Introduction to Mises-Hoiles correspondence

Grove City College (Grove City, PA) has most of Mises correspondence after he came to the States in 1940. The Mises Institute in Alabama has copies of the Moscow papers -- the Mises papers that were taken by the Nazis from his Vienna apartment in 1938 and miraculously rediscovered by Richard Ebeling many years later in Moscow. (My friend Bettina Greaves reminded me,You know there was a Batman cartoon segment done some years ago about Mises, the Nazi confiscation of his Vienna papers, and his plans for writing his magnum opus, HUMAN ACTION, in the U.S.) Mises' library, his books, are at Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan). The rights to Mises' books currently belong to Liberty Fund (Indianapolis, Indiana) which has been, and is, publishing new editions of all his work. Bettina is the editor. Their new edition of HUMAN ACTION is split into four volumes and boxed with Percy Greaves' glossary to HA, Mises Made Easier included in its Appendix.

The correspondence between the newspaper-mogul anarchist R.C. Hoiles and Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises is a fascinating exchange albeit not a long one due to a rather bristly conflict over ideas.

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