6; Rochefort on, 18p.3; Tolstoi on, 365p.6-7; Tucker on, 36p.1. See also Czar.

Alexander III: 5p.4, 13p.1, 18p.4, 32p.4, 42p.2, 55p.6, 69p.1, 77p.8, 91p.1, 205p.2, 209p.3, 302p.3; Rochefort on, 28p.3; Tucker on, 3p.1, 6p.4, 54p.1. See also Czar.

Alexander (Prince of Bulgaria): Rochefort on, 68p.8.

Alexandre, Arsene: 348p.1, 349p.1; on charity, 349p.3-4; on copyright, 282p.10; on the state, 348p.3. See also The Thirty Six Trades of the State.

Alexandrovna (Madame): 36p.3.

Allen, A.W.: 24p.2.

Allen, Grant: 95p.7, 136p.7, 149p.8, 150p.4, 169p.6, 258p.4, 312p.6, 313p.1, 314p.1, 314p.6, 327p.1; on happiness, 115p.7; on socialism, 147p.1; on wages, 171p.7; Donisthorpe on, 152p.1, 176p.3; Simpson on, 169p.2; Tucker on, 171p.1, 186p.1, 187p.1, 309p.1, 325p.1, 333p.5, 400p.8-10. See also The British Barbarians, What's Bred in the Bone, The Woman Who Did.

Allen, William S.: on marriage, 92p.8.

Allix (of Paris Commune): 121p.4.

Allison, W.S.: on anarchy, 121p.1. See also American Idea, editor.

Altgeld, John P. (Judge/Governor): 255p.3, 278p.3, 288p.4, 291p.4, 292p.5, 292p.10, 294p.3, 294p.5, 294p.7, 301p.3, 311p.7, 317p.1, 324p.5, 326p.2, 344p.4, 349p.1, 355p.2, 356p.2, 365p.4, 365p.5, 378p.5; on courts, 167p.2; on pardons, 350p.7; J.W. Lloyd on, 279p.4; Trumbull on, 168p.2-3; Tucker on, 246p.2, 270p.1, 278p.2, 292p.1, 318p.11, 343p.1, 344p.1, 347p.1, 347p.4-5, 350p.7.

Alten, H. von (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

American (pseudonym in Lucifer): Tucker on, 71p.1.

Amouche, Oscar: Poem, 185p.1.

Amouroux (of Paris Commune): 121p.4, 222p.2.

Andrade, David A.: 87p.1, 89p.1, 99p.1, 113p.1, 119p.1, 127p.1, 133p.4, 234 p.2; on anarchy, 76p.7-8, 83p.5, 88p.7, 100p.6-8; on Australia, 96p.7; on legislation, 87p.7; on Liberty, 69p.1; poems, 97p.1, 140p.5; on politics, 297p.5; J.W. Lloyd on, 259p.2-3; Tucker on, 76p.1, 122p.5. See also Honesty (editor), The Melbourne Riots.

Andrade, W.C. (Australian, anarchist): 88p.7.

Andrews, Champe S.: Tucker on, 387p.1.

Andrews, E. Benjamin: 171p.5; on Tucker, 363p.5.

Andrews, J.1,: 147p.7; on communist anarchism, 145p.7-8; Tucker on, 145p.5.

Andrews, Stephen Pearl: 2p.3, 7p.1, 42p.4, 52p.1, 56p.4, 74p.1, 76p.4, 86p.1, 88p.1, 94p.1, 101p.1, 103p.7, 109p.1, 112p.4, 113p.1, 113p.7, 116p.6, 119p.4, 123p.1, 125p.6, 127p.7, 130p.4, 131p.1, 133p.5, 133p.7, 137p.1, 146p.1, 147p.1, 148p.6, 150p.1, 151p.1, 151p.6, 152p.6, 153p.1, 155p.6, 156p.1, 157p.3, 157p.7, 159p.4, 160p.5, 163p.1, 167p.4, 170p.7, 235p.1, 245p.1, 274p.1, 302p.3, 312p.1, 314p.7, 317p.1, 337p.7, 359p.3, 391p.45, 391p.46, 391p.50, 392p.52; on anarchy, 113p.6; on censorship, 51p.4-5; on sex, 311p.7; B.B. on, 51p.5; J.W. Lloyd on, 74p.1, 77p.1; G. Macdonald on, 397p.43-44; Ripley on, 114p.2; Tucker on, 11p.1, 45p.4, 57p.4, 62p.1, 65p.4, 82p.4, 83p.1, 118p.4. See also Labor Dollar, Love, Marriage and Divorce, The Nature of Money and The Science of Society.

Angell, George T.: on government, 297 p.5.

Annandale, Hugh: N.Y. Sun on, 287p.7.

Anthony, Joseph: on banking, 103p.7; Tucker on, 103p.7.

Anthony, Susan B.: 290p.3, 293p.3, 397p.40.

Antoine, M.A. (of Theatre Libre): 182p.3, 257p.3; on theatre, 185p.6.

Antoinette, Marie: K on, 54p.5.

Apex: 9p.3 on Babcock, 11p.4; on interest, 9p.4, 10p.2, 118p.7; on money, 10p.4, 19p.4, 77p.1; on majorities, 97p.8; Tucker on, 10p.3, 97p.8.

Appleton, Henry (pseudonyms...Honorius and X): as Appleton 19p.2, 26p.1, 28p.1, 60p.1, 61p.4, 62p.1, 68p.1, 69p.4, 71p.1, 73p.1, 74p.1, 76p.4, 77p.1, 80p.8, 83p.7, 95p.5, 96p.1, 97p.5, 100p.5, 101p.1, 101p.8, 103p.1, 115p.1, 141p.1, 157p.3, 157p.7; on anarchy, 94p.4; on Irish World, 71p.4; on labor, 65p.4, 79p.8; letter to editor, 62p.1; Hickey on, 103p.6; G. Kelly on, 70p.5, 77p.8, 89p.5; Morse on, 96p.8; Tucker on, 65p.4, 68p.1, 70p.5, 79p.4-5, 80p.5, 84p.5, 86p.4, 94p.4-5,8, 96p.8, 135p.7, 364p.3-4; Yarros on, 69p.7, 78p.8. As Honorius 73p.5, 79p.4, 79p,5, 79p.8, 95p.5, 103p.6; Tucker on, 71p.4. As X 56p.5, 57p.8, 70p.5, 72p.1, 73p.4, 75p.4, 77p.1, 79p.4, 86p.7, 88p.7, 95p.5, 98p.1, 99p.5, 103p.5, 115p.1; on anarchy, 49p.4-5, 50p.4, 62p.4, 64p.5, 65p.5, 66p.4, 69p.4-5, 75p.5, 77p.4, 86p.4; authority, 82p.4; on Brown Univ., 45p.4-5; on capitalism, 52p.4; on communism, 67p.4; on competition, 57p.4; on compromise, 80p.4-5, 84p.4-5; on dynamite, 59p.4; on expediency, 79p.4; on force, 85p.5; on free trade, 55p.4; on government, 44p.4, 56p.4; on immigration, 86p.4; on interest, 78p.4; on Knights of Labor, 83p.4; on Kropotkin, 47p.4-5; on labor, 58p.4, 60p.4; on law. 85p.4-5; on liberalism, 68p.4-5; on liberty, 51p.4; on morality, 48p.5; on mormons, 72p.4; on J. Most, 61p.4, 63p.4; on Parnell, 42p.5,8; on reformers, 54p.4-5; on the state, 43p.5; on Tucker, 135p.7; on unions, 74p.4; K on, 48p.4; Lloyd on, 82p.1; Lum on, 82p.5; Macdonald on, 73p.4, 76p.4-5; Porcupine on, 80p.8; Tucker on, 56p.1, 86p.4-5. See also What is Freedom and When Am I Free?

Archer, William: 290p.6, 344p.6, 394p.55; on theatre, 350p.2.

Arene, Emmanuel: on Business is Business, 373p.6.

Argyll, Duke of: 94p.1, 200p.1, 260p.4; on H. George, 140p.4.

Argyriades: 58p.1, 80p.5. See also La Question Sociale (editor)

Aristophanes: 360p.7; B. on, 92p.8.

Aristotle: 83p.1, 83p.2, 84p.6, 88p.2, 117p.2, 155p.1, 163p.4, 171p.1, 284p.6, 292p.11, 309p.7, 341p.2, 379p.4, 388p.2, 397p.39.

Armand, E.: Tucker on, 400p.2-3. See also L'Ere Nouvelle (editor).

Armsden, John: 169p.1, 172p.6, 286p.11, 327p.8, 341p.1; on Spencer, 327p.3; Tucker on, 322p.1, 327p.3.

Arnold (of Paris Commune): 222p.2.

Arnold, Edwin: 220p.4; on Christianity, 204p.3; Tucker on, 213p.1. See also Subscription Premium.

Arnold (Judge): 306p.7; on self-defense, 327p.4.

Arnold, Matthew: 58p.5, 65p.1, 159p.5; on Homer, 4p.3.

Arnould (of Paris Commune): 121p.4, 222p.2.

Arnould, Arthur: on revolution, 131p.1.

Arthur, Chester A. (President): 19p.3, 19p.4, 24p.4, 47p.6, 54p.7, 120p.1.

Asch (Dr., contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

Assi (of Paris Commune): 121p.4.

Atherton, Gertrude: 365p.4; on anarchy, 365p.7-8; on women, 212p.1; Tucker on, 365p.4-5.

Atkins, Commissioner: on indians, 97p.5.

Atkinson, Edward: 82p.8, 100p.5, 128p.1, 130p.1, 140p.5, 176p.1, 181p.3, 196p.2, 243p.2, 287p.11, 319p.3, 345p.4, 365p.4, 388p.4; on money, 242p.3; the Century on, 294p.5; Today on, 187p.7; Tucker on, 101p.1, 103p.4, 175p.4, 187p.1; Yarros on, 256p.2.

Attersoll, C. (London agent for Liberty): 234p.2.

Attucks, Crispus: O'Reilly on, 138p.1.

Auban, Saint de: 293p.9, 295p.1, 358p.4; on J. Grave, 293p.5,9-11.

Auerbach, Berthold: on nudity, 299p.6.

Augustine: 85p.3, 169p.2, 169p.3.

Austin: on law, 146p.5; on taxes, 151p.4-5. See also Jurisprudence.

Aveling, Edward B. (Dr., son-in-law of Karl Marx): 2p.1, 83p.1, 92p.5, 94p.8, 96p.1, 97p.4, 102p.1, 114p.4, 347p.6; on property, 88p.1; Galveston News on, 89p.5; G. Kelly on, 92p.4; Tucker on, 35p.3, 64p.1, 83p.4, 88p.8, 91p.1; Yarros on, 88p.5,8, 90p.4-5.

Aveling, Eleanor Marx (daughter of Karl Marx): 94p.8, 97p.4, 102p.1; G. Kelly on, 92p.4; Tucker on, 51p.1, 88p.8; Yarros on, 88p.5, 90p.4-5.

Avrial (of Paris Commune): 222p.2.


B.: See Stuart, Frank Q, pseudonym for.

B.: 18p.4; on Harvard, 11p.4; on journalism, 16p.4; on literature, 14p.4; poetry, 3p.4, 4p.4, 19p.4, 21p.4; Arden on, 92p.8; Wright on, 18p.4.

B.B.: on the Liberal League, 51p.4-5.

B.H.(Boston Hall?): 335p.5, 340p.8.

Babcock, J.M.1,: 22p.4, 100p.5, 101p.8, 107p.1, 110p.1, 115p.1, 189p.1, 198p.2, 199p.3, 201p.3; on capital, 5p.4; on egoism, 108p.7, 111p.7, 115p.7; on money, 162p.1; on post office, 102p.5; on renting, 6p.3, 9p.3, 12p.4; Apex on, 11p.4; Tucker on, 4p.2, 5p.2, 6p.3, 10p.2, 11p.1, 101p.1, 102p.5, 275p.3; Yarros on, 108p.7, 111p.7, 115p.7, 206p.1. See also The New Age and Slaves to Duty.

Bache, Rene: on government, 166p.3.

Bachmann, Moritz A.: 57p.1, 64p.1, 80p.5, 81p.1, 353p.4; on I.W.P.A., 80p.8. See also Die Zukunft, editor.

Backus, Samuel W. (Hon.): Freethought on, 178p.2.

Bacon: on New Haven Morning News, 98p.8; T.W.C. on, 98p.5,8. See also New Haven Morning News, editor.

Bacon, Lord: 34p.2, 100p.7, 107p.7, 118p.4, 150p.5, 187p.4, 385p.3; Ingersoll on, 185p.1; Tucker on, 39p.1.

Badcock, John Jr.: 242p.2, 277p.1, 286p.11, 305p.1, 308p.7, 31Op.2, 31Op.7, 313p.5, 319p.4, 319p.5, 320p.7, 322p.4, 322p.8, 325p.3, 326p.1, 329p.5, 332p.1, 332p.6, 347p.6, 353p.7, 392p.1; on anarchy, 277p.3; on children, 322p.7-8, 327p.7-8; on duty, 310p.7; on egoism, 319p.7-8; on money, 343p.6-8, 346p.6-7, 349p.5, 352p.7; on property, 328p.6-7; J.G. Fisher on, 346p.6, 349p.4; Lloyd on, 323p.7-8; Tucker on, 300p.4, 323p.3-4, 323p.4-5. See also The Money Famine.

Baer (Mr.): 385p.1; Tucker on, 366p.1.

Bagehot, Walter: 94p.7, 140p.4, 144p.5, 148p.7, 173p.5, 173p.6, 222p.1, 282p.10; on science, 157p.4; Yarros on, 157p.4. See also Physics and Politics.

Baggs, James H.: 20p.2; on J.F. Kelly, 48p.1.

Bailie, William: 235p.2, 236p.3, 238p.1, 239p.2, 255p.3, 268p.3, 272p.3, 389p.2, 391p.14, 393p.11; on anarchy, 253p.2; on capitalism, 257p.1&3; on collectivism, 264p.1&3; on competition, 276p.1; on crime, 231p.2-3; on economics, 378p.4-5; on education, 210p.3-4, 235p.1; on government, 255p.1, 266p.1,3, 375p.3-4; on individualism, 256p.1, 263p.13; on labor, 254p.1, 271p.1&3, 272p.1; on liberty, 258p.1; on Loria, 376p.3-4; on martyrs, 217p.2-3; on monopoly, 368p.4-5, 371p.3-4; on property, 259p.1, 260p.1, 261p.1&3, 267p.1; on railroad, 369p.3-4; on sacrifice, 227p.3-4; on socialism, 265p.1,3; on society, 223p.1-4, 253p.1, 264p.1,3; on the state, 391p.26-33; on wages, 274p.1, 279p.1; on war, 392p.43-50; C.1.S. on, 388 p.2, 392p.50-57; Tucker on, 267p.1, 272p.2-3, 274p.1. See also Josiah Warren, The First American Anarchist and Problems of Anarchism.

Bain: 99p.7. See also The Emotions and Free Will.

Baker, Valentine (Lt.): 1p.4; Tucker on, 2p.3.

Bakounine, Michael: 9p.4, 11p.3, 17p.1, 24p.1, 26p.3, 34p.1, 39p.1, 39p.3, 40p.1, 40p.2, 41p.1, 41p.4, 42p.1, 45p.1, 50p.1, 51p.6, 53p.1, 57p.1, 59p.5, 61p.1, 63p.1, 63p.5, 69p.1, 71p.1, 75p.7, 83p.6, 85p.1, 87p.1, 88p.7, 96p.7, 105p.4, 106p.4, 107p.1, 117p.7, 120p.3, 127p.2, 128p.5, 145p.4, 145p.5, 145p.6, 157p.6, 180p.2, 274p.1, 281p.4, 320p.1, 353p.4, 359p.2, 375p.1, 387p.2, 391p.50, 394p.13, 396p.23, 402p.2; Paskiarechki on, 15p.4; Tucker on, 8p.1, 9p.1, 9p.4; Zeno on, 74p.4. See also Dieu et L'Etat, The Kolokol, and The Political Theology of Mazzini and the International.

Bakounine, Michael (portrait of): advertisement, 17-25, 30-36, 45-47, 53, 55, 57, 58, 63, 65, 66, 68, 73, 74, 83. 85, 109, 115, 116, 123, 124, 125, 130, 132, 135, 138, 139, 144, 145, 147, 160, 161, 172, 174, 175, 181, 183, 185.

Balfour: 238p.2, 321p.1, 327p.1, 375p.3; Tucker on, 318p.1.

Ball, B.W.: 26p.2, 108p.1; on evolution, 61p.4; on Liberty, 3p.4; Tucker on, 25p.2.

Ballou, A.1.: 290p.1, 292p.5, 294p.4; on anarchy, 157p.3, 289p.7; on Bilgram. 291p.8. on free love, 169p.7; on H. George, 115p.7; on government, 296p.7; on Liberty, 54p.1; on F. Stuart, 155p.6; on J.W. Sullivan, 240p.1; Tucker on. 296p.5.

Ballou, Ida: on woman suffrage, 311p.7.

Balzac, Honore de: 120p.1, 258p.4, 265p.4, 282p.10, 288p.4, 289p.1, 290p.4, 335p.7, 368p.7, 387p.6, 395p.13. See also Lost Illusions.

Banks, Maude: N.Y. Sun on, 287p.6-7.

Bardin, Sophy (nihilist): 12p.1.

Barker, William (Dr.): 19p.2.

Barlow, A.: W. Hanson on, 93p.8.

Barlow, Charles H.: Tucker on, 16p.2.

Barnard (Att'y Gen.): on lotteries, 166p.3.

Barnard, Frederick: See Subscription Premiums.

Barnard, William Francis: Poems, 348p.5, 349p.8, 350p.5; Tucker on, 348p.1, 350p.1.

Barnardo, J. Augustus (member Free Currency Propaganda): 286p.11.

Barnett, Julia H.: 22p.2.

Barnhill, John Basil: 239p.2; poem, 225p.1; on post office, 298p.4; Tucker on, 178p. 1.

Baron, J.: 22p.2.

Barrere (of Paris Commune): 222p.2.

Barres, Maurice: 258p.4, 284p.5, 328p.7; on Vaillant, 283p.8; on Wagner, 242p.3-4; Tucker on, 242p.1.

Barrett, George C. (Judge): 84p.1, 299p.4, 316p.1, 317p.1, 351p.1, 354p.3; on unions, 351p.2.

Barrett, Kate Waller: on vice, 384p.6.

Barrett, O.S.: on anarchists, 121p.4.

Barrett, Thomas: on age of consent, 86p.5. See also Present Day, editor.

Barrows, C.M.: See Bread Pills...advertisement.

Bartholomew, H.E.: 140p.1.

Bartlett, Rev.: on socialism, 208p.3.

Bascom (Prof.): on truth, 2p.3; Tucker on, 2p.3.

Basis: See Herben, Adolph, pseudonym for; a/k/a A.

Bastiat, Charles Frederic: 6p.3, 23p.2, 37p.2, 65p.4, 70p.5, 91p.4, 105p.4, 119p.4, 126p.6, 135p.4, 154p.1, 158p.4, 169p.1, 176p.2, 178p.4, 197p.2, 236p.2, 302p.3, 331p.1, 392p.6, 397p.15; on competition, 126p.7; on government, 123p.7; on laissez faire, 127p.7; on taxes, 123p.5; Tucker on, 6p.4, 10p.3. See also Economic Sophisms and Sophisms of Protection.

Batterson, J.G.: 82p.1; G. Kelly on, 77p.7; Tucker on, 77p.4.

Bauer, Henry: 339p.6; on A Doll's House, 288p.7-8.

Bax, E. Belford: 102p.7, 104p.6, 113p.1, 124p.6, 133p.1, 365p.1; on individualism, 175p,4; Tucker on, 99p.4. See also The Religion of Socialism and Socialism from the Root Up.

Bayard, Thomas F. (Senator): 42p.4, 45p.1, 51p.7, 58p.1, 59p.4, 60p.4, 60p.5, 98p.5, 134p.7; on compulsory credit, 15p.3; Spooner on, 21p.2-3, 42p.6-7. See also "A Letter to Thomas F. Bayard".

Bearce, H.M.: 94p.1, 116p.1; on revolution, 95p.7.

Beard, George M. 19p.3, 45p.7; on Guiteau, 19p.4.

Beaumont, Ralph (Knights of Labor): on post office, 105p.1.

Bebel, Augustus: 13p.1, 15p.3, 33p.4, 98p.5, 160p.3, 204p.3, 245p.2, 266p.1, 308p.4, 324p.5, 350p.3, 395p.50, 400p.46; on America, 400p.4.

Bechstein, C. (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

Bechtold, H.C.: 178p.7; on individualism, 266p.3; G.S. on, 179p.5; Tucker on, 179p.5. See also Fackel, editor.

Beck, James M.: on patents, 392p.59-60.

Becque, Henry: 257p.3, 390p.4; on Antoine, 185p.6.

Bedborough, George (member Legitimation League): 353p.7.

Bedborough, Louie (member Legitimation League): 353p.7.

Beecher, Henry Ward: 3p.1, 15p.2, 46 p.8, 138p.3, 151p.4; on anarchy, 91p.4; Max on, 91p.4-5; Tucker on. 41p.3, 46p.1, 48p.8, 49p.1; Walker on, 48p.8.

Beecher, Thomas K. (Rev.): 112p.8; on individualism, 2p.4.

Beerbohm, Max: 381p.1; on Shaw, 391p.52-57.

Beethoven (Picture): Advertisement, 390.

Beitler (Director of Public Safety): on police, 306p.7.

Bell, W.S.: 12p.1, 29p.1, 29p.4, 77p.4; on government, 247p.4. See also Liberty and Morality... advertisement.

Bellamy, Edward: 144p.1, 147p.4, 147p.7, 149p.6, 149p.7, 150p.8, 152p.1, 153p.1, 153p.7, 154p.5, 155p.1, 156p.1, 157p.5, 158p.1, I59p.8, 161p.1, 163p.1, 164p.2, 169p.2, 169p.5, 170p.1, 173p.1, 173p.4, 175p.3, 176p.1, 177p.1, 177p.3, 179p.1, 181p.6, 182p.8, 184p.1, 185p.1, 186p.1, 191p.2, 192p.4, 193p.1, 196p.1, 215p.3, 216p.3, 230p.3, 242p.3, 248p.3, 252p.2, 261p.1, 274p.1, 278p.3, 282p.12, 284p.3, 285p.6, 301p.2, 312p.1, 323p.5, 374p.5, 388p.4, 389p.6; on labor, 196p.2; on nationalization, 146p.5, 161p.6; on socialism, 160p.5-6; on the state, 181p.1; on utopia, 132p.1; American Artisan on, 236p.4; Labadie on, 122p.8; Philadelphia Justice on, 154p.7; Shipley on, 160p.3; Tucker on, 146p.1, 157p.8, 181p.6, 183p.1, 191p.1, 196p.1, 203p.2, 204p.1, 207p.1, 212p.1, 219p.1; Yarros on, 145p.5, 161p.6, 164p.6, 181p.6, 212p.3. See also Looking Backward and New Nation (editor).

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Brelay (of Paris Commune): 222p.2.

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Bulluny, Edward: on state socialism, 156p.3. See also Bellamy, Edward, parody of.

Bulwer: Poem, 49p.1.

Bunyan, Paul: 103p.5. See also Subscription Premium.

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Byrnes, Inspector: 81p.4, 164p.3, 282p.6, 282p.7, 283p.6, 283p.7, 299p.6; Tucker on, 297p.1.

Byron, George (Lord): 1p.1, 4p.3, 5p.1, 7p.3, 40p.1, 85p.6, 93p.1, 115p.1, 121p.4, 135p.1, 165p.2, 174p.4, 186p.3, 187p.1, 256p.1, 387p.6, 396p.19.


C. (pseudonym in Individualist): 164p.7.

C.: on A.F.1., 311p.4-5; on anarchy, 295p.11, 297p.3; on divorce, 367p.5-6; on education, 301p.3; on Grand Army, 292p.4; on Stanford Univ., 319p.2-3.

C.H.S.: Tandy on, 122p.6.

C.I.: on republic, 61p.5.

C.1.S.: See Swartz, Clarence L., psuedonym for.

C.M.H.: on anarchy, 74p.5; on business depression, 58p.4; on Knights of Labor, 75p.5, 78p.4-5, 80p.4; on voting, 77p.5.

C.S.: on copyright, 103p.1.

C.S.A.: Poem, 289p.1.

Cabet, Etienne: 41p.2, 43p.1, 51p.1, 61p.7, 93p.4, 94p.1, 145p.6. 174p.2, 175p.2, 357p.2, 391p.45.

Caesar, Julius: 55p.2, 81p.2, 83p.2, 118p.2, 309p.7; Lum on, 82p.2.

Cafiero, Carlo: 3p.1, 6p.1, 11p.1. See also L'Insurrezione.

Cahan, A.: 149p.8; Yarros on, 150p.8.

Caine, Hall: 325p.5, 368p.7, 385p.4.

Caird, Edward: 263p.4. See also The Evolution of Religion.

Caird, Mona: 147p.5, 169p.2, 182p.7, 296p.1, 323p.7; on marriage, 141p.7; on pacifism, 224p.3-4; Tucker on, 224p.2-3; Yarros on, 132p.4-5. See also The Wing of Azrael.

Cairnes: 62p.7, 173p.5, 173p.6, 287p.1; on laissez-faire, 158p.5; Yarros on, 157p.4-5, 158p.4-5.

Calhoun, John C.: 6p.4, 10p.2, 44p.8, 89p.7, 170p.3; Tucker on, 25p.1.

Caligula: 57p.7, 81p.2; N.Y. Evening Post on, 295p.10; N.Y. Sun on, 287p.10.

Callie, J.W.S.: on taxes, 292p.7.

Calvin, John: 11p.2, 11p.4, 15p.2, 76p.4, 82p.7, 87p,3, 91p,3, 117p.4, 394p.49.

Camille, Paul: on banking, 290p.7; on bribery, 290p.7; on strategy, 329p.2; on taxes, 290p.7.

Du Camp, Maxime: 284p.5; on anarchy, 97p.1 ; Rochefort on, 64p.7.

Campanella, Toinaso: Poem, 290p.1.

Cambell: See Robbery of the Poor.

Campbell, Colin: 91p.4, 94p.1.

Campbell, Helen: Yarros on, 211p.2.

Campbell, V.H.: L. Harman on, 314p.6-7.

Campbell, W.H. Paul: on wealth, 123p.7.

Cannon, George Q: 72p.5, 82p.1; Tucker on, 14p.1.

Canton, J.: 20p.2.

Carleton, Will: Poem, 76p.1.

Carlin, T.J.: on Ibsen, 352p.6.

Carlisle (Secretary): 294p.6, 299p.6, 302p.3, 303p.5, 305p.2, 328p.5.

Carlyle (Mrs.): on marriage, 141p.7.

Carlyle, Thomas: 7p.1, 19p.1, 24p.1, 27p.3, 30p.4, 52p.7, 54p.8, 56p.4, 68p.7, 71p.7, 87p.5, 89p.6, 96p.4, 97p.2, 110p.5, 111p.7, 131p.4, 144p.4, 146p.5, 147p.5, 151p.7, 154p.1, 155p.5, 155p.6, 157p.2, 157p.7, 159p.1, 159p.5, 160p.3, 169p.3, 193p.1, 226p.3, 230p.3, 291p.10, 293p.3, 296p.7, 299p.6, 299p.8, 336p.5, 340p.1, 359p.7, 363p.2, 394p.43, 394p.44; on editors, 145p.1; on Emerson, 187p.1; on majority rule, 107p.7; on progress, 88p.6; on time, 46p.1; S.P, Andrews, 93p.2; Marvin on, 386p.4-5; Tucker on, 27p.2, 39p.3, 51p.1, 216p.1. See also Sartor Resartus and Subscription Premiums.

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Tucker on, 230p.1, 236p.1.

Carnot (President, France): 282p.8, 282 p.10, 283p.8, 283p.10, 284p.5, 286p.3, 291p.2, 292p.9, 292p.10, 303p.1, 305p.5, 365p.7; Yarros on, 290 p.2.

Carpenter, Edward: 228p.4, 242p.2, 359p.4, 370p.4; on customs, 142p.7; Tucker on, 232p.2. See also Civilization
Its Cause and Cure.

Carr, Horace E.: 250p.2; on Liberty, 400p.4.

Carter, William: 373p.2.

Carus, Paul: 200p.1, 210p.1, 331p.1; on Spencer, 168p.4; Yarros on, 168p.4-5. See also Open Court, editor.

Case, Dotie: on Irene, 89p.7.

Case, L.W.: on Liberty, 51p.7; Tucker on, 51p.7.

Caserio, Santo: 292p.10, 293p.4, 295p.11, 298p.7, 355p.1, 358p.4.

Casimir-Perier (Mons.): 289p.7, 293p.5, 297p.5, 297p.7, 301p.7, 304p.1, 305p.5; Rochefort on, 283p.9-10.

Cass (General): on Christianity, 122p.6.

Casseres, Benjamin de: 402p.5; on posterity, 402p.11-15; on Spinoza, 400p.35-36.

Casson, Herbert N. (Rev.): 353p.4, 362p.1; on anarchy, 353p.8.

Catlin, W.W.: on H. Lloyd, 377p.6; poems, 387p.1, 393p.61, 395p.54-55.

Cato: 43p.7.

Cavailhon, Roger: N.Y. Times on, 297p.6.

Ceytaire, Jean (of Paris Commune): 7p.1.

Chabert (of Paris Commune): 222p.2.

Chace, Elizabeth B.: Tucker on, 9p.3; X on, 48p.5.

Chagot (family): L'Intransigeant on, 29p.3, 30p.3.

Chainey, George: 10p.1, 26p.2, 51p.1; on credentials, 15p.3; Tucker on 2p.3, 9p.3, 13p.1, 15p.1, 24p.1, 141p.4. See also The Infidel Pulpit, New Version and This World, editor.

Chalain (of Paris Commune): 121p.4.

Chamberlain: 63p.5, 78p.7, 256p.3, 265p.1, 305p.7, 327p.2, 345p.5, 369p.4; S.R. on, 373p.3.

Chamberlain, Ed W.: on justice, 67p.1.

Chamberlin, J.E.: 362p.1; Tucker on, 362p.4; as Listener
362p.4, on anarchy, 255p.1; on individualism, 132p.1; on liberty, 207p.1.

Chamfort: 284p.3; on police, 293p.10.

Champney, Adeline: Poem, 399p.54-55.

Chanler, Louis Stuyvesant: 372p.1, 396p.7.

Charming, William Henry: 20p.2, 89p.6, 111p.6, 114p.2, 142p.5, 214p.3; Tucker on, 7p.3.

Chapin, Henry D. (M.D.): 227p.1; Tucker on, 225p.1.

Chapman (Mrs.): Tucker on, 134p.5.

Chapple, W.A. (Dr.): Tucker on, 384p.4, 386p.1.

Charlemagne: 84p.2, 85p.2, 86p.2, 309p.7.

Charles, Frederick: Birmingham Post on, 225p.3-4.

Charlotte: on women, 119p.5; Tucker on, 119p.1.

Chase, Henry S.: Chicago Herald on, 186p.6.

Chase, John C.: on Hearst, 371p.6.

Chatel, C.H.: 22p.2.

Cheney, Benjamin F.: 19p.2.

Cheney, Ednah D.: on W. Greene, 131p.1.

Cheney, E.D.: 2p.3; on Liberty, 16p.3.

Cheney, W.1.: on self-help, 299p.7.

Chesterton, G.K.: on Whitman, 386p.6.

Child, Theodore: on suppression, 30p.3.

Chilson, Thomas: Boston Post on, 150p.6.

Chipman, Sarah M.: 52p.1, 124p.1; on sex, 52p.8, 124p.1.

Choate, Joseph H.: 19p.3, 69p.5, 310p.2, 357p.4; on bribery, 295p.7.

Christophle, Albert: on socialism, 350p.3.

Cicero: 59p.6, 67p.7, 118p.2, 295p.11.

Cipriani, Amilcare: 8p.1, 18p.1, 25p.1; Tucker on, 19p.4, 391p.12.

Clack, William: 24p.2.

Clatin, John: Tucker on, 355p.4.

Claflin, Tennie (Woodhull's sister): 141p.4, 142p.5; Northcote on, 354p.6; Tucker on, 281p.5, 354p.1. See also Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly.

Clark, E.E.: Tucker on, 370p.1.

Clark, Edward H.G,: 330p.5; Tucker on, 59p.1.

Clark, F.F.: on banking, 307p.5.

Clark, John B. (Prof.): 305p.1, 324p.2, 363p.5; Yarros on, 305p.3-4.

Clarke, James Freeman: Tucker on, 114p.4.

Clemenceau, George: 4p.1, 4p.4, 12p.1, 17p.2, 32p.2, 70p.1, 83p.1, 282p.5, 284p.5, 285p.5, 396p.61; on assasination, 376p.6; on bourgeoisie, 386p.7; on education, 279p.7, 379p.3-6; on freedom of the press, 293p.5,9-11; on poverty, 297p.4-5; on Vaillant, 282p.10. See also L'Aurore and La Justice.

Clemens, G.C.: on state socialism, 142p.5.

Cleveland (Governor/President): 45p.1, 49p.4, 52p.1, 52p.8, 60p.1, 73p.7, 77p.8, 82p.1, 83p.7, 88p.8, 89p.7, 94p.8, 97p.6, 107p.1, 133p.1, 135p.1, 137p.1, 138p.5, 139p.5, 143p.7, 154p.1, 210p.2, 212p.1, 237p.3, 241p.1, 246p.1, 248p.4, 254p.1, 281p.12, 282p.4, 291p.2, 292p.1, 292p.4, 293p.1, 293p.4, 294p.5, 294p.7, 296p.6, 297p.2, 299p.1, 300p.4, 302 p.1, 302p.3, 302p.6, 302p.7, 304p.2, 316p.3, 321p.7, 324p.5, 329p.1, 329p.2, 330p.3, 331p.1, 332p.1, 332p.6, 337p.5, 340p.1, 347p.1, 365p.3, 365p.4, 388p.6, 397p.24, 400p.12; D.D.1. on, 72p.5; F. on, 60p.4; Tak Kak on, 285p.2-3; Tucker on, 239p.3, 291p.4, 292p.5, 294p.3, 295p.4, 330 p.4-5,8; X on, 49p.4, 64p.5, 72p.4; Yarros on, 330p.3-4. See also "Letter to Grover Cleveland".

Cleveland, Rose: on nudity, 80p.1.

Clews (Mr., banker): 318p.1; on legislation, 343p.3.

Cleyre, Voltairine de: 157p.3, 162p.1, 181p.1, 283p.3, 353p.4, 395p.13; on Freethought, 155p.3,7; on Liberty, 160p.5; on Pentecost, 397p.7-8; on sex, 169p.7; G. Macdonald on, 368p.6; Tucker on, 160p.5, 200p.1, 282p.1, 282p.4, 398p.8.

Clifford, Paul: on law, 186p.4.

Clifford, W. Kingdon (Prof.): 8p.1, 22p.1, 92p.4, 94p.7, 95p.8, 99p.7, 106p.5, 107p.7, 119p.1, 280p.2; poem, 105p.7.

Cluseret(General): 121p.4, 222p.2.

Cobb, John Storer: 30p.1, 32p.1, 36p.1, 40p.4; on G. Serle, 31p.3; Tucker on, 31p.3, 37p.3.

Cobden, Richard: 120p.3, 137p.5, 157p.4, 204p.1, 218p.1; Edgeworth on, 55p.5. See also The Anti-Corn Law League.

Coburn, J.W., Jr.: 242p.2
on Bierce, 289p.3.

Cockerill, John A.: Tucker on, 232p.1. See also Sunday Advertiser.

Cohen, Henry: 233p.1, 234p.2, 245p.2, 250p.1, 260p.3, 262p.2, 276p.2, 281p.1, 287p.10, 290p.1, 303p.4, 310p.8, 311p.8, 314p.3, 314p.4, 315p.5, 317p.5, 323p.8, 330p.1, 332p.5, 334p.1, 338p.1, 340p.7. 341p.7, 343p.5, 345p.1, 347p.6, 359p.5; on anarchist letter writing corps, 312p.7, 346p.7; on the Arena, 316p.5; on Greene, 354p.6-7; on T. Johnson, 284p.3; on monopoly, 303p.4-5; on nature, 148p.5; on state socialism, 144p.4, 146p.5; on unions,326p.7, 334p.8; Byington on, 309p.3, 313p.5, 314p.5, 316p.8; Simpson on, 328p.6, 335p.7-8; Tucker on, 316p.5, 324p.1, 352p.4-5, 354p.1; Yarros on, 148p.5. (Denver agent for Liberty.)

Coit, Stanton (Dr.): on anarchists, 368p.7; on anarchy, 365p.8.

Coleridge: 3p.4, 122p.7, 158p.4, 206p.3, 318p.9; on land, 290p.7.

Collier, John: on anarchy, 108p.5, 109p.5.

Collins, Pat (General): 58p.1; on war, 59p.4.

Colman, Lucy N.: 36p.1, 37p.3, 171p,1; J.V. on, 25p.4.

Colville, W.J.: on L. Hendricks, 14p.4; Tucker on, 13p.1, 14p.4.

Common, Thomas: 385p.1; on Nietzsche, 313p.5.

Commons, John R. (Prof.): 363p.5; on anarchy, 363p.5; Tucker on, 363p.1.

Compte, Marie Le: 41p.4, 60p.1; ltr to ed, 39p.3; Tucker on, 39p.1.

Comstock, Anthony: 13p.3, 25p.1, 30p.1, 31p.2, 35p.1, 36p.1, 37p.3, 46p.1, 51p.4, 52p.7, 54p.1, 61p.1, 62p.5, 66p.1, 82p.5, 83p.1, 85p.4, 100p.1, 101p.1, 104p.1, 104p.8, 112p.6, 117p.4, 126p.1, 127p.5, 130p.7, 160p.3, 160p.5, 163p.1, 165p.2, 165p.4, 166p.5, 168p.1, 169p.2, 170p.7, 186p.4, 190p.1, 195p.1, 200p.3, 202p.3, 206p.3, 207p.2, 207p.3, 208p.3, 210p.2, 214p.3, 246p.3, 256p.2, 265p.3, 285p.4-5, 286p.10, 290p.3, 291p.7, 293p.3, 293p.6, 293p.8, 294p.7, 297p.6, 299p.6, 312p.7, 315p.1, 326p.1, 363p.3, 382p.5, 388p.1, 389p.1, 394p.49, 399p.8, 402p.27, 403p.54; ltr to Tucker, 36p.4; A.E.G on, 26p.1; Boston Post on, 290p.4-5; C.S.A. on, 289p.1; F. on, 303p.5; Fig Leaf on, 398p.81; Forrest on, 191p.4; Lucifer on, 121p.6; N.Y. Sun on, 288p.4-5, 295p.6; N.Y. Tribune on, 289p.4; Tucker on, 7p.1, 14p.1, 21p.1, 22p.1, 29p.1, 29p.2, 31p.1, 36p.4, 99p.1, 123p.1, 182p.1, 289p.1, 296p.2, 317p.3, 396p.2-3; E.C. Walker on, 211p.3; C. Wood on, 397p.35-42; X on, 48p.5. See also Society for the Suppression of Vice.

Comte, Auguste: 71p.4, 83p.1, 94p.3, 132p.5, 157p.4, 157p.5, 159p.6, 160p.6, 161p.5, 163p.2, 163p.6, 166p.1, 166p.5, 174p.4, 188p.4, 189p.2, 191p.2, 246p.1, 250p.2, 327p.6, 402p.11; on sociology, 159p.5; Nettlau on, 391p.48
Yarros on, 158p.4.

Condorcet: 82p.8, 84p.7, 85p.7, 86p.5, 90p.7, 99p.7, 168p.4, 281p.10, 282p.3, 379p.6. See also Esquisse des Progres de L'Espirit Humain.

Considerant, Victor: 52p.7, 118p.4, 119p.4, 357p.2, 391p.44.

A Consistent Libertarian: on licensing, 244p.1.

Conte, Edouard: on Vaillant, 282p.8.

Conway, Monclure D.: 35p.1, 90p.1, 181p.1, 296p.2, 331p.1, 332p.5, 372p.7, 391p.49, 398p.63, 402p.17; on birth control, 21p.1; on Darwin, 21p.4; on Modern Times, 386p.5-6; Tucker on, 2p.1, 69p.1. See also Autobiography, Memories and Experiences and Pilgrimage to the Wise Men of the West.

Cook, Frederick F.: 254p.3; on class, 240p.3; on ethics, 248p.3; Itr to ed 124p.5; Tucker on, 248p.3-4.

Cook, J.H.: on Liberty, 51p.7.

Cook, Joseph (Rev.): 3p.2, 33p.2, 77p.5, 85p.7, 114p.3, 125p.5, 157p.5, 164p.3; K on, 42p.8; Tucker on, 7p.3, 31p.1, 34p.4, 93p.1.

Cook, Lady: See Claflin Tennie.

Cooley, T.M. (Judge): 45p.1, 106p.6, 294p.3, 316p.3, 384p.5; Tucker on, 292p.4.

Cooley, Reuben, Jr.: 19p.2, 20p.2, 21p.2; Tucker on, 20p.1.

Cooper, J. Astley: Tucker on, 211p.1.

Cooper, J. Fenimore: on privacy, 254p.3.

Cooper, John W.: on authority, 19p.2; on property, 51p.7.

Cooper, Samuel William (Att'y): on anarchy, 391p.51-52; on law, 249p.1,3-4; on police, 306p.7. See also William Morris as an Exponent of Socialism.

Cooper, W.H. (Rev.): on Guiteau, 1p.4.

Coppee, Francois: 228p.1, 309p.7; on Vaillant, 283p.9.

Corcoran, James A. (Rev.): on Ingersoll, 1p.4.

Cornelius (pseudonym): on Tucker, 98p.1.

Cornell (Governor): 19p.3; Tucker on, 16p.1.

Cornely, J.: on police, 395p.51-52; on war, 400p.20.

Cornwall, Barry: Poem, 124p.5.

Corrigan, Michael: 117p.4, 186p.1.

Cortelyou: 380p.6, 385p.5, 393p.10.

Cosmopolite: Poem, 62p.1.

Couch, Ankrem: Poem, 65p.1.

Coulanges, Fustel de: 84p.2, 345p.6, 378p.4.

Courbet, Gustav (of Paris Commune): 121p.4, 222p.2.

Coursen, George H.: 21p.2.

Coursen, H.E.B.: 243p.2, 265p.4, 268p.2.

Courtney (M.P.): 173p.5, 173p.6; Tucker on, 173p.1.

Courtney, Herbert: on morality, 124p.5; Tucker on, 124p.1.

Cousin, Victor: Humbert on, 31p.2.

Cowell, H.C.B.: 235p.4, 242p.2; on Liberty, 224p.3; S.F. Egoism on, 225p.3. See also Enfant Terrible, editor.

Cowen, Joseph (M.P.): 5p.1, 20p.1, 32p.3, 62p.4, 344p.1; on Kropotkin, 35p.4. See also The Newcastle Chronicle, editor.

Cox, Kenyon: C.1.S. on, 256p.2.

Cox, Sunset: on intolerance, 14p.1.

Coxey: 286p.5, 288p.1, 289p.1, 290p.1, 291p.1, 294p.4, 294p.5, 295p.4, 318p11; Trumbull on, 286p.6.

Craddock, Ida C. (secretary of American Secular Union): 172p.1.

Crane, Jonathan Mayo: 280p.3; on capital, 280p.1.

Crane, Walter: 205p.1, 211p.1, 357p.1; on labor, 206p.3; Tucker on, 207p.1.

Crankus: on Guiteau, 15p.4.

Crapo, William W.: Tucker on, 13p.1, 14p.1, 16p.1.

A Crazy Anarchist Woman: 246p.2, 250p.2.

Cremieux (of Paris Commune): 121p.4.

Crepon: Jullien on, 364p.4-5.

Crinkle, Nym: Tucker on, 317p.1.

Crispi (Signor): 171p.2, 292p.9, 292p.10; Pareto on, 179p.3.

Crocker (N.Y. politician): 286p.10; Tucker on, 221p.1.

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poems, 334 p.5, 335p.6, 336p.6, 338p.5, 343p.6, 344p.6. 347p.6, 348p.6, 349p.6, 350p.6; Gordak on, 335p.5; Lloyd on, 338p.4; Robinson on, 335p.5; Small on, 338p.4; Tucker on, 334p.3-4, 335p.1, 335p.4, 338p.4.

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Diogenes, the Cynic: 118p.1, 143p.5, 169p.3, 301p.5, 348p.7; Fontenelle on, 117p.6-7.

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Dooling, James J.: Poem, 334p.7; on politics, 371p.6; on Spencer, 332p.5.

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Doty, W.T.: on George, 114p.4-5.

Doudeauville, Duc de: on wealth, 350p.3.

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Douglas, R.K.: on post office, 301p.6-7.

Douvet (of Paris Commune): 222p.2.

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Dowajski (Prof.): on state education, 394p.60.

Dowie: 378p.5; Onlooker on, 377p.6-7.

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Droege, H.: on revolution, 16p.4.

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Drummond (Prof.): 321p.1, 327p.2; Tucker on, 297p.1.

Drury, Victor: 10p.1, 26p.3, 37p.4, 72 p.7, 85p.7; on Spooner, 101p.8; Tucker on, 82p.1. See also Labor Journal.

Dryden: See Subscription Premiums.

Dufaure (Mr.): Tucker on, 2p.3.

Dumas, Alexander: 118p.4, 119p.4, 120p.1, 170p.1, 188p.6, 228p.1, 257p.3; on marriage, 274p.3.

Dumont, Edouard: on copyright, 400p.44.

Dumuid, Jean E.: 20p.2.

Dunlap (Mr.): 345p.4; Tucker on, 336p.4, 343p.5. See also Engineering Magazine, editor.

Dunoyer: 396p.23.

Dupuy (Mons.): 299p.5; Tucker on, 282p.5.

Durant, Henry F.: on lawyers, 69p.5.

Durranc, Edouard: on Renan, 248p.1.

Dynamost, John: Bailie on, 223p.4. See also Most, Johann, parody of.


E.D.R.: on post office, 284p.4.

E.F.B.: on money, 124p.1.

E.H.S.: See Schumm, Emma H., pseudonym for.

E.P.P.: on law, 180p.2-3.

Earle, Ferdinand P.: Tucker on, 400p.6.

Esterley, George: Westrup on, 128p.7. See also Review of the National Bank System.

Eastman, W.H.: 24p.2.

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Edger, Henry: Nettlau on, 391p.46-48. See also Modern Time, the Labor Question and the Family; The Positive Community, Glimpse of the Regenerated Future of the Human Race; and Prostitution and the International - advertisement.

Edgeworth: See Lazarus, M.E., pseudonym for.

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Edmunds, Senator: 3p.3, 46p.7, 47p.6, 54p.7, 58p.1, 59p.4, 76p.5, 88p.8, 161p.3, 163p.2, 310p.2; H. on, 73p.5, 74p.4-5, 75p.4-5; Tucker on, 15p.1.

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An Enquirer: on interest, 275p.2-3.

Erickson, J.: F.D.T. on, 304p.2.

Erskine, Stuart (Hon.): 161p.3. See also The Whirlwind.

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Esterly, George: 129p.8; on money, 128p.7; Westrup on, 128p.7.

See also Review of the National Bank System.

Euclid: 48p.7, 83p.2, 121p.2, 173p.6, 176p.6, 318p.8, 332p.4.

Eulenburg, F. (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

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Tucker on, 176p.1. See also A History of Religions.

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F.W.B.: on Italy, 383p.4-5.

Fairhelp: Poem, 319p.8.

Fair Play: on Knights of Labor, 76p.4; Tucker on, 76p.4.

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Faure, Sebastian: 293p.9. 297p.7.

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Fawcus, William: on government, 299p.7.

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Ferrett, Julius (Bishop): on money, 148p.7.

Ferri: 317p.1. See also Socialism and Modern Science.

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Fig Leaf: on Comstock, 398p.81.

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Filonoff: Korolenko on, 392p.16-31.

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Its Laws and Principles
Cooperative Homes; Kansas City Sun; Land Tenure; Prohibition
or, the Relation of Government to Temperance; The Reorganization of Business.

Fowler, Sada Bailey: 87p.1, 89p.7, 169p.7; Case on, 89p.7. See also Irene
or, The Road to Freedom.

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Frahm, Henry: 24p.2.

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Free Trader: on tariff, 395p.55.

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G.: See Replogle, Georgia...pseudonym for.

G.S.: See Schumm, George pseudonym for.

G.W.E.: on children, 235p.2.

G.W.R.: Poem, 331p.6.

Gabriels, H. (Bishop): C. on, 367p.5-6.

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Galileo: 54p.5, 98p.1, 100p.7, 141p.4, 160p.3, 317p.1.

Gallienne, Richard Le: Poem, 402p.40.

Galton. Douglas (Capt.): on sanitation, 98p.7; J. Kelly on, 98p.7.

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Gautama: See Subscription Premiums.

Gautier, Emile: 17p.3, 30p.3, 31p.2, 31p.3, 38p.3, 66p.1; Le Revolte on, 4p.4; transcript of trial, 33p.1-3.

Gautier, Theophile: 118p.4, 119p.4, 120p.1; on authority, 63p.8.

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George, Singlefax: Bailie on, 223p.3. See also George, Henry, parody of.

Gerecke, A, (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

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Gerry, Elbridge T.: on Hannele, 287p.6-7; N.Y. Sun on, 287p.6.

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Gilbert (Mr.): 301p.5.

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Gissac, F. de: Yarros on, 155p.4.

Gissing, George: Marvin on, 387p.4. See ce also The Odd Women.

Gladden (Rev., Dr.): Yarros on, 182p.6-7.

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Gore (Dr.): Tucker on, 383p.4.

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Henriette: on women, 117p.1; Charlotte on, 119p.5; Tucker on, 119p.1; Zelm on, 119p.5.

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Hepburn (Comptroller): Tak Kak on, 263p.3.

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Herbert, William: 24p.2.

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Hogg, Andrew: 359p.5.

Holaind, R.I. (Rev.): on Proudhon, 117p.1. See also Ownership and Natural Right.

Holland, Fred May: 171p.1; Tucker on, 56p.1.

Holland, J.W.: 18p.2.

Holmes, Lizzie M.: 254p.2, 295p.8, 297p.8; on government, 310p.6; on revolution, 293p.8; on woman's suffrage, 362p.6; Tucker on, 296p.4.

Holmes, Oliver Wendell: 12p.4, 14p.4, 61p.5, 100p.5, 326p.3, 356p.1, 386p.4; Yarros on, 348p.2.

Holmes, Sarah E.: 69p.1, 69p.4, 115p.1, 184p.6, 302p.3, 361p.8, 396p.63, 400p.53. Published
Science of Society (2nd), Three Dreams in a Desert; translated Ireland, The Political Theory of Mazzini, The Wife of Number 4,237.

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Home, Risden: G.B, Shaw on, 351p.7-8.

Homer: 19p.4, 26p.1, 56p.7, 149p.4, 207p.2, 292p.11, 399p.15; Arnold on, 4p.3.

Hopkins (Mayor): 282p.7, 294p.7, 305p.7.

Hopp, Julius: 383p.3; on theatre, 384p.5.

Horace: 25p.3, 276p.1; poem, 118p.2.

Horn, E.: on egoism, 284p.6-7.

Horn, W.T.: on competition, 130p.4, 132p.4; Cohen on, 146p.5.

Hornblower (Mr.): Yarros on, 326p.2.

Horr, Alexander: 302p.5, 305p.5, 341p.5, 388p.4; on Freeland, 389p.6; on land, 341p.6-7; C.1.S. on, 389p.4-5; Tucker on, 342p.4-5, 379p.3, 383p.1. See also Freeland, publisher.

Horton, Albert H.: E.C. Walker on, 205p.3.

Howard, Joe: on Haymarket, 146p.7-8; on journalism, 152p.1; Tucker on, 146p.7.

Howard, M,: 24p.2.

Howard, William: Tucker on, 12p.2.

Howe, Frederic C,: Byington on, 391p.16-26. See also The City the Hope of Democracy.

Howe, George: on Liberty, 29p.4; Tucker on, 31p.1.

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Hudson, W.H.: Poem. 98p.5.

Hudspeth, Willis: 250p.4, 252p.3, 284p.1, 289p.3, 292p.4, 292p.5; on socialism, 178p.6; Yarros on, 289p.2. See also Western Laborer.

Hughes, Arthur: on anarchy, 161p.3.

Hughson (Mr.): 387p.6; Labadie on, 388p.5.

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Humbert, Alphonse: 17p.3, 31p.2, 121p.4, 222p.2, 222p.3. See also Pere Duchene, editor.

Humbert (King): 11p.1, 134p.7; Tolstoi on, 365p.6-7.

Humboldt, Alexander Von: 395p.44, 395p.45; on religion, 5p.2.

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Hume, Robert W.: 30p.4; poem, 48p.1.

Huneker, James: 389p.7; C.1.S. on, 390p.4-5. See also Iconoclasts, A Book of Dramatists.

Hunt, Hannah J.: on women, 197p.1.

Hunt, Matthew: Poem, 301p.8.

Hunt, Thornton: 391p.45. See also Leader (N.Y.), editor.

Huntington (Mr., capitalist): 42p.5, 46p.1, 151p.1, 179p.7, 334p.4.

Huntington (Bishop): on capitalists, 208p.1.

Huret, Jules: Mirbeau on, 350p.2.

Huss, John: 41p.1, 66p.5, 87p.3, 379p.5.

Hutchins, Stilson: 16p.2. See also Washington Post, editor.

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I.N.F.: on Venezula, 330p.5.

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Ihering, R.V.: on the state, 167p.5.

Image, Selwyn: on Wilde, 315p.4-5.

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Ingalls, O.H.F.(wife of J.K. Ingalls): 127p.5.

Ingalls (Senator): 211p.1, Tucker on, 192p.1.

Ingersoll, John L. (brother of Robert Ingersoll): on R. Ingersoll, 17p.4.

Ingersoll, Robert G. (Col.): 1p.4, 3p.4, 6p.1, 7p.1, 8p.1, 17p.4, 24p.1, 40p.3, 44p.4, 44p.8, 46p.1, 66p.1, 68p.1, 71p.1, 72p.4, 83p.5, 91p.5, 102p.4, 102p.5, 125p.5, 133p.1, 140p.1, 155p.6, 157p.3, 160p.3, 162p.1, 165p.2, 172p.1, 186p.6, 199p.1, 220p.3, 300p.1, 396p.22, 402p.27; on anarchy, 168p.1; on Bacon, 185p.1; on gambling, 204p.3; on Guiteau, 1p.4; on laborers, 169p.1; on ministers, 4p.4; on monopoly, 112p.7; on morality, 91p.7; on protectionism, 173p.1; on tariff, 129p.1, 207p.1; Galveston News on, 129p.1; Labor Advocate on, 187p.6-7; Pentecost on, 169p.6; Tucker on, 1p.2, 91p.7, 120p.4, 128p.5, 131p.1, 171p.1, 173p.1, 187p.1, 189p.1, 347p.1; E.C. Walker, 207p.3-4, 214p.2; Yarros on, 169p.6.

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Ingram, J.K.: 84p.8, 157p.4, 157p.5, 159p.6, 163p.7, 175p.1, 252p.2; on Malthus, 84p.7; on natural right, 151p.4; on Ricardo, 137p.4; Yarros on, 158p.4.

lpsen: designer of Liberty logo.

Index (pseudonym in Daily Chronicle): on banking, 173p.2-3.

Ira, C.A.: See C.A. Ira, or Danton in the French Revolution.

Iron, Ralph: See Schreiner, Olive, pseudonym for.

Ironicus: on capital, 3 72p.7; on socialism, 367p.5.

Irwin, Mabel MacCoy: 389p.7. See also Whitman, the Poet Liberator of Women.

Ivins, William M.: 97p.4, 391p.25; Tucker on, 390p.2.


J.G.: Tucker on, 123p.4.

J.J.D.: Poem, 314p.8.

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J.1.W.: See Walker, James L., pseudonym for.

J.V.: Poem, 25p.4.

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Jackson, Andrew: 44p.5, 310p.1.

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Jacobs, John: Tucker on, 398p.3.

Jaeger, A.H.: 241p.2; poem, 325p.6; on voting, 224p.4.

James, C.1.: 82p.8, 85p.7, 88p.7, 151p.6, 182p.4, 217p.1, 370p.3, 372p.6, 377p.6, 386p.3; on anarchy, 45p.4; on interest, 174p.1; on Malthus, 84p.7, 86p.7; on progress, 71p.8; on voting, 142p.1; Byington on, 377p.4-5; K on, 45p.4; G. Kelly on, 84p.7-8, 86p.7; Lichtenberger on, 373p.7; Tucker on, 141p.1, 174p.1, 177p.1, 210p.1, 375p.1. See also Vindication of Anarchism.

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James, William (Prof.): on faith, 331p.1; Tucker on, 281p.5.

Janney, Edward: L. Harman on, 306p.2-5.

Jaures, Jean: 299p.5, 400p.46; Mirbeau on, 350p.2-3.

Jausz, Ferenez: See Subscription Premiums.

Jefferson, Thomas: 4p.2, 6p.1, 24p.2, 25p.1, 27p.1, 31p.2, 31p.4, 51p.1, 51p.5, 52p.1, 52p.8, 58p.5, 61p.4, 61p.5, 64p.1, 69p.5, 70p.7, 72p.5, 89p.6, 106p.6, 107p.4, 120p.1, 120p.3, 121p.1, 122p.6, 128p.1, 129p.4, 132p.4, 137p.1, 138p.5, 143p.7, 144p.5, 146p.2, 152p.6, 155p.1, 160p.6, 162p.3, 170p.2, 172p.2, 173p.1, 205p.2, 208p.3, 209p.1, 210p.2, 231p.3, 283p.3, 292p.10, 320p.5, 359p.1, 382p.6, 389p.6; on government, 43p.1, 181p.3; Labadie on, 388p.5; Tucker on, 24p.1, 157p.7, 344p.4; Yarros on, 365p.5.

Jeliaboff: 4p.4, 18p.3.

Jenks (Prof.): 324p.1; Tucker on, 367p.1, 401p.3.

Jennings, William: Maxon, 69p.5.

Jerome (District Attorney): 380p.1, 402p.54; Byington on, 376p.2-3; Tucker on, 377p.5.

Jerome, William Travers: Tucker on, 373p.1.

Jevons, Stanley: 142p.1, 152p.5, 157p.4, 173p.5, 173p.6, 184p.3, 222p.1, 291p.5, 297p.3, 323p.5, 395p.50; on banking, 93p.7. See also Money and the Mechanism of Exchange.

Jobson, David (Hon.): E.P.P. on, 180p.3.

Joffrin (of Paris Commune): 172p.3, 222p.2.

Johnson, Andrew: 85p.5; on interest, 72p.5.

Johnson, Samuel: 104p.5, 165p.5, 170p.3, 281p.7; H. on, 75p.5; Tucker on, 17p.2. See also Subscription Premiums.

Johnson, Tom L. (Congressman): 277p.1, 284p.1, 289p.3, 356p.1, 379p.2-3, 401p.9; Cohen on, 284p.3; Tucker on, 340p.5, 377p.1.

Johnson, W.A.: Plain Citizen on, 396p.57-58.

Johnson, W.S.: 24p.2.

Jonas, A.: See Eight-Hour Stand and Work-Day.

Jones (Mayor): C.1.S. on, 383p.3.

Jones, Ernest: 55p.1, 391p.49; poem, 31p.4; Tucker on, 51p.1. See also People's Paper.

Jones, George 0. (Col.): on greenbacks, 164p.1; Tucker on, 164p.1.

Jones, Henry Arthur: 358p.1; on Ibsen, 396p.58-60; G.B. Shaw on, 334p.6-7. See also Michael and His Lost Angel.

Jones, Jenkin Lloyd: See Unity.

Jones, Robert: on land, 174p.2.

Jory, John: 24p.2.

Joslin, L.K.: 19p.2.

Jullien: 185p.6; on Ibsen, 288p.6-7; Fedora on, 288p.7. See also Le Maitre.

Jus: on socialism, 159p.1.

Just, St.: on patriotism, 96p.7.

Justitia (pseudonym in N.Y. Sun): on bribery, 305p.7.

K. Anna: Poems, 307p.7. 323p.6.

Kant, Immanuel: 2p.3, 83p.1, 104p.7, 107p.6, 114p.2, 118p.3, 131p.1, 135p.1, 174p.2, 239p.1, 250p.1, 309p.4, 310p.2, 310p.7, 341p.2, 362p.6; on duty, 131p.7; Spencer on, 131p.7; Tucker on, 307p.1; Yarros on, 168p.4-5.

Kapp, A. (contributor to Stirner's Grave): 233p.3.

Karr, Alphonse: 65p.1, 173p.4, 180p.2, 186p.1, 282p.10; on army, 173p.1; on marriage, 188p.7; on women, 173p.7; on writers, 172p.2.

Katkoff: Tucker on, 106p.1; Vacquerie on, 109p.7.

Kearney, Denis: 3p.4, 18p.1, 106p.6, 111p.5; Tucker on, 39p.2.

Keats: 11p.1, 203p.1, 338p.4, 399p.16, 399p.18.

Kellogg, Edward: 77p.1, 78p.4, 79p.8, 90p.7, 102p.6, 104p.2.

Kelly, A.P. (associate editor of Liberty, 42-125): as K 52p.1; on anarchy, 42p.5, 45p.4; on anti-clericalisin, 60 p.5; on Catholicism, 59p.5; on crofters, 63p.5; on C. Field, 64p.4; on fraud, 50p.4; on H. George, 42 p.8, 95p.4; on government, 44p.5;on Gen. Grant, 42p.8; on Kropotkin, 48p.4; on labor, 65p.5; on the majorities, 52p.5; on politicians, 49p.8; on poverty, 47p.4; on public opinion, 43p.4-5; on railroads, 42p.5, 52p.4; on revolution, 59p.5; as A.P. Kelly
42p.4; Tucker on, 42p.4; as Max on Beecher, 91p.4-5; on Chinese, 34p.4; on Guiteau, 24p.1; journalist, 92p.5; law, 25p.3, 28p.3-4, 30p.4; on the majority, 70p.4; poems, 32p.4; on poverty, 31p.3; on Pulitzer, 79p.5; on socialism, 70p.5; on taxes, 25p.3; on voting, 70p.4-5; Tucker on, 34p.1, 36p.1, 42p.4.

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Kelly, James F.: 20p.2.

Kelly, Jeremiah: 20p.2.

Kelly, John F. (brother of Gertrude Kelly): 20p.2, 27p.2, 59p.1, 68p.5, 80p.4, 81p.1, 83p.5, 85p.7, 86p.5, 87p.7, 92p.1, 96p.1, 102p.5, 105p.7, 106p.5, 107p.5, 108p.4, 108p.7, 109p.4, 110p.5, 112p.4, 113p.1, 115p.1, 116p.6, 117p.1, 117p.7, 135p.4, 139p.1, 144p.5, 157p.3, 157p.7, 182p.4, 200p.3, 201p.4, 263p.2, 315p.6, 319p.6; on communism, 119p.5; on compromise, 111p.4; on egoism. 99p.7-8, 102p.1, 104p.7; on H. George, 90p.7-8, 93p.5, 137p,4; on Haymarket, 87p.4; on interest, 102p.6; on Ireland, 47p.8; on Liberty, 106p.5; on morality, 94p.7; on Most, 79p.1; on Paris commune, 121p,4; on Proudhon, 92p.4; on Le Revolte, 47p.4; on racism, 36p.2; on Russia, 45p.1; scientists, 98p,7, 107p.6-8; on Spencer, 96p.5; Baggs on, 48p.1; Hickey on, 47p.4; Tak Kak on, 92p.8, 97p.56, 102p.7, 105p.5; Toiler on, 106p.5; Tucker on, 11p.2, 36p.1, 36p.2, 85p.4, 90p.1, 96p.5, 102p.1, 106p.5, 119p.1, 121p.4, 319p.1. See also Taxation or Free Trade.

Kelly, Harry: 398p.6; Tucker on 401p.3,

Kelsey, M.A. (Rev.): on copyright, 173p.4.

Kelston, Etta Dunbar: 254p.2, 254p.3, 260p.2-3, 278p.1; Yarros on, 248p.23, 252p.2.

Kelson, John R.: 59p.1, 248p.1, 254p.2, 254p.3, 260p.2-3. 278p. 1; Yarros on, 248p.2-3, 252p.2. See also Government Analyzed.

Kelvin (Lord): Tucker on, 373p.4.

Kendrick, Laura: 17p.3, 158p.6; portrait of, 19p.4, 20p.4, 21 p.4, 22p.4; Colville on, 14p.4; Tucker on, 13p.1, 13p.3, 14p.4.

Kerr, R.B.: 367p.3.

Khemnitzer, Ivan Ivanovich: Poem, 147p.1.

Kidd, Benjamin: 286p.1, 287p.9, 290p.7, 321p.1, 327p.2, 398p.1. See also Social Evolution.

Kidd, Thomas I.: Darrow on, 360p.6.

Kiefer, Daniel: Anonymous on, 393p.60-61.

Kimball, John C. (Rev.): 114p.1, 115p.5, 116p.7, 139p.5; on

anarchy, 114p.1&6-7; on law, 163p.2; Yarros on, 114p.4, 163p.2.

King, Edward: Yarros on, 292p.2.

Kinne, H.C.: 24p.2.

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Moszkowski, M. (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

Mott, E.: 22p.2.

Mott, Lucretia: 2p.2, 69p.5.

Mouton, Eugene: on morality, 115p.5.

Mowbray, Wilfred: 294p.6, 339p.7; N.Y. Sun on, 294p.6.

Moxwell, J. Byers: on bureaucracy, 375p.3.

Mozart: 50p.6, 318p.3, 318p.8.

Mulberger, Arthur (Dr.): 331 p.1, 353p.4, 359p.2; on Proudhon, 269p.1&3.

Mulford, Prentice: Tucker on, 18p.1, 26p.1.

Muller, J.: 24p.2.

Muncey, D.: 263p.2, 265p.4, 269p.4.

Mund: 22p.2.

Munzer, Thomas: Le Revolte on, 41p.1&4.

Murdoch (of Murdoch & Co., Liberty office in England): 347p.1, 348p.1.

Murger, Henry: 342p.6, 400p.36.

Murray (Prof.): Herbert on, 156p.3.

Murray, John: on Red Cross Fund, 19p.2.

Musson, Katherine J.: 342p.4, 354p.8; on single tax, 324p.6; on the state, 308p.7; Byington on, 331p.6-7; Tucker on, 308p.1, 324p.4-5.

Mydans, Max I.: on racism, 398p.82-83.

Myers, Cortland (Rev.): on Roosevelt, 381p.1.

McAdam (Chief Justice): 167p.1, 284p.4, 302p.6; on juries, 355p.3.

McAllister, Ward: 186p.4, 191p.2, 306p.5, 319p.3.

McArdle, Frank: 20p.2.

McCabe, Joseph: Tucker on, 67p.4-5.

McCafferty (Judge): Tucker on, 59p.5.

McCall (Congressman): on law, 393p.11.

McCall, Erwin (pseudo. for John Basil Barnhill): 360p.8; on rights, 339p.5; on G.B. Shaw, 347p.6-7. See also The Eagle and the Serpent, editor.

McCallum, John: 20p.2.

McCann, John J.: Byington on, 368p.4.

McCarthy (Judge): Tucker on, 107p.1.

McClean, William Arch: on police, 207p.2.

McConnell, Samuel P. (Judge): on Altgeld, 347p.4; Tucker on, 342p.5.

McCraith, August: 305p.5, 314p.4, 332p.5, 347p.6, 354p.4, 359p.5; on anarchy, 357p.3; on Arena, 314p.3, 316p.7; on competition, 285p.7-8, 286p.5; on strikes, 365p.4; on Tammany, 365p.3; on unions, 334p.6; on wages, 365p.4; Tucker on, 285p.1, 303p.4, 316p.5, 365p.4.

McCraron, James: 20p.2.

McDonald: 64p.5, 70p.5; on anarchy, 70p.4. (Probably Eugene or George Macdonald.)

McEwen, Arthur: 44p.5, 46p.1, 371p.1. See also San Franciscan.

McGill, James: 316p.1, 353p.8, 354p.4; on liberty, 356p.1.

McGlynn, Edward (Father): 89p.1, 91p.5, 95p.5, 105p.7, 106p.6, 107p.6, 109p.1, 111p.6, 113p.1, 113p.5, 138p.5, 142p.4; H. on, 104p.4, 108p.5; Tucker on, 92p.1, 106p.1; Yarros on, 129p.4, 137p.4-5.

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McGuire, P.J.: 9p.3, 28p.1, 37p.3. See also The Carpenter.

McKelway, St. Clair: on police. 292p.5. See also Eagle (Brooklyn).

McKenna, P.A. (Rev.): on state Socialism, 172p.3.

McKenzie, E.B.: 20p.2, 79p.4, 100p.5, 101p.1, 101p.8, 114p.1, 247p.2, 276p.2, 359p.5, 364p.4; on money, 177p.3.

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McLaughlin, John G.: 54p.1, 61p.8, 80p.5, 103p.4, 362p.5; on communism, 80p.1; on labor, 29p.4; on politics, 370p.5-6; Tucker on, 29p.4, 70p.5. See also The Miners' Journal.

McLuckie, Burgess: 234p.1; on Frick, 231p.1; Tucker on, 231p.1, 235p.1.

McMahon, Joseph (Rev.): Onlooker on, 380p.4.

McNamara, W.H.: on H. George, 133p.4; Tucker on, 133p.4.

McNeill, George E.: 87p.7, 99p.1, 196p.2; Tucker on, 71p.1, 75p.8.

McQuaid (Bishop): Tucker on, 11p.3.

McWhinney, Samuel (N.Y. agent for Liberty): 234p.2.


N.G.W.: 64p.5; on Catholicism, 62p.5.

Nadejda: 19p.2.

Nadir-Zenith: Poem, 4p.3.

Nair, Sankaran: on Hinduism, 394p.6-7.

Napoleon: 52p.7, 68p.5, 98p.6, 99p.7, 102p.7, 106p.7, 108p.5, 118p.2, 119p.3, 136p.7, 149p.7, 166p.7, 175p.2, 177p.6, 193p.3, 253p.1, 269p.3, 282p.9, 290p.4, 291p.10, 309p.7, 401p.5.

Napoleon III: 9p.2, 50p.1, 52p.7, 69p.1, 87p.6, 91p.2, 159p.2, 222p.2, 225p.1, 295p.11.

Neebe, Oscar: 87p.5, 88p.1, 89p.1, 96p.5, 108p.6, 116p.7, 179p.4, 246p.2, 270p.1, 278p.2, 278p.3, 281p.3, 288p.4, 301p.3, 343p.1, 347p.3, 347p.4, 350p.7, 355p.2; Lum on, 93p.1. See also Haymarket.

Nelson, Admiral: G.B. Shaw on, 351p.7.

Nelson (Judge): 36p.1, 37p.3, 46p.1, 85p.4; Comstock on, 36p.4; Tucker on, 30p.1, 32p.1, 35p.1, 39p.1.

Nelson, Henry Loomis: on government, 373p.4-5.

Nesbit, E.: Poem, 64p.1.

Nettlau, Max (Dr.): 306p.5; on anarchy, 391p.44; Tucker on, 353p.3-4, 391p.14-15, 391p.44-51. See also Bibliographic de l'Anarchie.

Newbigin, E.R.: on democracy, 369p.4.

Newcomb, Simon: 212p.1; Alden on, 164p.5-6. See also Principles of Political Economy.

Newman, John P. (Rev.Dr.): 1p.4, 109p.5, 282p.4.

Newton, Charles: 62p.5, 84p.8, 119p.3.

Newton, Heber (Rev.): 64p.1, 83p.7; on Christianity, 331p.8; on integrity, 209p.3; H on, 64p.4-5; Lum on, 70p.5. See also Present Aspect of the Labor Movement.

Newton, Isaac: 104p.2, 107p.7, 185p.5, 277p.3, 319p.4.

Nichols, Charles E.: Poems, 226p.4, 233p.4, 282p.12, 345p.5.

Nichols, Mary S.G.: on marriage, 133p.2.

Nicholson (Prof.): 137p.4, 157p.4, 297p.5.

Nietzsche, Friedrich: 239p.3, 242p.1, 248p.1, 276p.2, 284p.6, 284p.7, 300p.4, 319p.9, 327p.4, 327p.7, 339p.1, 345p.5, 359p.5, 364p.3, 368p.7, 383p.4, 384p.1, 385p.1, 388p.2, 390p.2, 390p.5, 400p.35, 402p.11, 402p.42; on compromise, 359p.7-8; on egoism, 287p.8, 320p.7-8, 337p.7-8, 362p.6; excerpts, 286p.9, 323p.6; on humanity, 339p.5; on individualism, 251p.1; on morality, 250p.1&4, 335p.6; on philosophers, 327p.6-7; on pity, 336p.5; on sacrifice, 246p.4; on the state, 253p.1, 3-4; Brandes on, 394p.54; T. Common on, 313p.5; Egoist on, 383p.6; E.H.S. on, 398p.50-51; G.S. on, 362p.6; Tucker on, 253p.3, 357p.1, 398p.2-3; Wyzewa on, 239p.1. See also Jenseits von Gut und Bose, Menschliches, Allzumenschliches, Zarathustra.

Nordau, Max: 314p.1, 315p.1, 317p.5, 318p.1, 334p.4, 339p.1, 352p.6, 400p.1, 401p.1, 402p.3; on genius, 123p.7; on individual, 119p.5; Kansas City Journal, 324p.7; G.B. Shaw on, 318p.2-10; Tucker on, 321p.1, 323p.1, 325p.1, 327p.1; Yarros on, 324p.2-3. See also Degeneration and Right to Love, The Insanity of Art.

Norman, Henry: 330p.5, 330p.8.

Northcote, O.: 354p.1; on T.Claflin, 354p.6.

Norton, S.F.: 18p.2; Tucker on, 5p.1. See also Sentinel, editor.

Noyes, John Humphrey: X on, 67p.4. See also Oneida.

Nulty (Bishop): 11p.3, 19p.4, 206p.2.

Nye, Bill: 128p.1, 207p.3; on ballot, 170p.2-3; on censorship, 169p.1.


0: See Spooner, Lysander - pseudonym for.

O'Brien (Justice): 290p.4, 295p.6; on censorship, 296p.2.

O'Brien, M.D.: 183p.4, 261p.3; on marriage, 217p.1; on taxes, 182p.3; Tucker on, 187p.2.

O'Brien, William: 35p.3-4, 108p.5, 114p.7. See also United Ireland, editor.

Observer: on H. George, 144p.1.

Ochs (Dr., contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

O'Conor, Charles: 42p.1, 62p.1, 341p.4; on municipal laws, 44p.1; Appleton on, 62p.5; Tucker on, 43p.4, 44p.1, 44p.8, 45p.1.

O'Connor, William Douglas: 24p.1, 39p.1, 154p.1, 220p.1, 220p.3, 238p.1, 318p.9; Traubel on, 150p.5; Tucker on, 147p.1. See also The Good Grey Poet.

O'Donnell, Edward: Poem, 283p.5.

O'Gorman (Justice): X on, 86p.4.

O'Lally, P.K.: 18p,2, 64p.5, 110p.1, 117p.1; on anarchy, 57p.5; on individuality, 67p.8, 76p.1.

Olerich, Henry Jr.: 243p.2, 299p.1; on promises, 245p.1; C.1.S. on, 285p.6-7; Tucker on, 285 p.1.

Olivier, Sydney: 133p.1, 149p.5, 214p.1, 217p.1; on rights, 178p.2.

Olney: 292p.10, 310p.2, 324p.5, 330p.4, 340p.1; Yarros on, 314p.2.

O'Neill (Dr.): 159p.1, 160p.1, 160p.4, 160p.5, 160p.7, 166p.5, 169p.1, 176p.7; Tucker on, 158p.6.

O'Neil, John: N.Y. Sun on, 282p.7.

O'Neil, William F.: N.Y. World on, 296p.6.

Onlooker: on catholicism, 380p.4; on Christianity, 377p.6-7; on Parkhurst, 381p.4; poem, 381p.1; on rebellion, 378p.5.

Ordway, Albert: 286p.5; on force, 185p.2-3; Tucker on, 185p.2-3, 186p.1; Washington Star on, 186p.4-5.

O'Reilly, John Boyle: 51p.1, 59p.4, 73p.7, 176p.1; poems, 81p.5, 138p.1, 165p.1, 180p.1, 220p.1; Tucker on, 117p.4, 165p.1, 166p.1.

O'Reilly, Thomas: Yarros on, 211p.2.

Ormonde: on anarchy, 178p.7; on egoism, 115p.7; on women, 176p.3.

Orth, John: 160p.4, 161p.4, 162p.4, 163p.4, 165p.4, 166p.4, 240p.2.

Osgood, H.1.: 145p.1, 295p.11, 359p.2; Dana on, 149p.6-7.

Oswald, Felix L.: on sports, 286p.5.

Otten, Johann: 382p.1; Tucker on, 374p.1. See also Freiheit and Zeitschrift fur den indiv. Anarchismus.

Ouida: 235p.3, 305p.5; on the state, 189p.3-4; on war, 189p.3-4. See also Ruffino, Trottolino.

Owen, A.K.: 83p.1, 101p.7; on religion, 209p.3; Tucker on, 83p.1. See also Credit Foncier.

Owen, Robert: 45p.7, 51p.1, 74p.8, 75p.8, 84p.4, 89p.1, 91p.5, 108p.2, 184p.1, 210p.2, 386p.5, 387p.3, 391p.46, 391p.48, 392p.52; Tucker on, 20p.1. See also New Harmony.

Owen, W.C.: 170p.1; Tucker on, 320p.1.


P.: Poem, 241p.1.

Paine, Thomas: 6p.1, 7p.2, 7p.3, 15p.3, 16p.2, 25p.1, 27p.1, 40p.1, 79p.4, 79p.5, 87p.3, 87p.8, 121p.1, 127p.4, 144p.5, 152p.6, 155p.3, 160p.6, 177p.6, 208p.3, 261p.4, 293p.10, 330p.2, 382p.6, 388p.7, 396p.20; on rights, 101p.5; on the state, 167p.5; H on, 69p.5; G. Macdonald on, 188p.7; S. Palmer on, 15p.4; Tucker on, 5p.2, 5p.3, 120p.1, 157p.7. See also Age of Reason, Rights of Man.

Paley, 261p.3, 262p.2, 265p.2.

Palgrave, R.H.: 93p.7. See also Notes on Banking.

Palmer, Courtlandt: 44p.1, 66p.1, 67p.4, 68p.1, 68p.4, 72p.4, 83p.7, 131p.1, 132p,5, 143p.7, 148p.1, 396p.22; poem, 22p.1; D. on, 116p.7; Tucker on, 130p.1; X on, 71p.4.

Palmer, John G.: 244p.2; on Liberty, 245p.2.

Palmer, Simeon: 19p.2; poems, 14p.4, 15p.4, 45p.1. See also A Good Word for the Devil.

Palmer, Tom (Senator): Morgan on, 143p.7.

Panin, Ivan: 19p.2, 45p.1; Tucker on, 20p.1, 42p.1, 60p.1.

Paraf-Javal: on labels, 376p.6.

Pareto, Vilfredo: 134p.4, 150p.4; on class distinction, 137p.5, 140p.7-8, 151p.6-7; elections, 151p.7; government, 171p.2; politics, 179p.3; on taxes, 281p.6; on war, 134p.6-7.

Parker, Theodore: 17p.2, 26p.1, 66p.4, 114p.2, 214p.3, 215p.3; on justice, 114p.3; Tucker on, 2p.3, 14p.3.

Parkhurst (Dr.): 282p.6, 301p.1, 302p.3, 302p.7, 318p.1, 324p.5, 328p.2; Onlooker on, 381p.4; Tucker on, 337p.1.

Parnell, Anna: 3p.1, 12p.1, 29p.3.

Parnell, Charles Stewart: 1p.1, 7p.1, 7p.3, 11p.1, 11p.3, 12p.1, 23p.1, 27sup., 28p.1, 33p.3, 52p.5, 59p.4, 101p.4, 103p.5, 111p.5, 113p.5, 153p.6, 181p.5; Herbert on, 156p.3, 174p.2-3; M. Swift on, 208p.2-3; Tucker on, 7p.2, 20p.2, 21p.1, 24p.4, 27p.3, 29p.3-4, 172p.7, 174p.7, 175p.1; E.C. Walker on, 202p.3; Whirlwind on, 173p.7; X on, 42p.5&8, 175p.7.

Parry, David M.: Tucker on, 380p.3.

Parse, F.B.: on labor, 56p.8; on nationalism, 158p.3.

Parsons, A.R.: 53p.1, 81p.4, 83p.7, 85p.4, 88p.1, 89p.1, 94p.4, 94p.5, 96p.5, 96p.8, 108p.6, 109p.5, 110p.1, 111p.5, 112p.4, 113p.4, 115p.1, 116p.1, 116p.6, 117p.5, 130p.1, 135p.1, 137p.1, 137p.4, 145p.1, 145p.5, 155p.3, 177p.3, 179p.4, 185p.1, 202p.2, 206p.3, 261p.3, 267p.3, 278p.2, 281p.3, 301p.3, 347p.3, 361p.7, 396p.26, 397p.8; on the state, 109p.5; J. Howard on, 146p.7-8; Lum on, 93p.1; McLaughlin on, 80p.1; Tucker on, 16p.1, 87p.1, 88p.1, 112p.4. See also Alarm, Haymarket, Philosophy of Anarchism.

Parsons, Lucy: 93p.1, 114p.7, 121p.1, 122p.1, 141p.1, 145p.1, 398p.62; Bacon on, 98p.8.

Parsons, Ralph L.: on Guiteau, 19p.3.

Parton, James: 3p.1, 29p.1, 66p.1, 77p.4, 120p.1, 254p.4, 263p.2; on Liberty, 3p.4; Tucker on, 116p.1; E.C. Walker on, 203p.3.

Pascal, Blaise: 66p.4, 183p.7, 239p.1, 277p.1, 317p.1; on justice, 275p.3; Alden on, 282p.3-4.

Pasha, Moustapha Kamel: on imperialism, 394p.14-24; Tucker on, 394p.2.

Paskiarechki: on Russia, 15p.4.

Passy, Frederic: 118p.2, 259p.4, 293p.8.

Pasteur, Louis: 45p.7, 66p.7, 284p.5.

Patmore, Coventry: on state socialism, 234p.3.

Patterson; on interest, 397p.14-15.

Patterson, Joseph Medill: Tucker on, 392p.10-11.

Patterson, Thomas T.: on Filipinos, 383p.6-7.

Paul-Boncour. J.: on the state, 394p.3.

Payne, Abraham: 296p.2; Tucker on, 14p.3.

Payne, Henry G,: H.1. Nelson on, 373p.4-5.

Peabody (Gov.): C.1.S. on, 384p.2; Steele on, 384p.6.

Peckham (Mr.): 290p.4; Tucker on, 358p.1.

Peck (Gov.): S. Morse on, 200p.3.

Peffer, (Senator): 210p.1, 211p.1, 290p.1; on immigration, 211p.3; N.Y. Sun on, 216p.1.

Pejot: Trial of, 33p.1.

The Penman: on Legitimation League, 276p.3.

Pennell, Elizabeth Robins: 57p.1. See also Life of Mary Wollstonecraft.

Pentecost, Hugh 0. (Rev.): 93p.1, 111p.6, 116p.1, 129p.1, 138p.5, 144p.1, 146p.1, 147p.1, 151p.5, 153p.1, 155p.6, 156p.1, 156p.4, 157p.1, 159p.7, 160p.1, 161p.1. 161p.6, 162p.1, 165p.1, 165p.6, 166p.4, 167p.1, 167p.4, 167p.5, 167p.7, 168p.1, 170p.2, 172p.1, 173p.4, 173p.5, 174p.4, 176p.1, 177p.1, 177p.6, 179p.4, 181p.1, 184p.5, 185p.1, 185p.4, 187p.5, 188p.1, 199p.3, 200p.3, 201p.3, 201p.4, 210p.1, 211p.3, 215p.3, 221p.2, 222p.3, 223p.2, 230p.1, 234p.1, 238p.1, 248p.4, 255p.3, 256p.1, 282p.4, 282p.12, 301p.1, 305p.8, 311p.7, 317p.1, 357p.4, 357p.8, 359p.7, 363p.1, 382p.7, 397p.7; on anarchy, 95p.1, 103p.1, 143p.7, 182p.4; on government, 161p.1; on Ingersoll, 169p.6; on Knights of Labor, 167p.1; on land, 150p.1; on marriage, 167p.7; on monopoly, 232p.2; on reformers, 209p.3; on sects, 176p.4; on taxes, 156p.5; on Tucker, 204p.1; Ballou on, 169p.7; N.Y. Herald on, 333p.6-7; Labadie on, 146p.7; Reitzel on, 179p.3; S. on, 169p.6-7; Simpson on, 169p.2-3; Tak Kak on, 179p.1; Tucker on, 95p.5, 96p.1, 103p.1, 125p.1, 131p.1, 141p.4, 146p.1, 148p.1, 150p.1, 152p.1, 153p.1, 157p.1, 160p.1, 162p.1, 162p.6, 163p.1, 164p.1, 165p.4, 168p.7, 170p.7, 179p.1, 180p.7, 182p.1, 182p.4-5, 184p.1, 194p.1, 201p.1, 205p.2, 206p.1, 209p.1, 217p.1, 219p.1, 232p.2, 281p.2-3, 356p.4-5, 372p.1, 394p.13, 397p.7-8; Yarros on, 168p.6-7, 169p.6, 176p.4, 207p.2, 219p.2-3. See also Twentieth Century (editor).

Per Order: on socialist rev. Congress, 11p.4.

Perkins, Theo. P.: 228p.1, 229p.1, 239p.2; on authority, 228p.2-3; on government, 231p.3-4; on Instead of a Book, 239p.2; poem, 256p.3; on the state, 229p.2-4, 230p.2-3.

Peron, Emile: 43p.1, 399p.24.

Perovskaya, Sophie: 3p.4, 4p.4, 12p.1, 18p.3, 32p.2, 33p.1, 86p.7, 240p.3; J. Miller on, 1p.1; Tucker on, 1p.1.

Perrine, Frederick A.C.: 112p.7; on authority, 103p.4-5; on compromise, 97p.4; on liberty, 108p.4; on taxation, 96p.1; Tak Kak on, 112p.7; Tucker on, 96p.1, 97p.5, 103p.5, 108p.4.

Perry (Prof.): 17p.1, 135p.7.

Peters, Madison C. (Rev.): E.C. Walker on, 202p.3.

Peterson, George: on wages, 343p.3; Tucker on, 343p.3-4.

Peukert: 232p.1.

Phelps, Edward J.: 330p.7; on politics, 61p.5.

Philbrook, H.B.: 91p.5; on anarchists, 89p-4; on Darwin, 89p.4; Tucker on, 89p.4.

Phillips (Judge): 170p.2; on injunctions, 356p.2.

Phillips, Wendell: 1p.1, 2p.2, 2p.4, 3p.4, 6p.2, 19p.1, 36p.2, 40p.3, 44p.8, 52p.7, 59p.1, 59p.4, 61p.4, 70p.4, 73p.7, 82p.1, 92p.7, 100p.1, 100p.5, 114p.3, 114p.5, 165p.1, 215p.2, 215p.3, 231p.3, 267p.3, 292p.10, 326p.2, 359p.5, 397p.3; on politics, 35p.3; Lum on, 63p.1; Tucker on, 8p.1, 18p.1, 62p.1, 117p.4.

Phipson, Evacustes A.: 323p.4, 323p.5, 324p.4; on children, 323p.7; on municipalization, 325p.7-8; on railroads, 330p.7, 332p.6; on rent, 306p.5; Tucker on, 306p.1.

Piatt, Donn: 51p.1, 77p.1; on Butler, 51p.5; on power, 149p.7; Tucker on, 70p.5, 149p.1.

Piatt, Sarah M.B.: 4p.3; poem, 196p.1.

Le Pic: on dishonesty, 360p.7.

Pickering, John F.: 30p.1, 31p.1, 31p.3, 177p.1, 195p.3; Tucker on, 32p.1.

Picquart (Colonel): Mauclair on, 359p.6-7.

Pierce, Robert Morris: C.1.S. on, 383p.2-3. See also Problems of Number and Measure.

Pierpont, John: Poem, 346p.7.

Pillsbury, Parker: 77p.1, 100p.5, 114p.3, 171p.1, 181p.1.

Pilsworth, E.: 18p.2.

Pinero: 312p.1, 333p.1, 334p.7.

Pink, Caleb: 63p.5, 77p.8, 83p.7, 91p.7; on Liberty, 55p.7.

Pinkerton: 60p.4, 114p.5, 230p.2, 230p.3.

Pinney, Lucien V.: 59p.1, 88p.8, 1O4p.1, 105p.4, 107p.1, 107p.4, 250p.2, 373p.1; on banking, 96p.4, 98p.4; on prohibition, 93p.5; G.S. on, 149p.4; Tucker on, 91p.1, 92p.1, 93p.5, 94p.1, 95p.4, 96p.4, 98p.4, 121p.1, 123p.1. See also Winsted Press (editor).

Pinoy: Trial of, 33p.1.

Pixley, Frank M.: 164p.1; E.C. Walker on, 209p.2-3.

Plain Citizen: on free speech, 396p.57-58.

Plato: 6p.2, 10p.1, 26p.2, 53p.4, 91p.2, 92p.8, 104p.7, 112p.8, 117p.3, 117p.6, 131p.4, 136p.2, 150p.5, 174p.2, 239p.1, 311p.6, 327p.6, 341p.2, 362p.6, 397p.39, 403p.41.

Platt, Isaac Hull (Dr.): Tucker on, 325p.1.

Platt (Senator): 143p.7, 286p.10, 337p.1, 356p.1.

Pleydell, A.C.: on lying, 383p.3.

Plumb (Senator): Tucker on, 213p.1.

Pointer: on law, 66p.5.

Pomeroy, Brick: 121p.4, 124p.1; on law, 122p.1; Tucker on, 45p.4.

Ponsard, Francois: 256p.4, 309p.4, 309p.6.

Pope, Alexander: 59p.7, 151p.1, 153p.5, 169p.2, 344p.1; poetry, 142p.6.

Pope: 6p.2, 59p.5, 70p.5, 85p.2, 113p.5, 175p.2, 186p.1, 187p.1; Tucker on, 15p.2, 382p.1; Yarros on, 206p.2. See also Catholic Church.

Pope Gelasius: on Christianity, 84p.2.

Pope Leo XIII: 4p.3, 100p.1, 130p.1, 162p.3, 297p.7, 320p.1.

Poppers, J.: 24p.2.

Porcupine: on X, 80p.8.

Porter, Alfred E.: 286p.11; on capital, 279p.3-4; on patents. 191p.3; Tucker on, 279p.2.

Porter, J. Wood: on land, 30p.3; on taxes, 30p.3; Ingalls on, 30p.3; Tucker on, 47p.1.

Porter, Joseph (Sir): 24p.4, 395p.33; Tucker on, 13p.2.

Post, C.C.: 70p.8, 101p.1, 374p.6. See also Roll Call, editor.

Post, Louis F.: 109p.4, 379p.3, 384p.1, 395p.9, 402p.17; on crime, 400p.51-52; on land, 319p.6; C.1.S. on, 398p.56-57; S.R. on, 381p.2; Tucker on, 316p.1, 319p.4; Yarros on, 362p.2-3. See also Ethics of Democracy, The Public (editor), The Standard sub-editor.

Potter, Beatrice: See Webb, Beatrice...maiden name of.

Potter, Bishop: 379p.7; Tucker on, 365p.1.

Potter, W.J.: 63p.5; Tucker on, 66p.1, 92p.5; Weyler on, 100p.1. See also Index (assoc. editor).

Pottier, Eugene: 58p.1; poem, 107p.1.

Potts, William: 167p.4; Tucker on, 51p.1.

Pouget, E.: 299p.1, 314p.1. See also Pere Peinard.

Pouget, Jean: Trial of, 38p.1-4.

Powderly, T.V. (Grand Master of Knights of Labor): 73p.1, 76p.4. 81p.4, 82p.1, 83p.4, 84p.5, 87p.7. 91p.5, 103p.1, 104p.5, 114p.3, 120p.4, 121p.1, 138p.5, 172p.1, 184p.1, 185p.1, 186p.1, 365p.3; on anarchy, 109p.5; C.M.H. on, 78p.4; Tucker on, 159p.1, 167p.1; Yarros on, 101p.4.

Pradier, Marcel: on Vaillant. 282p.8.

Prall, William (Rev.): on socialism, 208p.3.

Prescott, George B. Jr.: 119p.7, 120p.5; on egoism, 117p.1; on Proudhon, 93p.1; on Tak Kak, 113p.5.

Preston, Thomas B.: 255p.3; on anarchy, 253p.2.

Prevost, Marcel: on love, 351p.3-4.

Prince, Paul: Poem, 316p.6; on politician, 324p.5.

Pringle, N.J.: 256p.4. See also Victor Hugo, A Sketch of His Life and Work.

Proudhon, Catherine: 309p.4.

Proudhon, Pierre Joseph: 1p.1, 1p.2, 3p.3, 3p.4, 4p.1, 6p.1, 7p.2, 7p.4, 8p.1, 9p.1, 10p.1, 11p.1, 11p.3, 16p.2, 24p.1, 25p.1, 25p.2, 26p.3, 27p.1, 29p.3, 29p.4, 33p.2, 33p.4, 35p.2, 36p.1, 37p.2, 39p.2, 39p.3, 41p.1, 41p.4, 42p.1, 43p.1, 45p.5, 47p.1, 47p.8, 50p.1, 51p.1, 51p.4, 52p.5, 53p.5, 54p.4, 56p.4, 57p.5, 61p.1, 61p.4, 61p.7, 62p.5, 62p.8, 63p.1, 63p.5, 63p.7, 64p.1, 65p.4, 67p.5, 69p.1, 69p.4, 70p.5, 71p.5, 73p.8, 74p.8, 75p.7, 78p.4, 81p.1, 83p.1, 83p.4, 85p.1, 85p.7, 86p.5, 87p.1, 89p.1, 89p.5, 91p.4, 92p.1, 92p.5, 93p.1, 93p.5, 93p.7, 94p.1, 94p.3, 94p.4, 95p.1, 96p.4, 96p.5, 96p.8, 97p.5, 97p.6, 97p.8, 99p.5, 99p.7, 100p.1, 101p.1, 102p.6, 102p.7, 103p.1, 103p.5, 105p.4, 107p.5, 110p.4, 112p.4, 113p.6, 114p.4, 114p.6, 116p.6, 117p.1, 118p.4, 119p.1, 119p.4, 120p.1, 121p.1, 121p.4, 122p.4, 124p.6, 126p.6, 127p.1, 127p.2, 129p.1, 130p.4, 130p.5, 133p.1, 133p.7, 135p.7, 140p.4, 140p.5, 142p.1, 143p,4, 147p.4, 147p.5, 148p.4, 151p.5, 151p.6, 152p.5, 154p.1, 155p.6, 156p.1, 156p.5, 157p.5, 157p.7, 158p.1, 158p.7. 161p.1, 163p.6, 165p.7, 166p.6, 171p.1, 174p.4, 175p.1, 175p.4, 177p.2, 178p.1, 178p.3, 178p.4, 178p.5, 180p.4, 180p.6, 181p.4, 182p.8, 184p.2, 185p.1, 186p.1, 186p.4, 187p.2, 188p.1, 189p.3, 191p.2, 192p.1, 192p.2, 193p.3, 195p.1, 199p.4, 201p.2, 209p.1, 210p.1, 210p.2, 212p.3, 214p.1, 215p.3, 219p.1, 219p.2, 223p.4, 226p.2, 232p.3, 235p.1, 235p.2, 245p.1, 246p.1, 251p.2, 254p.3, 260p.1, 260p.3, 274p.1, 276p.2, 278p.1, 281p.5, 282p.4, 283p.5, 293p.5, 293p.9, 295p.1, 295p.11, 296p.3, 297p.1, 298p.1, 298p.7, 299p.1, 303p.2, 330p.6, 330p.7, 331p.1, 339p.5, 340p.1, 341p.5, 341p.6, 345p.5, 346p.1, 346p.4, 347p.2, 347p.6, 353p.4, 354p.2, 354p.6, 356p.3, 357p.2, 359p.2, 359p.3, 368p.6, 370p.5, 374p.1, 375p.1, 382p.6, 383p.6, 387p.2, 388p.5, 389p.6, 391p.44, 391p.45, 391p.46, 391p.47, 393p.11, 394p.13, 398p.4, 402p.2; on Bank of the People, 126p.7; on communists, 161p.5; on Galileo, 309p.4-6; on government, 171p.6; on justice, 104p.7; on Malthus, 43p.7; on morality, 105p.5; portraits of, advertisement, 9, 12-25, 30, 31, 34-36, 41, 45, 47, 53, 55, 57, 58, 63, 65, 66, 68, 73, 74, 83, 85, 109, 115, 116, 123, 134, 125, 130, 132, 135, 138, 139, 144, 145, 147, 160, 161, 172, 174, 175, 181, 183, 185; on property, 28p.3, 112p.8, 134p.4; on religion, 105p.5; on revolution, 112p.4; on state, 117p.2-3, 118p.2-3; on Tolstoi, 400p.36; Bailie on, 376p.3-4, 378p.4; Bearce on, 95p.7; Dana on, 397p.9; Edgeworth on, 65p.7; Englander on, 173p.2, 174p.2, 175p.2, 176p.2, 177p.2-3, 178p.2, 180p.3, 183p.6-7; Fouquier on, 172p.3; G.S. on, 281p.4; G. Kelly on, 95p.8; J. Kelly on, 92p.4; Lepelletier on, 309p.4, 309p.6-7; Mulberger on, 269p.1&3; Tak Kak on, 94p.1, 105p.5; Tucker on, 10p.3, 12p.3, 41p.2-3, 51p.8, 65p.4-5, 90p.1, 92p.4, 93p.4-5, 94p.5, 104p.4-5, 112p.8, 113p.1, 116p.1, 120p.2-3, 124p.4, 125p.5, 126p.4, 154p.1, 170p.7, 171p.6, 277p.3, 296p.1, 313p.3-4, 397p.8-9; Yarros on, 264p.3, 278p.3-4, 313p.3. See also Bank of the People, Caesarism and History, Confessions of a Revolutionist, Creation de l'Ordre, Galileo, General Idea of the Rev. of the 19th Century, Justice According to the Rev. and According to the Church, Literary Property Titles, Organization of Credit and Circulation, Le Peuple (editor), Du Principle Federatif, Le Representat du People (editor), The State
Its Nature, Object and Destiny, La Voix du Peuple.

Pryor (Judge): 281p.6, 331p.5; Tucker on, 31Op.1.

Pulitzer, Joseph: 357p.2; Max on, 79p.5. See also N.Y. World (editor).

Pullman, George: 292p.1, 292p.3, 292p.5, 292p.10, 293p.1, 299p.3.

Purdy, Ambrose H.: on courts, 67p.1.

Purdy, Lawson: Tucker on, 396p.24-25.

Putnam, G.P.: 59p.1, 359p.2, 369p.1; Tucker on, 359p.5.

Putnam, J. Pickering: Robinson on, 175p.3.

Putnam, Samuel: 39p.1, 52p.1, 68p.1, 77p.8, 88p.5, 138p.5, 160p.1, 185p.7, 347p.1, 385p.1; on anarchy, 70p.4; on the state, 26p.2; Lum on, 83p.5; Tucker on, 26p.2, 71p.1, 121p.4, 185p.4, 187p.5, 348p.1, 349p.4, 350p.5; Yarros on, 91p.5; X on, 77p.4. See also Golden Throne, Freethought, editor.

Pyat, Felix: 3p.1, 11p.1, 119p.4, 127p.5, 222p.2; Enne on, 120p.1; Tucker on, 4p.1, 118p.4.

Pyper, W.J. Stanton: on gambling, 174p.3.

Pythagoras: 4p.3, 83p.1, 89p.4, 174p.2.


Quay, Matthew (Senator): 146p.4, 170p.7, 171p.1, 200p.1, 204p.2, 211p.1, 246p.3, 325p.5, 336p.1, 372p.3, 372p.6, 403p.34; N.Y. Evening Post on, 297p.6; Tucker on, 221p.1.

Queensbury (Marquis of): 2p.1, 311p.5, 312p.1, 317p.2.

Quidde, Ludwig, (Dr.): 287p.10; N.Y. Evening Post on, 295p.10.

Quigg, Lemuel Ely: N.Y. Sun on, 299p.4.

Quincey, Thomas de: 167p.5, 267p.2; on Ricardo, 157p.4.

Quincy, Edward Jr.: on liberty, 34p.1.


R.: on anarchy, 297p.3.

R. (pseudonym in Personal Rights Journal): on police, 215p.3-4.

R.J.H. (pseudonym in Arena): C on, 311p.4-5.

R.S.: 130p.7; on free love, 130p.7; on prostitution, 126p.7; on Wing of Azrael, 147p.5.

R.S.Y.: on marriage, 326p.6-7,

Raabe, E.: 22p.2.

Rabelais: 98p.5, 131p.5, 135p.1, 186p.3, 259p.4, 281p.10, 284p.5, 288p.4, 290p.4, 293p.11, 296p.2, 387p.6, 394p.49, 396p.19.

Rabinovitch, H.: 238p.2, 239p.2; on Victor, 238p.1.

Rader, William (Rev.): on S.F. earthquake, 393p.10.

Radical Jack: 122p.1, 125p.5.

Rae, John: 210p.1; Yarros on, 174p.5-6, 210p.2.

Raffalovich, Sophie: Tucker on, 134p.4.

Rame: 38p.1, 38p.2.

Ramsdell, Walter L.: on labor, 87p.7; Tucker on, 87p.1.

Ranc (of Paris Commune): 222p.2, 398p.9; on Renan, 246p.1.

Randall, S.H.: 242p.2, 299p.7, 305p.5; on juries, 298p.6; poem, 299p.8; Tucker on, 298p.3.

Randolph, John: Tucker on, 11p.3.

Raspail: 118p.4, 119p.4, 215p.3, 357p.2.

Ravachol: 222p.2, 222p.3, 225p.1, 226p.2, 246p.1, 281p.4, 282p.6, 283p.7, 283p.8, 355p.1; L'Intransigeant on, 222p.3-4; Tucker on, 221p.1.

Raymond (Prof.): 337p.7; on Labadie, 333p.6.

Raymond, R.W.: 244p.1; on wages, 244p.3-4.

Read, F.W.: 107p.1, 109p.1; on the state, 110p.4; on taxes, 104p.4; Tucker on, 104p.4, 110p.4-5.

Reagan (Senator): 143p.7; Galveston News on, 183p.5-6; Tucker on, 123p.4.

Reclus, Elie (brother of Elisee Reclus): 59p.1, 222p.2, 311p.5, 327p.5.

Reclus, Elisee: 29p.3, 33p.1, 33p.3, 34p.1, 35p.4, 39p.3, 45p.1, 47p.1, 50p.5, 58p.1, 59p.1, 60p.1, 63p.5, 77p.1, 103p.1, 117p.7, 121p.4, 139p.5, 222p.2, 260p.2, 281p.4, 281p.9, 284p.5, 285p.5, 293p.10, 295p.11, 297p.5, 300p.5, 311p.5, 320p.1, 379p.2, 379p.6; on anarchy, 43p.2-3, 44p.6-7; on Bibliographie de I'Anarchie, 353p.3; on Kropotkin, 32p.3; on marriage, 30p.4; on universal suffrage, 16p.3; Lazare on, 327p.4-5; Tucker on, 16p.1, 29p.1, 51p.1, 101p.5, 107p.1; Vaughan on, 44p.7, 45p.2-3; Walker on, 47p.8. See also An Anarchist on Anarchy, Evolution and Revolution, Geographie Universelle.

Redpath, James: 3p.1; Tucker on, 58p.1.

Reed (Congressman): 166p.7, 168p.2, 170p.7, 171p.1, 173p.1, 174p.1, 246p.3, 282p.4, 284p.3, 288p.5, 296p.5, 302p.3, 336p.1.

Reid, Whitelaw: 361p.1; Tucker on, 226p.1, 247p.1, 373p.4.

Reif, Herman (Detroit agent for Liberty): 234p.2.

Reis, E.: 24p.2.

Reitzel, Robert: 116p.4, 165p.4, 166p.4, 179p.1, 186p.3, 237p.3, 245p.2, 353p.4; on Boppe, 197p.1; on Most, 79p.1; on Pentecost, 179p.3; on Stirner, 234p.3-4; on Woodhull, 143p.1; G.S. on, 200p.2; Tucker on, 141p.4, 295p.10. See also Der Arme Teufel editor.

Renan (Mons.): 162p.3. 245p.1, 293p.10, 394p.53, 400p.50; Durranc on, 248p.1; Ranc on, 246p.1; Tucker on, 228p.1.

Rend, W.P. (Col.): on labor, 57p.5.

Renz, Franz: 22p.2.

Replogle, Henry P.: as H (pseudonym in Egoism) 319p.5, 319p.7, 320p.7, 328p.6; on Tucker, 168p.1; Badcock on, 322p.7-8; Tucker, 316p.3-4; as Replogle 84p.4, 89p.1, 100p.1, 347p.6, 386p.5; on Sinola, 91p.5; C.1.S. on, 390p.2; Tucker on, 91p.5, 379p.1. See also Egoism editor, Equity Publishing.

Replogle, Georgia: as G (pseudonym in Egoism) 319p.5, 319p.7; Badcock on, 322p.7-8; Tucker on, 263p.7-3; as Replogle 84p.4, 89p.1, 112p.4, 250p.2, 347p.6, 390p.2; on Sinaloa, 91p.5; J. Lloyd on, 386p.5; Tucker on, 91p.5, 379p.1. See also Egoism editor, Equity Publishing.

Rew, W. May: 110p.5. See also Nemesis editor.

Reynolds, W. Kilby: Tucker on, 130p.1. See also Gripsack editor.

Ribot, Th.: 149p.7, 162p.3, 318p.11.

Ricardo, David: 23p.2, 27sup., 35p.2, 61p.7, 69p.6, 90p.1, 103p.7, 113p.1, 120p.7, 126p.5, 127p.2, 137p.4, 139p.1, 141p.4, 141p.5, 144p.1, 144p.5, 149p.1, 153p.1, 153p.7, 158p.4, 159p.5, 162p.6, 163p.6, 173p.6, 269p.1, 272p.1, 278p.1, 280p.4, 294p.1, 302p.4, 313p.3; on rent, 84p.8; Galveston News on, 121p.7; James on, 84p.7; Yarros on, 157p.4-5, 16 3p.7. See also Nature and Progress of Rent.

Rice, Isaac L. (Mrs.): Tucker on, 397p.24.

Rich, Isaac B.: 14p.1. See also Banner of Light editor.

Richards, Bernard G.: E.H.S. on, 374p.3-4. See also Discourses of Keidansky.

Richardson, B.W.: on Kropotkin, 35p.4.

Richelieu (Cardinal): 30p.2, 32p.1, 135p.7, 309p.7.

Richepin, Jean: 234p.1, 284p.5; latineries, 351p.6; poem, 50p.1; on universal suffrage, 156p.6.

Riley, William Harrison: 3p.3; on communism, 3p.3; on government, 42p.8; on taxes, 60p.5.

Rinctum (pseudonym): J. Lloyd on, 133p.4-5.

Ripley, George: 11p.3, 361p.1; on labor theory of value, 114p.2, 115p.2.

Ritter, M. (Miss, contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

Robb, James: 359p.5.

Roberts, George: on duty, 108p.7; on woman's suffrage, 58p.4-5.

Roberts, O.M. (Gov.). 3p.1, 5p.1, 8p.1; Tucker on, 1p.3.

Robertson, J.M.: 178p.2.

Robertson, James H. Jr.: 254p.2, 255p.2, 286p.11.

Roberty, E. de: 262p.4. See also Agnosticisme.

Robespierre: 22p.3, 40p.2, 64p.1, 65p.7, 77p.1, 80p.1, 81p.5, 96p.7, 159p.3, 166p.6, 166p.7, 298p.7.

Robin (Dr.): Rochefort on, 297p.7.

Robins, William J.: on Levy, 383p.5-6; poems, 394p.59, 398p.89, 402p.58; on unemployment, 398p.73-80.

Robinson, John Beverly: 120p.5, 186p.5, 186p.6, 199p.3, 200p.2, 220p.1, 237p.1, 238p.2, 239p.2, 239p.3, 249p.2, 283p.7, 299p.6, 301p.4, 302p.5, 304p.3, 308p.2; 308p.3, 316p.4, 335p.1, 338p.4, 342p.1, 347p,6, 350p.4, 356p.4, 357p.1; on altruism, 319p.3; on anarchy, 192p.3-4, 285p.2, 333p.6; on atheism, 290p.2-3; on charity, 226p.2-3; on Christianity, 292p.2-3; on consistency, 103p.8; on copyright, 184p.5; on Dahl, 335p.5; egoism, 109p.6, 211p.3, 219p.1; on equality, 296p.2-4, 299p.6; on force, 118p.5, 211p.3, 214p.2; on freedom, 184p.1, 286p.3; on government, 202p.2-3, 251p.3, 281p.2, 283p.2, 300p.2-3, 355p.6-8; on Instead of a Book, 235p.1; on interest, 353p.5-7; on liberty, 265p.3, 342p.6; on marriage, 148p.6-7, 287p.2-4; on morality, 357p.6-8; on non-resistance, 142p.4; on post office, 281p.6; on Putnam, 175p.3; on rent, 348p.6-8; on seance, 291p.5; on socialism, 341p.6; on society, 224p.2; on vaccination, 288p.2; on woman's suffrage, 297p.2; on women, 294p.2; Byington on, 350p.6-7; J. Lloyd on, 195p.4; Tucker on, 103p.8, 211p.3, 214p.2-3, 333p.1, 341p.1, 342p.3; Yarros on, 297p.2-3, 299p.2.

Roche, James Jeffrey: 176p.1; poem, 52p.1.

Rochefort, Henri: 2p.1, 2p.3, 4p.4, 6p.1, 12p.1, 17p.3, 18p.1, 19p.4, 21p.4, 33p.3, 38p.3, 44p.7, 63p.5, 121p.4, 158p.3, 222p.2, 224p.1, 295p.5; on anti-clericalism, 289p.7; on church, 73p.8; on the czar, 28p.3; on freethought, 297p.7; on Gambetta, 32p.2; on government, 318p.11-12; on Guiteau, 25p.4; on Herold, 16p.4; on Hugo, 64p.7; on Kropotkin, 32p.3; on labor, 29p.3; on L. Michel, 38p.1; on monarchy, 65p.5; on nihilists, 18p.3; on politics, 68p.8, 77p.7; on taxes, 184p.6; on Vaillant, 283p.9-10; Tucker on, 36p.1, 69p.1, 77p.7, 78p.1, 106p.1, 147p.1. See also L'Intransigeant.

Rockefeller: 395p.13, 400p.21, 400p.31, 401p.58; Bierce on, 388p.5; Tucker on, 366p.2; Yarros on, 328p.3.

Rockell: 353p.7.

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Spooner, Lysander: as 0
87p.4, 88p.1, 100p.5; on the Haymarket, 87p.4-5, 90p.5; on Herald, 81p.5. As Spooner
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St. Clair, Editha: on women, 234p.3.

St. Gaudens: 281p.6, 287p.7, 299p.6.

St. Gregory of Nyssa: on interest, 293p.11.

St. Paul: C. Wood on, 397p.35-42.

Standinger, John: 22p.2.

Strandring, George: 127p.5. See also Radical.

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Stchedrine: 396p.19; on class distinction, 184p.6-7.

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Stetson, Simeon: 54p.8
on wealth, 21p.4.

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Stormonth: on socialism, 216p.3.

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the Case of Henry George, Political Justice.

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Sweeney, Cornelius, 20p.2.

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Tak Kak: See Walker, James L. - pseudonym for.

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Its Origin, Its Nature and its Abolition.

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Tartuffe: on paternalism, 124p.7.

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Trinquet (of Paris Commune): 32p.2, 121p.4.

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Trumbull, Lyman (Judge): on monopoly, 301p.3.

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Craftsman, 321p.2; on Unity, 184p.1, 198p.1; on Voice, 177p.4, 186p.1, 186p.2, 324p.5, 333p.1; on Voluntary Socialism, 334p.6, 338p.1; on Washington Post, 346p.4; on Waterman's Journal, 153p.1; on Weekly Bulletin of Newspaper, 192p.2; on Wells Fargo & Co., 6p.1, 72p.5, 105p.4, 107p.4; on Wendell Phillips Memorial Hall, 117p.4; on Westboro Reform School, 1p.3; on What is Property?, 41p.2, 112p.8, 113p.1; on What's To Be Done?, 42p.2, 82p.4; on The Whim, 376p.1; on the Whirlwind, 168p.7; on Whitman, The Poet-liberator of Woman, 389p.7; on The Wind and the Whirlwind, 48p.1; on Wind-Harp Songs, 302p.1, 328p.5, 336p.1; on Winsted Press, 105p.4, 121p.1, 123p.1; on The Woman Who Did, 309p.1, 313p.1, 314p.1; on Woman's Bible, 334p.4; on Woman Suffrage Assoc., 9p.3; on Workmen's Advocate, 96p.1, 125p.1, 136p.1, 145p.1; on World, 195p.1; on World's Fair, 224p.1, 263p.2.

On Subject Matter: on abolitionism, 2p.3, 4p.3, 10p.1; on abortion, 392p.7-8; on adultery, 318p.1; on age of consent, 334p.4; on agnosticism, 54p.1; on agriculture, 16p.2; on altruism, 160p.1, 256p.1, 359p.1; on anarchist letter-writing, 283p.3, 283p.4, 302p.1, 303p.1, 349p.1; on anarchist stickers, 392p.1-3, 395p.1-2; on anarchy, 5p.3-4, 9p.1&4, 14p.2, 17p.2-3, 19p.2-3, 19p.4, 20p.1, 24p.1, 25p.2, 30p.2-3, 35p.2-3, 49p.1, 50p.1, 57p.4, 59p.4, 61p.1, 68p.4, 73p.4, 75p.5&8, 76p.4, 77p.4, 78p.1&8, 82p.5, 83p.4, 84p.4, 85p.1, 86p.4-5, 90p.1, 92p.5, 93p.4-5, 94p.4-5&8, 96p.8, 101p.4, 107p.1, 110p.4, 112p.4-5&8, 115p.5, 119p.1, 120p.2-3&6, 123p.1, 123p.4, 126p.4-5, 128p.1, 130p.5, 133p.4, 135p.4-5. 136p.4-5, 143p.4-5, 145p.5, 149p.1, 150p.1, 152p.1, 153p.6. 156p.4, 158p.5-6, 159p.1, 159p.7. 161p.6, 162p.4, 164p.4, 165p.6, 166p.1, 170p.4, 171p.5-7, 172p.6-7, 180p.4, 182p.4-5, 183p.1, 184p.1, 189p.1, 194p.1, 200p.1, 214p.1, 215p.1, 221p.2, 232p.1, 232p.2-3, 236p.1, 239p.4, 243p.2-3, 246p.2-3. 251p.2, 254p.2, 266p.2-3, 271p.2-3, 282p.2-3, 283p.3-4, 283p.5, 286p.4, 291p.10, 292p.1, 294p.3, 294p.4, 296p.5, 298p.1, 298p.3, 307p.3, 307p.4-5, 308p.1, 308p.4, 311p.5, 325p.3-5, 327p.3-4, 337p.3-5, 340p.4-5, 343p.4-5, 353p.3-4, 355p.1, 362p.5, 364p.3-4, 365p.1, 365p.4-5. 368p.1, 375p.1, 383p.1, 394p.9-11, 395p.6-7, 396p.12-16, 397p.8-9, 397p.18-19, 399p.5; on anti clericalism, 2p.2, 3p.2, 4p.2, 5p.2-3, 6p.2, 6p.3, 11p.1, 12p.2, 13p.2, 15p.2, 19p.2, 25p.2, 29p.2-3, 31p.2, 381p.3; on anti monopolists, 45p.1; on anti-vaccination, 67p.4, 69p.1, 286p.1, 360p.1, 382p.1, 388p.1; on arbitration, 351p.2-3; on the army, 185p.2, 230p.3, 231p.1, 383p.1, 394p.2-4; on art, 4p.3, 15p.1, 22p.1, 204p.1, 337p.1, 338p.4, 349p.1, 383p.3, 396p.21, 397p.22; on art-for-art's sake, 99p.5, 120p.4; on assassination, 3p.3, 11p.1, 15p.2, 32p.2, 34p.3, 36p.2, 373p.4; on asylum, 286p.4; on atheism, 56p.1, 73p.4, 157p.1; on Australia, 133p.4; on authority, 1p.2, 2p.2, 6p.2-3, 9p.3, 14p.3, 18p.2, 19p.2-3, 20p.4, 25p.2-3, 37p.1, 120p.2-3, 123p.4; on ballot, 26p.3, 27p.1, 27p.2, 35p.1, 141p.4; on banking, 1p.1, 10p.3, 13p.1, 14p.1, 16p.1, 18p.1, 49p.1, 119p.4, 138p.4, 138p.5, 155p.4, 159p.4, 173p.1, 175p.1, 175p.4, 184p.4, 187p.2, 187p.3-4, 188p.1, 188p.3-4, 195p.1, 196p.2-3, 201p.1, 203p.1, 206p.1, 227p.1, 237p.2-3, 239p.2, 243p.2, 248p.4, 275p.3, 290p.1, 302p.3, 305p.4, 307p.4, 312p.4, 313p.4-5, 314p.5, 321p.4, 326p.4-5, 342p.5, 352p.4-5, 354p.1, 369p.4-5. 402p.16; on Biblical characters... Christ, 79p.5, 321p.5, 377p.3...Moses, 15p.2; on biology, 185p.4; on birth control, 37p.1, 384p.4, 390p.1; on blacklisting, 370p.1, 376p.1, 391p.4-5; on blackmail, 85p.1; on blasphemy, 6p.1, 102p.5, 295p.9; on bourgeoisie, 22p.1, 41p.1-2; on boycott, 84p.1, 99p.1, 113p.4-5, 127p.1, 164p.1, 220p.1, 287p.9, 291p.1, 291p.4, 292p.1, 293p.1, 296p.5, 297p.4, 313p.1, 316p.5, 341p.5, 343p.5. 367p.1, 367p.4, 368p.1, 369p.1, 369p.2, 370p.1, 370p.4, 372p.3-4, 376p.1, 386p.4, 389p.1, 389p.5, 392p.8-9, 393p.3-4, 395p.5-6, 395p.11-12, 397p.16-17; on bribery, 383p.1; on Britain, 3p.2, 7p.3; on British Commons, 16p.1, 17p.1; on capital, 4p.4, 5p.2, 6p.3, 10p.3, 10p.4, 14p.3, 22p.2, 35p.2, 37p.2, 39p.3, 54p.4, 67p.5, 103p.4, 120p.3, 138p.4, 165p.5-6, 173p.1, 279p.2-3, 280p.3-4, 290p.1, 351p.1, 397p.14-15; on capital punishment, 2p.3, 12p.2-3, 19p.3, 166p.4, 188p.1, 271p.3; on capitalists, 4p.4, 9p.2, 14p.3, 22p.3, 39p.2-3, 76p.5, 230p.2, 231p.2, 360p.1, 377p.5, 379p.2-3, 391p.9-11; on Catholicism, 1p.2, 3p.1, 6p.2, 19p.1, 24p.3, 29p.2-3, 31p.1, 70p.4, 73p.4; on censorship, 22p.1, 84p.1, 99p.1, 148p.1, 157p.1, 160p.4-5, 165p.2, 165p.4, 165p.6, 170p.1, 260p.2, 289p.1, 292p.4, 299p.1, 305p.5, 311p.5, 361p.4, 383p.1, 388p.1, 389p.1; on centralization, 94p.5; on charity, 9p.2, 36p.2, 391p.10-11, 393p.1-2; on Chicago, 206p.3; on child labor, 147p.1; on children, 123p.5, 223p.2, 232p.2-3, 235p.2, 263p.2-3, 312p.5&8, 316p.3-4, 319p.4-5, 320p.4-5, 321p.1, 322p.4-5&8, 323p.3-4, 325p.3-5, 328p.1, 328p.4-5, 382p.1; on China, 389p.1; on chinese, 18p.1, 18p.3, 20p.1, 21p.1, 36p.1, 39p.1, 77p.8; on Christian socialism, 147p.1; on Christianity, 5p.2-3, 13p.4, 14p.2, 15p.2, 31p.2, 34p.2, 41p.1&4, 46p.1, 270p.1, 292p.1, 295p.1, 297p.1, 318p.1, 325p.1, 395p.10-11, 401p.1-2; on the church, 1p.2, 2p.1, 5p.3, 12p.2, 25p.2, 62p.1, 185p.4, 285p.3; on church and state, 7p.2, 12p.2, 25p.2-3, 34p.2, 34p.3, 321p.4-5, 398p.9; on cigarettes, 389p.5; on civilization, 2p.1, 292p.5; on class distinction, 51p.4, 236p.1, 238p.2-3, 240p.3, 394p.6-7; on colonization, 261p.2; on communism, 3p.3, 29p.3, 30p.2, 32p.2, 36p.2. 41p.2, 42p.1, 78p.1&8, 80p.5, 90p.1, 93p.4-5, 108p.1, 112p.4-5&8, 117p.1, 122p.5, 123p.1, 123p.4, 124p.4, 130p.4, 133p.1, 137p.1, 149p.1, 151p.4, 173p.1, 183p.1, 187p.2, 342p.1, 342p.3-4, 353p.3-4, 364p.1, 368p.1, 370p.5; on competition, 130p.4, 132p.4, 174p.1, 191 p.1, 204p.1, 205p.1, 215p.1, 229p.2, 285p.1, 294p.4, 299p.1, 301p.5, 320p.2, 366p.2-4, 369p.2, 370p.1, 372p.3-4, 380p,3; on compromise, 79p.4-5, 80p.5, 84p.5, 137p.5, 142p.5, 281p.2-3, 365p.4, 375p.5; on congress, 3p.4, 25p.2, 172p.1, 215p.1, 236p.1, 250p.3-4, 292p.1, 295p.1, 325p.5, 341p.1, 373p.1, 377p.5; on constitution, 31p.2, 97p.5, 100p.4-5, 292p.4, 295p.9, 373p.1, 378p.1; on contracts, 12p.3-4, 97p.5, 104p.4, 197p.3, 199p.3, 272p.3, 301p.3,, 322p.4-5, 323p.4, 325p.3-5, 328p.4-5, 344p.3-4; on co-operation, 119p.4, 368p.1; on copyright, 103p.1, 118p.1, 128p.4, 164p.7, 173p.4, 174p.4-5, 175p.6, 176p.5-6, 176p.6-7, 177p.5, 177p.7-8, 178p.1, 178p.4-5, 178p.5-6, 180p.4, 181p.1, 182p.5-6, 182p.6, 183p.3-4, 191p.3, 238p.1, 282p.2, 366p.2-4, 369p.1, 398p.4-6, 400p.5; on corporations, 397p.19-20; on courts, 402p.4-5; on Cranky Notions, 368p.5; on credit, 1p.3, 10p.3, 178p.1, 193p.2-3, 290p.1; on crime, 129p.4, 207p.1, 209p.1, 295p.5, 297p.1, 315p.1, 329p.1, 355p.2-3, 359p.3, 381p.3; on criminal insanity, 9p.3, 10p.2, 19p.3, 24p.3, 383p.1; on crofters, 2p.1; on culture, 6p.2; on currency, 162p.1, 188p.3, 193p.3, 209p.1, 299p.1, 299p.3, 301p.3, 305p.2-3, 331p.5, 343p.1, 344p.1, 344p.4, 350p.4, 352p.1, 369p.4-5; on customs, 23p.4; on Czar of Russia, 4p.2, 7p.3; on debt, 5p.1, 156p.5, 188p.3, 317p.1; on defense, 118p.5, 280p.4, 298p.3, 323p.3-4, 325p.3-5, 335p.1, 395p.6-7, 396p.12-16; on definition, 283p.5, 284p.3; on democracy, 36p.1, 313p.1, 349p.1; on the Democrats, 3p.3, 27p.1, 31p.4, 55p.4, 138p.4, 239p.2, 240p.2-3, 241p.2, 242p.2, 243p.2-3, 245p.1, 246p.1, 246p.2-3, 247p.2-3, 254p.3, 300p.4, 344p.4-5, 396p.6-8; on dentists, 343p.5; on deportation, 394p.10-11; on despotism, 2p.2, 4p.2, 11p.3, 25p.2-3, 27p.2-3; on dishonesty, 240p.2-3, 367p.4, 374p.3, 381p.1, 383p.3; on divine right, 296p.5; on divorce, 181p.1, 310p.1, 324p.1, 391p.12-13; on doctors, 143p.1, 362p.1, 378p.1, 381p.3-4, 383p.1, 392p.7-8; on the draft, 204p.1; on duty, 27p.2-3, 262p.2, 270p.1; on Economic Con., 232p.3; on education, 1p.4, 12p.2, 70p.4, 113p.1, 163p.1, 232p.2-3, 284p.4, 287p.1, 340p.1, 368p.1, 376p.4; on egoism, 113p.5, 139p.4, 160p.1, 201p.3-4, 211p.3, 245p.1, 269p.2, 307p.1, 310p.2, 319p.4-5, 320p.4-5, 322p.4-5&8, 323p.3-4, 352p.5, 357p.1, 375p.2, 400p.5-6; on elections, 173p.1, 175p.1; on enthusiasm, 234p.1, 236p.3; on euthanasa. 386p.1; on evolution, 97p.5; on the fabians, 133p.1, 145p.1, 214p.1, 217p.1; on Fairfield mine disaster, 14p.3; on faith, 378p.1; on family, 370p.1; on force, 2p.2, 4p.1, 4p.2, 12p.2, 27p.2, 31p.2, 59p.5, 78p.1&8, 81p.4, 85p.1, 91p.1, 92p.5, 105p.4, 118p.5, 122p.4, 124p,4, 142p.4, 147p.1, 185p.2-3, 185p.4, 205p.2, 211p.3, 214p.2-3, 230p.2, 235p.2, 281p.3, 292p.4, 296p.4, 324p.4, 332p.3-5, 351p.4, 359p.3, 371p.6, 376p.1, 399p.6-8; on free love, 13p.3, 120p.4, 141p.4, 327p.1, 330p.1, 334p.4, 383p.4; on free trade, 10p.1, 17p.1, 118p.1, 158p.1, 196p.1, 214p.1, 316p.1, 329p.1, 367p.4-5; on freedom of assembly, 286p.5, 396p.11; on freedom of the press, 4p.2, 22p.1, 30p.1, 283p.4, 293p.1, 293p.4, 295p.5, 303p.1; on freedom of religion, 2p.2, 6p.2, 13p.4, 14p.2, 15p.2, 22p.2, 24p.2, 28p.2, 31p.2, 40p.3, 69p.1, 114p.4; on freedom of speech, 2p.1, 31p.2-3, 82p.5, 117p.4, 206p.3, 294p.4, 383p.3, 385p.1, 396p.11, 402p.6; on freethought, 40p.3, 67p.4-5, 386p.1; on gambling, 198p.1, 335p.5, 369p.5, 369p.5, 380p.1, 383p.4; on game laws, 301p.1, 306p.1; on God, 6p.2-3, 26p.1, 28p.2, 69p.1, 73p.4, 146p.1, 154p.1, 165p.1, 206p.2, 212p.1, 295p.9, 373p.4, 381p.1, 401p.2; on gold, 17p.1, 186p.2, 187p.2, 187p.3-4, 188p.3-4, 192p.1, 193p.3, 226p.2, 233p.1, 291p.1, 292p.4, 311p.1, 319p.1, 319p.34, 321p.4, 323p.1, 326p.1, 343p.1, 344p.1, 345p.5; on government, 1p.2, 4p.2, 5p.3-4, 7p.2, 7p.3, 10p.3, 12p.2, 15p.1, 15p.2, 17p.2-3, 18p.1, 19p.2, 20p.2, 20p.4, 21p.2, 24p.2-3, 27p.2-3, 29p.2, 31p.2, 32p.2, 53p.1, 65p.4, 111p.4, 117p.5, 118p.5, 146p.1, 151p.1, 152p.4, 154p.1, 156p.4, 164p.4, 168p.7, 171p.1, 183p.1, 187p.1, 187p.3-4, 200p.1, 206p.2, 218p.1, 219p.3, 233p.1, 288p.1, 294p.1, 294p.4, 295p.1, 296p.4-5, 308p.1, 312p.1, 329p.1, 328p.2, 329p.5. 330p.1, 333p.1, 372p.5-6, 376p.4, 385p.1, 394p.12, 395p.9-10; on greenback movement, 1p.2, 4p.2, 5p.1, 5p.2, 40p.1, 45p.4, 48p.4, 62p.1, 67p.4, 159p.4, 164p.1, 307p.1; on happiness, 332p.3-5, 333p.1; on Haymarket, 81p.4, 82p.5, 85p.1, 87p.1, 87p.4, 88p.1, 108p.1, 108p.4, 112p.4, 112p.5, 112p.8, 119p.1, 137p.4, 140p.1, 162p.6, 206p.3-4, 278p.2, 300p.1, 347p.3-5; on Health Board, 224p.1; on hinduism, 394p.6-7; on home rule, 20p.2; on immigration, 87p.1, 282p.2, 288p.3, 293p.1, 295p.4, 331p.5, 340p.5. 341p.1, 369p.1, 370p.1, 374p.1, 378p.1, 387p.1, 391p.7-9, 392p.6, 396p.17, 396p.20-21, 396p.23-24, 397p.11-12, 399p.9-10, 400p.3-4, 402p.29; on indians, 71p.1, 97p.5, 150p.1, 360p.1; on inheritance, 289p.4, 393p.8-9; on injunctions, 372p.6; on interest, 5p.2, 6p.3, 7p.3, 10p.3, 12p.1, 109p.4-5, 131p.4, 138p.4, 157p.6, 163p.4, 165p.5-6, 169p.4, 172p.6-7, 174p.1, 188p.3, 193p.3, 275p.3, 295p.1, 302p.2, 305p.4, 312p.4, 397p.14-15; on inter-state commerce act, 299p.5; on Ireland, 2p.1, 4p.2, 7p.1, 7p.2, 15p.2, 238p.1; on Irish landlordism, 1p.2, 2p.1, 7p.2, 11p.3, 15p.2, 19p.2, 23p.1, 23p.2-3, 29p.3-4; on Irish national convention, 11p.2; on Japanese, 12p.1, 396p.17; on Jews, 28p.1, 57p.1, 398p.82; on journalism, 60p.1, 61p.1, 69p.1, 112p.5, 164p.7, 177p.1, 195p.1, 198p.1, 291p.1, 293p.1, 293p.4, 294p.3-4, 296p.5, 307p.1, 324p.1, 329p.1, 343p.1, 347p.1, 361p.1, 392p.10-11; on justice, 24p.3-4, 87p.5, 169p.1, 170p.1, 283p.2, 344p.4, 393p.1-2; on labels, 263p.3; on labor, 4p.2, 5p.2, 6p.3, 14p.3, 15p.2, 16p.2, 18p.2, 20p.3, 25p.3, 26p.1, 26p.3, 29p.2-3, 29p.3, 37p.2, 39p.2, 39p.3, 48p.1, 51p.4, 64p.4, 67p.5, 71p.5, 76p.5, 77p.4, 81p.4, 97p.5, 100p.5, 103p.4, 109p.4-5, 123p.4, 145p.1, 158p.1, 159p.1, 160p.5, 196p.2-3, 210p.1, 219p.4, 220p.1, 222p.1, 225p.1, 230p.1, 230p.2, 230p.3, 234p.3, 245p.2, 281p.5, 282p.5, 286p.1, 291p.10, 292p.1, 297p.1, 302p.1, 302p.2, 303p.3, 304p.34, 305p.1, 337p.1, 349p.2, 368p.1, 372p.1, 375p.1, 384p.1, 397p.11-12; on land, 106p.1, 139p.4, 143p.4, 149p.1, 154p.5, 164p.1, 172p.1, 174p.1, 180p.4, 252p.3-4, 259p.2, 274p.3, 303p.2, 306p.1, 307p.3, 308p.3-4, 310p.4-5, 319p.4, 322p.1, 324p.4-5, 328p.1, 313p.4, 337p.4-5, 342p.4-5, 350p.4-5, 360p.1, 364p.1, 395p.14; on land reform, 15p.2; on law, 10p.2, 19p.1, 27p.2, 27p.3, 29p.3, 31p.1, 102p.4-5, 163p.1, 216p.1, 294p.1, 301p.1, 334p.1, 337p.1, 354p.3-4, 366p.4-5, 373p.1, 377p.1, 380p.1, 380p.3, 382p.3, 388p.1, 392p.11-13, 395p.7-9; on lawyers, 298p.1, 376p.1; on legislation, 5p.1, 12p.2, 22p.2, 31p.2, 223p.2, 334p.3, 345p. 1; on libel, 297p.4, 335p.1, 349p.1; on liberals, 28p.2, 166p.6, 392p.13-14; on liberty, 1p.2, 3p.2, 4p.1, 4p.2, 6p.1, 6p.2. 7p.1, 7p.2, 14p.4, 16p.2, 27p.2, 27p.3, 28p.2, 30p.2, 32p.2, 51p.4, 120p.2-3, 132p.5, 139p.4, 142p.4, 154p.1, 154p.4, 160p.5, 165p.1, 175p.1, 188p.1, 188p.3, 202p.1, 21lp.1, 224p.1, 292p.5, 294p.1, 301p.3, 332p.3-5, 335p.4, 338p.3-4, 340p.1, 340p.4-5, 341p.1, 371p.1, 394p.1-2; on libraries, 384p.1; on licensing, 220p.1, 287p.1, 323p.1, 331p.5, 374p.4; on logic, 266p.2-3, 375p.5, 377p.2-4, 378p.2; on lottery, 143p.1, 162p.1, 165p.1, 167p.7, 168p.1, 196p.1, 213p.1, 224p.1, 229p.1; on love, 315p.5; on majority rule, 29p.2, 170p.1, 345p.5, 349p.3; on Manchester economics, 89p.1; on marriage, 29p.1, 88p.4-5, 89p.1, 90p.4, 91p.8, 95p.1, 101p.5, 103p.1, 127p.1, 134p.5, 139p.5, 153p.1, 174p.1, 181p.1, 182p.1, 192p.1, 196p.1, 201p.1, 249p.2, 282p.7, 291p.7, 311p.1, 313p.1, 314p.1, 326p.1, 326p.4, 327p.1, 330p.1, 331p.4-5, 334p.4, 336p.1, 340p.1, 375p.1, 384p.4, 392p.3-4, 392p.11-13, 397p.13-14, 399p.11; on martyrs, 331p.1; on memorial day, 37p.2, 38p.2; on money, 10p.3, 10p.4, 15p.1, 37p.1, 41p.1, 41p.2-3, 45p.4, 48p.4, 49p.1, 55p.1, 56p.4-5, 69p.4, 78p.4, 80p.4, 82p.5, 93p.5, 94p.1, 96p.4, 98p.4, 99p.4-5, 104p.1, 109p.1, 123p.4-5, 138p.4, 142p.1, 151p.4, 153p.5, 155p.4, 157p.1, 173p.1, 177p.1, 184p.3, 186p.2, 187p.2, 188p.3-4, 237p.2-3, 239p.2, 240p.2-3, 275p.3, 279p.2-3, 280p.3-4, 294p.4, 296p.4-5, 303p.2-3, 306p.1, 307p.4, 309p.2-3, 311p.1, 313p.4-5, 314p.5, 321p.4, 349p.2, 368p.5-6, 402p.16; on monogamy, 15p.2, 308p.1, 337p.5; on monopoly, 1p.3, 5p.2, 5p.4, 7p.2, 10p.3, 11p.3, 14p.3, 21p.1, 34p.1, 39p.2, 50p.1, 96p.4, 109p.4-5, 120p.2, 132p.4, 143p.1, 155p.1, 221p.1, 236p.2-3, 248p.4, 282p.2, 285p.1, 290p.1, 295p.5, 318p.1, 366p.2-4, 368p.5-6; on Monroe Doctrine, 329p.2, 330p.4-5&8, 331p.1, 332p.1; on morality, 4p.1, 7p.2, 14p.3, 248p.3-4, 265p.1, 269p.2, 273p.2-3, 310p.2, 339p.4-5, 341p.4, 393p.7-8, 395p.10-11, 400p.5-6; on mormons, 14p.1, 15p.2, 16p.2, 40p.3; on murder, 7p.3, 11p.2, 186p.1, 374p.4; on nationalists, 156p.1, 157p.8, 158p.1, 160p.5-6, 161p.1, 164p.1, 168p.1, 169p.1, 181p.1, 209p.1; on nationalization, 8p.1, 12p.2, 95p.4, 154p.4, 155p.1, 292p.5, 303p.4; on natural law, 27p.2, 164p.7-8, 168p.1; on natural water rights, 11p.3; on navy, 381p.4; on negroes, 374p.6-7; on nihilism, 4p.2, 5p.1, 9p.1, 12p.1, 14p.1, 17p.2, 20p.1, 29p.2; on nudity, 206p.3; on obscenity, 21p.2, 22p.1, 24p.1, 25p.1, 157p.1, 158p.6, 224p.2-3, 317p.4; on order, 27p.2, 277p.3, 292p.5; on organization, 2p.2, 18p.2; on Panama, 379p.1, 380p.1, 380p.5, 382p.3; on parents, 235p.2, 320p.4-5, 328p.1; on Paris Commune, 15p.1, 222p.2-3; on passive resistance, 101p.4, 118p.5, 145p.1, 168p.7, 214p.2-3, 282p.4, 376p.4, 391p.6-7, 392p.8-9, 397p.42; on patents, 120p.3, 128p.4, 176p.6, 176p.6-7, 176p.7, 177p.5-6, 184p.1, 191p.3, 282p.2, 366p.2-4; on paternalism, 192p.1; on patriotism, 37p.1, 307p.1, 324p.5, 336p.1, 338p.4, 341p.1, 361p.1, 386p.1, 399p.5; on penal reform, 33p.2-3; on pensions, 194p.1; on persuasion, 21p.2; on philosophers, 16p.1, 16p.2; on poetry, 13p.2, 46p.1, 359p.4-5; on police, 291p.1, 291p.4-5, 295p.5, 305p.1, 319p.5, 326p.1, 331p.5, 376p.1, 387p.1, 388p.4, 390p.1, 397p. 1 7-18, 402p.6; on political economy, 287p.1; on politics, 7p.3, 27p.2-3, 30p.2, 49p.4, 136p.1, 145p.1, 166p.1, 170p.7, 171p.1, 174p.1, 185p.1, 204p.1, 213p.1, 218p.1, 246p.2-3, 247p.2-3, 249p.2. 251p.2, 289p.1, 300p.3-4, 334p.4, 336p.1, 344p.1, 345p.4-5, 348p.3-4, 356p.1, 380p.1, 386p.1, 390p.2; on polygamy, 15p.2, 40p.3, 382p.1; on populists, 290p.1, 351p.3; on post office, 24p.1, 36p.3, 59p.1, 72p.5, 93p.1, 100p.4, 102p.5, 105p.1, 105p.4, 107p.4, 125p.1, 140p.1, 151p.1, 173p.1, 183p.1, 193p.1, 196p.1, 200p.1, 226p.1, 244p.1, 250p.3, 255p.3, 273p.3, 282p.1, 284p.1, 288p.2, 293p.7, 302p.1, 303p.7, 309p.1, 325p.5, 333p.1, 348p.1, 361p.4, 372p.5-6, 381p.3, 382p.1, 383p.1, 388p.1, 392p.1-3, 397p.9-11, 397p.17-18, 401p.10; 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Unorthodox: Ltr to ed., 176p.3.

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Uspensky, G.: on taxes, 127p.7.


V.W.B.: on ambition, 4p.3.

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Verber, Pierre: on adultery, 282p.11.

Vereschagine: Rochefort on, 73p.8.

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A Tract for the Times.

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Warren, G.O.: as T.1. McCready
147p.1, 148p.5, 159p.1, 163p.1, 164p.1, 306p.1, 306p.7; on socialism, 148p.1; Tucker on, 149p.1, 150p.1, 161p.1. As G.O. Warren
286p.11, 347p.6; on money, 295p.9-10.

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Wash, Redbarn: See Shaw, G.B., pseudonym for.

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Washington, George: 5p.1, 20p.1, 68p.5, 70p.7, 89p.6, 119p.2, 147p.5, 158p.7, 162p.3, 170p.2, 187p.1, 209p.1, 225p.3, 226p.3, 330p.2.

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Waterford (Marquis): Tucker on, 4p.3, 54p.1.

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Watson, William: Poem, 386p.1.

Watt, James: 47p.1, 98p.7, 176p.7, 178p.4, 218p.1.

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Wayland, J.A.: 300p.8. See also Coming Nation.

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Webb, Beatrice: 104p.6; Tucker on, 168p.1.

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Weyler, Rudolph: 344p.4; on individualism, 100p.1; on Red Cross Fund, 18p.2; on respectability, 107p.6; Tucker on, 91p.1.

Wheelbarrow: See Trumbull, M.M., pseudonym for.

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Whistler, James O'Neill: 132p.4, 170p.1; G.B. Shaw on, 318p.2.

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White, Lillie D.: 272p.1; on free love, 185p.7; Tucker on, 263p.3; Yarros on, 254p.2-3, 260p.2-3. See also Lucifer, assoc. editor.

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The Poetry and Philosophy of Anarchy.

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Wickes, Thomas H.: Tucker on, 299p.1.

Wigand, Otto: 358p.2, 358p.3, 359p.1.

Wiggin, Willoughby: on poetry, 4p.3.

Wigraf (Miss): 88p.7.

Wilberforce: X on, 71p.4.

Wilcox, Ella Wheeler: 165p.2, 349p.1; on marriage, 128p.1.

Wilcox, M.W. (Dr.): 375p.1.

Wilde, Oscar: 16p.4, 183p.1, 184p.1, 302p.3, 311p.1, 312p.1, 318p.6, 361p.1, 363p.5, 399p.4, 400p.45; poem, 72p.1; anonymous on, 361p.4-5&8; Foote Jr. on, 317p.6; Mirbeau on, 317p.6-7; Tucker on, 15p.1, 51p.1, 181p.1, 311p.5, 315p.4-5, 317p.2-3, 317p.5, 360p.5. See also Ballad of Reading Gaol, Soul of Man Under Socialism.

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Willcox, D.P.: on Liberty, 14p.3.

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Williams, G.V.: 18p.2.

Willoughby, W.: Poem, 16p.4.

Wilmans, Helen: 89p.4; on post office, 374p.6.

Wilson, C.M.: 119p.1. See also Freedom (London).

Wilson, S.F.: 124p.1. See also FreeLance.

Wilson, William A.: 110p.1, 110p.5.

Wilson, Woodrow: 180p.2, 264p.4, 304p.1, 336p.6, 399p.50; on individualism, 399p.48; G. Macdonald on, 399p.48-49.

Wilvers, A.: 20p.2.

Wilvers, F.P. 20p.2.

Windholtz, T.C. (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

Wines, Frederick Howard: on crime, 129p.4; Tucker on, 129p.4.

Winspear, W.R.: 123p.1, 133p.4. See also Australian Radical.

Winston, Robert: Tucker on, 37p.1.

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Wise, J.B.: Advertiser's Guide on, 297p.6; Health Monthly on, 293p.6.

Withrow, J.1.: Tucker on, 4p.3.

Wolf, Pierre: on hypocrisy, 326p.5; on sex, 326p.5.

Wollstonecraft, Mary: 57p.1, 327p.1.

Wolzogen, Ernst von: on women, 390p.5-6. See also Das dritte Geschlecht.

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Woods (Judge): 315p.1, 316p.3; Tucker on, 303p.3.

Woolf, B.E.: 37p.2.

Wordsworth: 2p.3, 134p.1; poem, 134p.1.

Wormberger, L. (contributor to Stirner's grave): 233p.3.

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Wright, Elizur Hon.: 2p.1, 6p.1, 29p.1, 67p.4, 100p.1, 100p.4, 293p.6; Foote on, 71p.7; Spooner, 70p.4; Tucker on, 31p.1.

Wright, Walter C.: 18p.2, 25p.4, 101p.4, 102p.4, 103p.4.

Wright, William B.: 18p.2; on B., 18p.4.

Wry, May: on anarchy, 87p.5.

Wyzema, T. de: on Nietzsche, 239p.1.


X: on Parnell, 175p.7; Tucker on, 175p.1.

X.Y.Z.: on Wind Harp Songs, 332p.7-8.


Yanjoul, II: on journalism, 286p.10.

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York (Archbishop): on Egypt, 27p.3.

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Yount, J.W.: 20p.2.


Z.: on taxes, 289p.5.

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Zangwill, J.: 182p.1; Tucker on, 333p.4-5, 334p.4; Yarros on, 326p.2.

Zassulitch, Vera: 12p.1, 17p.2, 18p.2, 20p.1, 33p.1, 55p.7; on Red Cross of the Will of the People, 13p.1, 17p.1. See also Nihilism.

Zeitinger, C.J.: 295p.8, 295p.9; on the flag, 293p.8.

Zelm: 119p.1, 124p.1, 125p.1, 129p.4, 131p.1; on children, 127p.5, 132p.7; on love, 130p.7; on women, 119p.5, 125p.6-7; Tucker on, 133p.7-8, 134p.8; Victor on, 133p.7, 134p.7-8; Warren on, 127p.7, 130p.S. See also Holmes, Sarah - pseudonym for.

Zenker, E.V.: 402p.43; Tucker on, 359p.5; Yarros on, 359p.2-3.

Zeno (pseudonym): 141p.1, 150p.8; on Bakounine, 74p.4; Tucker on, 71p.1, 72p.5, 74p.4.

Zisly, Henri: 394p.24.

Zoal, A.: 22p.2.

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