Index to Liberty Part One: Titles

Liberty Index: Part I--Titles


Abolition of the State: on church and state, 181p.2; on Proudhon, 173p.2, 174p.2, 175p.2, 176p.2, 177p.2-3, 178p.2, 180p.3, 183p.6-7; Tucker on, 254p.3. See also Englander, Dr. S.

Academy (London): on Looking Backward, 186p.1; Tucker on, 188p.1.

The Accused, the Accusors: 108p.5. See also Lum, Dyer D.

L'Action (French): on the Czar, 395p.46-47.

Adaptability to Environment: Tucker on, 305p.1. See also Gordak, William W.

Address to the Free Constitutionalist: 100p.5. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Adrian Weekly Press: on justice, 299p.5.

Adult, The (England): 356p.1. See also Legitimation League.

Advance (Chicago): on politics, 391p.16-17; on the state, 343p.5.

Advance (Detroit): Tucker on, 125p.1. See also Grenell, Judson (editor).

Advance (religious): on punishment, 390p.1.

Advance and Labor Leaf, The (formerly Labor Leaf): 94p.1, 104p.1, 108p.1, 111p.5, 133p.1; Tucker on, 113p.1, 120p.4-5. See also Burton, John R,; Labadie, Joseph; McGregor, John M. (editors).

Advertisers' Guide: on law, 297p.6.

Age (Clinton): on law, 205p.3. See also Thayer (editor).

Age (Melbourne): 88p.7; on law, 96p.7.

Age of Reason: 16p.2, 40p.1, "H" on, 69p.5. See also Paine, Thomas.

Age of Thought: 345p.1, 346p.1, 349p. 1, 350p.8, 352p.1, 352p.5; Tucker on, 343p.5, 353p.1. See also Fulton, F.H. (editor).

Agnosticisme: 262p.4. See also Roberty, E. de.

An Agnostic's Apology: 259p.4. See also Stephen, Leslie.

Agrarian Committee: 30p.1.

Alarm (Chicago, 1888 New York): 56p.5, 75p.8, 80p.5, 81p.4, 85p.1, 86p.4, 86p.7, 87p.1, 88p.1, 108p.6, 113p.1, 113p.4, 115p.1, 117p.1, 119p.1, 121 p.1, 122p.4, 122p.5, 125p.1, 127p.1, 130p.1, 131p.1, 134p.1, 135p.1, 140p.1, 142p.5, 143p.1, 145p.5, 156p.1, 160p.1, 160p.4, 163p.3, 177p.3, 267p.3, 295p.8, 347p.1, 353p.4; on communism, 119p.5; on Liberty, 56p.5, 60p.7, 117p.5; on property, 54p.1; on Tucker, 135p.7; Edgeworth on, 57p.5;Labadie on, 57p.8; Lum on, 88p.1; Tucker on 53p.1, 54p.4, 112 p.4, 116p.4, 124p.1, 130p.4-5, 138 p.1, 141p.1; Yarros on 116p.6-7. See also Parsons, A.R. and Lum, Dyer D. (editors).

Albany Press: on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.4.

Alexander Berkman Defence Association: Tucker on, 359p.8.

The Altruist: 338p.5; on communism, 316p.8. See also Longley, A. (editor).

Altruria: 398p.82; on extremism, 398p. 80-81.

An Amazing Marriage: 330p.1, 332p.1, 336p.5. See also Meredith, George.

American (Baltimore): 289p.5, 329p.5; on juries, 316p.5.

American Academy of Political and Social Science: 181p.3.

American Architect: 175p.3, 249p.3; Tucker on, 222p.1, 234p.1.

American Artisan, Tinner and House Furnisher: on the state, 236p.4.

American Cyclopaedia: on socialism, 216p.3.

American Economic Association: 152p.4; Tucker on, 175p.1; Yarros on, 305p.3-4.

American Federation of Labor: 185p.1, 196p.2, 304p.6, 308p.3, 309p.3, 323p.6, 326p.7, 328p.6, 348p.2, 391 p.4; anonymous on, 305p.5; C. on, 311p.4-5; Tucker on, 303p.4, 314p.3-4, 316p.5. See also Unions.

American Federationist: Tucker on, 390p.4-5. See also American Federation of Labor.

American Humane Education Society: 297p.5.

American Idea: 142p.1; on authority, 121p.1; J. Lloyd on, 125p.4; Tucker on, 121p.1, 123p.1. See also Leahy, M.D. and Allison, W.S. (editors).

American Journal of Eugenics (formerly Lucifer, the Light Bearer): 399p.4; Tucker on, 399p.6-8. See also Moses Harman.

American Journal of Politics: 283p.2, 298p.1; Tucker on, 299p.1.

American Journal of Sociology: 324p.1, 331p.2. See also Small, Albion W. (editor).

American Labor Budget: on Knights of Labor, 83p.7. See also Knights of Labor.

The American Lesson of the Free Trade Struggle in England: Edge worth on, 55p.5. See also Trumbull, General M.M.

"American Literature and the Philosophy of American Letters": Tucker on, 25p.1. See also Swinton, John.

American Missionary: on racism, 330p.7.

The American Musician: on unions, 168p.3.

The American Newspaper Directory: Advertisement, 342.

American Nonconformist: on the state, 62p.5.

American Railway Union: 291p.3, 292p.3, 294p.5, 294p.7.

American Secular Union: 83p.5, 91 p.5, 91p.7, 121p.4, 172p.1, 217p.1; Tucker on, 111p.4; E.C. Walker on, 210p.2.

American Society for Press Reform: Tucker on, 358p.1.

American Statesmen: 25p.1. See also Morse, Sidney H. (editor).

American Watch: Advertisement, 262, 264.

Anarchism: 387p.2, 394p.12. 394p.13, 396p.5, 403p.3; Tucker on, 402p.1-2. See also Eltzbacher, Paul.

Anarchism-A Concise Statement: Advertisement. 297-299, 301, 302.

Anarchism: A Criticism and History of the Anarchist Theory: 402p.43; Yarros on, 359p.2-3. See also Zenker. F.V.

L'Anarchisme aux Etats-Unis: on anarchy, 371p.6; Tucker on, 379p.1. See also Ghio, Paul.

"Anarchism: Its Aims and Methods": 113p.1, 115p.1, 148p.1, 267p.1, Advertisement, 114-I33, 135-139, 141-148, 150-153, 155-200, 204, 205, 219-222, 224-234, 235, 238-247, 249-253, 281-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351-352, 354-356, 360, 362; reprint, 113p.6-8. See also Yarros, Victor.

"Anarchism or Anarchy": Advertisement, 6, 7, 9-12, 15-23, 26-29, 31, 34-36, 38-41, 45, 46, 48, 53, 55, 57-76, 78, 83, 84. See also Tucker, Benjamin and Tillinghast, William.

Anarchist (Boston): 42p.1. See also Ganz.

Anarchist, The (London): 57p.1, 62p.8, 65p.4, 80p.4, 80p.8, 81p.4, 86p.4, 87p.1, 89p.5, 92p.1, 95p.1, 95p.5, 102p.1, 103p.1, 113p.1, 122p.5, 124p.1, 125p.1, 132p.1, 153p.7; on authority, 60p.7; on Liberty, 130p.7; on revenge, 67p.8; Tucker on, 60p.1, 82p.1; Yarros on, 90p.8. See also Seymour, Henry (Pub/editor).

The Anarchist: A Story of Today: Tucker on, 288p.1. See also Savage, R.H.

An Anarchist on Anarchy: 51p.1, 53p.1, 70p.5, 77p.1, 107p.1, 117p.7; advertisement, 47-61, 63, 66, 67, 70, 72, 74-78, 83, 84, 86, 87, 114, 121-124, 127-129. 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142. 145, 146, 148, 150, 155, 156, 162-176, 178-181, 183-189, 193-209, 213-217, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253. See also Reclus, Elisee.

Anarchist Stickers: 396p.25, 399p.5; Byington on, 381p.4, 382p.6-7, 384p.5; Tucker on. 392p.1-3, 395p. 1-2, 396p.4; advertisement, 381-390, 393, 396.

The Anarchists (Die Anarchisten): 178 p.3, 194p.1, 201p.1, 224p.1, 236p.2, 255p.2, 269p.4, 271p.2, 274p.3, 331 p.1, 355p.1, 358p.4, 382p.6, 402p.42, 402p.44; J. Lloyd on, 232p.34; N.Y. Morning Journal on, 208p.3-4, Mackay on, 281p.11; Reitzel on, 197p.1; G. Schumm on, 191p.2; Tucker on, 188p.1, 189p.1, 228p.1; advertisement, 203-209, 211-222, 224-234, 235-253, 281, 282-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351-352, 354-356, 360, 362, 365, 371, 375. See also Mackay, John Henry.

The Anarchists' Club: 110p.8, 112p.4, 112p8, 113p.1, 113p.6, 114p.1, 132p.1, 142p.1; A.H. Simpson on, 117p.7; Tucker on, 108p.1, 109p.1, 111p.1, 115p.1, 116p.1, 117p.1, 118p.1, 119p.1, 122p.1, 123p.1; Yarros on, 110p.5.

The Anarchists March: 208p.3; advertisement, 157-161, 172, 173, 179, 184-189, 191, 193-200, 204-218, 220, 222, 224, 227, 228, 283-287, 289-296. 300, 311, 314. 317-319, 328, 329, 331-337, 340--347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356, 358; reprint, 112p.7; Tucker on, 118p.1. See also Lloyd, John Wm.

"Are Anarchists Thugs?": 359p.1, 360p. 5. See also Tucker, Benjamin R.

Anarchy, A Journal of Order: 352p.3. See also Bellegarigue, A.

Anarchy in Cleveland: Tucker on, 379p.2-3.

"Anarchy is Order": 359p.1, 360p.5; reprint, 352p.3-4, 353p.2-3, 356p.3-4, 357p.2-3. See also Bellegarigue, A.

Anarchy or Government?: Salter on, 338p.6-8, 345p.6-8; Tucker on, 328p.1, 334p.1; Yarros on, 333p.2-3, 334p.2-3, 335p.2-3. 339p.2-4, 340 p.2-3, 341p.2-4. See also Salter, William M.

Analysis of Capitalistic Society: 376p.3. See also Loria, Achille.

Ancient Law: 18p.1, 153p.6; quoted, 214p.2, 345p,6. See also Maine, Henry.

Andover Theological Seminary: Spooner on, 20p.2-3.

Annual and Freethinkers' Almanac: Tucker on, 59p.1, See also Truth Seeker Co.

Anti-Corn-Law League: 1p.4, 55p.5, 137p.5, 288p.3. See also Cobden, Richard and Bright, John.

Anti-Interest League: 346p.7.

The Anti-Monopolist (Kansas): 130p.4; Tucker on, 114p.1.

Anti-Poverty Society: 106p.1, 108p.4, 109p.1, 110p.8, 111p.6, 119p.1.

Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers: 171p.1. See also Thoreau, Henry David.

Anti-Slavery Society: 80p.5. 94p.5.

Anti-Vaccination Society: 158p.7, 208p.1.

Anti-Wheat-Tax-League: 222p.2.

Anzeiger (New Haven, anarchist): 61p.1.

An Appeal to the Young: Advertisement, 75-87. 89-92. See also Kropotkin, Pierre.

Arbitrator (Spencerian, Subsequently the Individualist): 148p.4, 148p.5, on the Alarm, 145p.5; Tucker on, 134p.5, 138p.5, 142p.1, 149p.1.

Arbitrator Publishing Company: See Natural Rights, Natural Liberty Advertisement.

Arden (Greek): 92p.1, B on, 92p.8.

Arena (Boston): 161p.1, 164p.2, 165p.6, 169p.2, 184p.1, 186p.1, 190p.1, 196p.1, 255p.3, 267p.3, 270p.2, 281.p.1, 287p.10, 304p.2, 311p.4, 314p.6, 317p.2, 319p.3, 323p.6, 326p.7, 330p.6, 330p.7, 332p.5, 338p.5; its motto 154p.1; on anarchy, 253p.2. 330p.2-3; on the constitution, 209p.1, on government, 270p.3; on law, 169p.1; on nationalism, 184p.5; L. Harman on, 306p.2; M'Craith on, 316p.7; Tucker on, 205p.1, 228p.1, 314p.3-4, 316p.5. See also Flower, B.O. (editor).

Argonaut (San Francisco,): 164p.1, 209p.2; on bribery, 165p.1; on capitalism, 164p.2.

Der Arme Teufel (The Poor Devil): 79p.1. 115p.4. 142p.5, 148p.4, 166p.4, 200p.2, 237p.3, 292p.6, 353p.4; on Boope, 197p.1; on Liberty, 289p,7; on Pentecost, 179p.3; on Stirner, 234p.3-4; on Woodhull, 143p.1; Tucker on, 141p.4. See, also Reitzel, Robert (editor).

Arms and the Man: 296p.1, 337p.1, 403p.37; Tucker on, 297p.1. See also Shaw, George Bernard.

Art and Socialism: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Morris, William.

Association for the Advancement of Women: Tucker on, 170p.7.

Association Internationale: See International Working People's Assoc.

Association of Moralists: Tucker on, 14p.2.

Atlantic Monthly: 11p.4, 25p.1, 286p.1, 341p.1, 354p.2, 373p.4; on Fourier, 131p.4.

L'Attaque (communist-anarchist, French): 165p.7.

"Attitude of Anarchism Toward Industrial Combinations": 369p.1, advertisement, 370-387; reprint, 366p.2-4; Tucker on, 367p.2, 368p.2. See also Tucker, Benjamin.

L'Audace (formerly Terre et Liberte, French, anarchist): Tucker on, 60p.4.

The Auditor: 191p.1, 199p.4, 291p.8; Galveston News on, 196p.3. See also Westrup, Alfred.

Augsburger Allegemeine Zeitung (German): on Whitman, 226p.3-4.

Auroras: Thoughts on Moral Prejudices: 248p.1. See also Nietzsche.

L'Aurore (French): 367p.5, 398p.9; on assassination, 376p.6. on Business is Business, 373p.5-6; on class distinction, 387p.6; on Crepon, 364p.4-5; on education, 379p.3-6; on God, 386p.7; on Ibsen, 400p.2; on kissing, 384p.7; on negroes, 374p.6-7; on Picquart, 359p.6-7; on politicians, 360p.8; on pornography, 368p.6; on socialism. 400p.45-49; on society, 359p.7. See also Clemenceau, G.

Australian Radical: 127p.1; Tucker on, 123p.1, 133p.4, 154p.1. See also Winspear, W.R. (editor).

Australian Secular Association: 88p.7.

Australian Socialist League: 133p.4.

Autobiography: 147p.7. See also Mill, John S.

Autobiography: Spencer on, 383p.2; S.R. on, 383p.2. See also Spencer, Herbert.

Autobiography, Memories and Experiences: 391p.49; on Modern Times, 386p.5-6. See also Conway, Monclure D.

Autonomie Club: N.Y. Sun on, 282p.6-7.

Avant-Courier (Portland, socialist): Tucker on, 86p.1.


Balance: Tucker on, 386p.4.

Ballad of Reading GaoI: 363p.5; advertisement, 361-362, 364, 365, 367-369, 371, 373, 374, 376, 384; anonymous on, 361p.4-5&8, G.E.MacDonald on, 361p.5; H. Traubel on., 361p.4; Tucker on, 360p.5, 361p.1. See also Wilde, Oscar; Prison.

"The Ballot": 328p.1, 396p.8; advertisement, 317-319, 321, 323-326, 327-329, 331-333, 336-339, 343-346, 349, 354, 356, 359-360, 362, 364-365, 367-369, 371, 373-377. See also Gordak, William W.

Baltimore Association of Schoolboys, Knights of Labor: 81p.5.

Baltimore Herald: 289p.5; on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.4.

Bank of England: 93p.7; Badcock on, 343p.6.

Bank of the People: 41p.3, 51p.8, 53p.5, 57p.5, 63p.1, 65p.7, 69p.1, 92p.4, 94p.1. l24p.4, 159p.4, 176p.2, 178 p.2, 189p.3,193p.3, 269p.1, 282p.4, 313p.3, 334p.6; on liberty, 126p.7; Tucker on, 99p.5, 122p.4, 28lp.5, 313p.4. See also Banking and Proudhon.

Bank of France: 65p.7; Basis on, 10p.3.

Bankers' Monthly: on banking, 113p.5.

"The Bankruptcy of India": Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Hyndman, H.M.

Banner of Light (publishing house): 176 p.1; Tucker on, 14p.1. See also Rich, Isaac B.

The Basis of Social Relations: Tucker on, 369p.1. See also Brinton, Daniel

Bataille (Paris): on vaccination, 172p.3.

Beacon (San Diego): 153p.6, 158p.1, 159p.1, 160p.1, 163p.1, 181p.6; L.M.H. on, 163p.3; Tucker on, 149p.1, 160p.1. See also Danielwicz, Sigismund.

Beast of Property: 115p.1, 117p.7. See also Most, Johann.

Beaumont Journal: on philanthropy, 364p.6.

"The Beauties of Government" (Liberty column): 295p.9, 295p.10, 331p.4, 331p.6; column, 291p.6-7, 292p.6-7, 293p.6-7, 294p.6-7, 295p.6-7, 296p.6, 297p.6, 298p.4-5, 299p.4-5, 300p.6-7 301p.6-7, 302p.6-7, 303p.6-7, 304p.6-7, 305p.6-7; Tucker on, 304p.1, 307p.1. See also Government, State.

Our Benevolent Feudalism: Bailie on, 368p.4-5. See also Ghent, W.J.

"Benjamin R. Tucker": Advertisement, 279. See also Schumm, George.

Benjamin T. Tucker's Unique Book Shop: Tucker on, 393p.9-10, 394p. 1-2, 399p.13.

Benjamin R. Tucker's Unique Catalogue of Advanced Literature: S.R. on, 395p.44; Tucker on, 395p.44-46, 399p.1-2.

Berliner Tageblatt: on German socialism, 395p.47-51.

Bible: 3p.2, 13p.1, 17p.3, 21p.2, 26p.1, 31p.3. 42p.8, 51p.5, 165p.2, 194p.3; Advertiser's Guide on, 297p.6; A.E.G. on, 26p.1; Byington on, 289p.6, 398p.34-47, 399p.35-40; L. Harman on, 306p.4-5; J. Kimball on, 114p. 1, 6-7; G. Macdonald on, 402p.20-21; S. Palmer on, 7p.3; Puck on, 326p.7-8; Rochefort on, 73p.8; Tucker on, 28p.1, 320p.1, 368p.1; W.W.C. on, 328p.6. See also Biblical characters.

The Bible of Amiens: on the Virgin Mary, 8p. 1. See also Ruskin, John.

Bibliographie de I'Anarchie: Tucker on, 353p.3-4. See also Nett lau, Max.

Bimentalism: A Tract for the Times: F. Walker on, 287p.11. See also Walker, Francis A.

Bimetallist (London): Tucker on, 319p.1.

Birmingham Post: on F. Charles, 225p.3-4.

Black and White: on hunting, 206p.3.

Blackie's Modern Cyclopaedia: on socialism, 216p.3.

Blazing Star: on liberty, 66p.5. See also Greene, William (Col).

"A Blow at Trial by Jury": 359p.1; advertisement, 359, 360, 362, 364. 365, 367-369, 371, 374, 376, 379, 382-390; reprint, 354p.3-4, 355p.2-5. See also Tucker, Benjamin R.

Blue Grass Blade: 295p.9; on blasphemy, 292p.7. See also Moore, C.C.

Bombs: The Poetry and Philosophy of Anarchy: 302p.1, 318p.11, 319p.6, 320p.7; advertisement, 292, 294, 295, 299-301, 303-309, 311-314, 316-321, 323, 324, 326, 327, 329, 331-337, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356. See also Whittick, William A.

Book of Ego: on capitalism, 97p.1.

Book Reviews: on The Coming individualism, 336p.5.

Boston Advertiser (Republican newspaper): 35p.1, 52p.1; on censorship, 165p.3; on immigration, 294p.6; on Kropotkin, 35p.4; on laborers, 46p.1; on majority rule, 70p.4; Tucker on, 3p.3, 7p.3, 22p.2-3, 29p.1, 33p.2, 293p.4. See also What's to be Done advertisement.

Boston Courier: 372p.6; Byington on, 374p.2-3. See also What's to be Done advertisement.

Boston Daily Globe: on government, 5p.1; Tucker on, 5p.1.

Boston Daily Journal: on fraud, 293p.6.

Boston Free Trade League: 330p.4, 330p.8.

Boston Globe: on anarchy, 166p.1; on D.G. Biggs, 110p.8; on boycott, 211p.1; on censorship, 165p.2, 165 p.3; on Congress, 281p.7; on courts, 298p.4; on free enterprise, 286p.5; on Geneva Convention, 23p.4; on government, 187p.1; on Guiteau, 24p.1; on Haymarket, 146p.7-8; on labor, 62p.1; on law. 28p.3-4, 30p.4, 293p.7; on legislation, 282p.6; on liberty, 338p.5; on Liberty, 3p.4; on Lincoln, 338p.4-5; on over-production, 39p.4; on poverty, 31p.3; on Spencer, 167p.4; on taxation, 25p.3; on wealth, 307p.5; Tucker on, 14p.1, 20p.1, 21p,l, 69p.1, 111p.1, 140p.1.

Boston Herald: on American Statesmen, 25p.1; on anarchy,. 208p.2, 325p.8; on authority, 213p.2; banking, 205p.1; on bribery, 40p.1; on church, 203p.3; on congress, 166p.7; on customs, 208p.3; on gambling, 313p.2; on Government, 54p.4, 373p.4-5; on labor, 76p.5, 77p.5, 78p.5, 95p.7, 196p.2, 196p.3; on Liberty, 3p.4; on liquor dealers, 205p.3; on money, l79p.6-7, 211p.1; on peddling, 204 p.3; on postal service, 174p.3; on state socialism, 172p.3; H on, 73p.5, 74p.5; K on, 54p.4; Tucker on, 1p.2, 4p.2, 12p.1, 35p.1, 45p.1, 51p.1, 66p.1, 70p.4, 136p.1, 180p.1. 188p. 1, 198p.1, 202p.1, 203p.1, 385p.1; E.C. Walker, 208p.2; Yarros on, 207p.2-3.

Boston Journal: 39p.4, 42p.8, 114p.3; on Debs, 316p.3; Tucker on, 7p.3.

Boston Knight: Tucker on, 86p.1. See also Knights of Labor.

Boston Liberal Club: 40p.4.

Boston Political Class: Tucker on, 146p.4.

Boston Post: on anarchy, 150p.6; on justice, 167p.3; on Liberty, 3p.4; on prohibition, 170p.3, 290p.4; on war, 166p.6.

Boston Republic: on imperialism, 208p.2.

Boston Secular Society: 155p.3.

Boston Sunday Globe: on money, 173p.6.

Bread Pills: A Studv of Mind-Cure: Advertisement, 69p.8. See also Barrows, C. M.

Brickbuilder: 326p.5; on government, 324p.6-7.

British and Continental Federation for the Abolition of State Regulation of Vice: 25p.1.

British Association for the Advancement of Science: 15p.1, 171p.3, 173p.6., 327p.2.

The British Barbarians: 327p.1. See also Allen, Grant.

British Secular Union: 2p.1. See also Freethought.

Broad-Cast: 389p.7. See also Crosby, Ernest H.

Brook Farm: 289p.3.

Brooklyn Citizen: 383p.4; on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361 p.5.

Brotherhood (London): 290p.1; on Free Currency Propaganda,286p.11.

Budoucnost (Bohemian, anarchist): 53p.1, 81p.4; Tucker on, 43p.1.

Buffalo Express: on Kreutzer Sonata, 165p.2.

Bulletin of the Social Labor Movement: 28p.1. See also Van Patten (editor)

Burlington Hawkeye: on post office, 293p.7.

Business: on post office, 285p.4.

Business is Business (a play): Arene on, 373p.6; Martel on, 373p.5-6; Mendes on, 373p.6. See also Mirbeau, Octave.

The Business of Life Insurance: on insurance, 391p.34-35. See also Dawson.


C.A. Ira, or Danton in the French Revolution: 113p.1, 113p.5, 157p.1, 167p.1, 293p.9; on liberty, 131p.4. See also Gronlund, Laurence.

Caesarism and History: Tucker on, 27p.1. See also Proudhon, Pierre.

Call (Philadelphia): on Ballad of Reading Goal, 361p.5.

Canadian Labor Reformer: 110p.1, 111p.7; on socialism, 122p.6.

Capital: 35p.2, 92p.4, 120p.1, I26p.6, 128p.2, 143p.5, 163p.6, 261p.3; advertisement, 75-87, 89-92, 93-105, 106-111, 113, 115-122. See also, Kapital, Das and Marx, Karl.

Capital and Interest: 282p.11. See also Bohm Bawerk.

Capital and Labor: on Bastiat's Fable, 6p.4. See also Blanqui, Auguste.

Captain Roland's Purse: Advertisement, 6, 7, 9-23, 26-29, 31, 34-39, 45, 48, 53, 55-58, 60-76, 78, 83, 84, 114, 121-124, 127-129, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 155, 183-189, 193-206, 208, 209, 213-217, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253, 283-285, 294-297, 300, 303-309, 311, 312, 314, 317-321, 323-326, 328, 329, 331-337, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356. See also Ruskin, John.

Carlotta Cortina: Advertisement, 395, 400. See also Bosque, Francis du.

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Le Drapeau Noir (French, anarchist): 43p.1.

Le Drapeau Rouge (French, anarchist): 62p.5.

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Les Droits de I'Homme: on dishonesty, 360p.7; on truth, 362p.S.

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Dundee Home Advocate: on post office, 292p.7.

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience: 385 p.1, 402p.1; advertisement, 373, 375, 376, 378, 384-389. See also Thoreau.

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Early History of Institutions: on women, 95p.8. See also Maine, Sir Henry.

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Sur I'Eau: on war, 136p.7. See also Maupassant, Guy de.

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Economic Mortality: 134p.6. See also Molinari, Gustave de.

Economic Mutual Admiration Society: 176p.3.

Economic Sophisms: on Government, 123p.7. See also Bastiat.

Economics: 49p.1, 77p.8. See also Macleod, Dunning and Falla cies of Progress and Poverty, advertisement.

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The Economics of Anarchy: 267p.3. See also Lum, Dyer D.

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Educational Review: Tucker on, 357p.1.

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The Effects of Consumption of Wealth on Distribution: 261p.4. See also Smart, William.

The Efficacy of Prayer: Tucker on, 40p.4.

The Ego and His Own: See Der Einzige und Sein Eigenthum.

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Emancipator (S.F.): Tucker on, 21 p.1.

Emergency Currency: 329p.5. See also Warner, John de Witt.

Emerson's Essays: 263p.2.

L'Emeute (French, anarchist): 43p.1.

The Emotions and the Will: on egoism 99p.7. See also Bain.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: 5p.1, 29p.1, 35p.4, 48p.4, 164p.2, 180p.2, 330p.7; on Malthus, 84p.7; on money, 128p.7; on social ism, 216p.3; Newcastle Chronicle on, 360p.6-7.

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Engineering Magazine: 331p.5, 336p.4, 343p.5, 345p.4; on licens ing, 244p.1. See also Dunlap (editor).

England in the Sixteenth Century: on journalism, 291p.8-9. See also Lecky.

English Exchange: on rent, 64p.1.

English Land Restoration League: 307p.2.

English National Association for the Defence of Personal Rights: 163p.4. See also Personal Rights Journal.

English Personal Rights Association: 114p.1.

English Society of Friends of Russian Freedom: 159p.3.

English Tyranny and Irish Suffering: 20p.2, 21p.2, 22p.2, 24p.2, 25p.2; advertisement, 20-33. See also Meriwether, Avery.

Enquirer (Cincinnati, Owenite): 17p.4, 295p.1.

Equal Rights Debating Club: 68p.1, 69p.4, 69p.7, 72p.1, 73p.8, 78p.8, 79p.5, 79p.8, 80p.8.

Equitable Commerce: 114p.2, 115p.2, 116p.3, 122p.6, 274p.1, 391p.46. See also Warren, Josiah.

Equity: 89p.4, 91 p.5; Tucker on, 84p.4. See also Replogle, Henry and Replogle, Georgia (publishers).

Equity Publishing Company: 158p.1, 168p.1.

L'Ere Nouvelle: 394p.25, 400p.2.

L'Espagne lnquisitoriale: Tucker on, 382p.3. See also Loizel, Charles (editor).

Esquisse des Progres de L'Espirit Humain: 82p.8, 84p.7, 281p.10. See also Condorcet.

Essays in Socialism: on property, 261p.1. See also Shaw, George Bernard.

Essays on Death on Funerals: Tucker on, 37p.1, 42p.1. See also Henry, J.

Essex Statesman: on tariff, 45p.8.

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The Ethics of Social Life: Justice: See Principles of Ethics.

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Evolution of Christianity: Yarros on, 243p.3. See also Abbott, Lyman.

Evolution of Society: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Besant, Annie.

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Expropriation: See Words of a Rebel.


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Financial Reformer (London): on taxes, 292p.7.

"Our Financiers: Their Ignorance, Usurpations, and Frauds"
100p.5. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

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45p.1, 114p.2, 122p.6. See also Fowler, C.T.

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Free Trader (Memphis): on liberty, 15p.4.

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Freeland Colony: Advertisement, 387.

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Freethinker (London): 34p.1, 35p.3, 62p.5, 164p.1, 185p.7, 187p.6, 254 p.3, 330p.1; on atheism, 64p.8; on A. Besant, 200p.34. See also Foote, G.W. (editor).

Freethinkers' Association: 2p.1, 68p.5, 77p.4.

Freethinkers Catechism: 389p.7. See also Monteil, Edgar.

Freethinkers' Magazine: 84p.1, 105p.4, 114p.1, 134p.5, 171p.1, 181p.1, 183p.4; advertisement, 59-72; poem, 84p.1; Tucker on, 92p.5. See also Green, H.1. and Wakeman, T.B. (editors).

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The Free Thought Publishing Company, 39p.3, 178p.2.

Freethought University: 121p.1.

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Freidenker Almanach (Milwaukee): 140 p.4.

Freie Arbeiter Stimme: on Jews, 398 p.87-88.

Freie Buhne: on egoism, 284p.6-7.

Freie Menschen in der Liebe und Ehe: E.H.S. on, 311p.6-7. See also Ruedebusch, Emil F.

Freiheit: 382p.1. See also Otten, Johann.

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French Academy: Tucker on, 394p.5.

French and German Socialism in Modern Times: 69p.1; Tucker on, 41p.2-3, 112p.4. See also Ely, Richard.

Die Frohliche Wissenschaft: 286p.9
on humanity, 339p.5; on intellectuals, 337p.8. See also Neitzsche.

From Pandemonium to Elysium: Advertisement, 121, 123-125. See also Thierry, James.

The Fruits of Culture: 175p.1, 176p.1; advertisement, 175, 178-181, 183-186, 188, 212. See also Tolstoi, Leo.

Funk and Wagnalls: on copyright, 164 p.2; Tucker on, 353p.5.


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Gazette de Lausanne: on taxes, 281p.6.

General Clearance House Association: Westrup on, 291p.8.

General Idea of the Revolution of the 19th Century: 41p.2, 63p.1, 89p.5, 92p.4, 95p.7, 95p.8, 110p.4, 116p.1, 147p.4, 153p.1, 186p.1, 269p.1, 391p.45; on egoism, 105p.5; on government, 171p.6. See also Proudhon, Pierre.

Geographic Universelle: 29p.1, 34p.1, 35p.4, 45p.2. See also Reclus, Elisee.

Georgian (Atlanta): on free speech, 396 p.57-58; on tariff, 395p.55.

Germinal: 69p.1, 125p.5, 182p.7, 182 p.8, 257p.3, 273p.1; Severine on, 247p.1&3; Tucker on, 125p.1; Zola on, 70p.1&8. See also Zola, Emil.

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Gil Bias: on elections, 156p.6; on journalism, 400p.43-44; on psychology, 400p.50; on Wagner, 242p.3-4; on war, 402p.48.

Le Glaneur Anarchiste (French, anarchist): Tucker on, 59p.1.

God and the State: See Dieu et L'Etat.

"God's Views on Marriage As Revealed in the Old Testament": 11p.1. See also Besant, Annie.

"Gold and Silver as Standards of Value": 1OOp.5. See also Spoon er, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Golden Rule (Cincinnati): on Parnell, 208p.2-3.

Golden Throne: 26p,2, 39p.1. See also Putnam, Samuel.

The Good Grey Poet: 39p.1, 147p.1, 150p.5, 220p.3. See also O'Connor, William Douglas.

A Good Word for the Devil: 45p.1; advertisement, 7, 12-21, 28; bible parody, 7p.3. See also Palmer, Simeon.

The Gothic Minister, A Poem: 229p.1; Daniell on, 228p.3-4; poem excerpts, 228p.3. See also Koopman, Harry L.

Government Analyzed: 248p.1, 270p.2; Yarros on, 248p.2-3, 252p.2-3, 254 p.2-3, See also Kelso, John R.

"Government: An Inquiry into the Nature and Functions of the State"
on government, 350p.8. See also Crosby, John.

Graphic (N.Y.): 19p.3; on Darwin, 31 p.4; on war, 26p.1; Tucker on, 69p.1.

Grand'Mere: Antoine on, 185p.6.

The Great Strike: Advertisement, 6, 7, 12, 16, 19-23, 26, 31, 34-39, 48, 53-58.

Grip (Toronto): on labor, 261p.3; on the military, 222p.4.

Gripsack: Tucker on, 130p.1. See also Reynolds, W. Kilby (editor).

The Guilded Age: on Sunday school, 13p.2.


Hammer (organ of Metal Workers' Union): on communism, 128p.5.

Hand-Book of Health Hints and Ready Recipes: 14p.1. See also Foote, E.B., Jr.

Hannele: N.Y. Sun on, 287p.6; N.Y. Herald on, 287p.6-7, See also Hauptmann.

"Hans Glouck vs. William McKinley": Tucker on, 345p.1.

Hard Cash: Advertisement, 6p.4. See also Heywood, Ezra H.

Harman Defence Fund: 168p.1.

Harper's Weekly: on police, 292p.2.

Hartford Examiner: on labor, 60p.4.

Hartford Times: on Liberty, 3p.4.

Harvard College: 142p.1; anonymous on, 37p.4; B. on, 11 p.4, 14p.4.

Health Monthly: 14p.1, 130p.7, 157p.3; on obscenity, 293p.6; on vaccination, 288p.5. See also Foote, E.B.

Health without Drugs: on contests, 398 p.73-74.

Hebrew Leader: on Mormons, 40p.3.

Helicon Hall: 398p.87; G. Macdonald on, 397p.44-46.

"Henry George, Traitor": 348p.1, 349 p.4; advertisement, 348-350, 352-356; Tucker on, 356p.1. See also Tucker, Benjamin.

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Here's Luck to Lora, and Other Poems: Advertisement, 399; Bying ton, 399p.12-23; poetry excerpt, 399p.13-22; Tucker on, 396p.8-10, See also Gordak, William.

Heroes of the Revolution of '71: Advertisement, 125, 127, 128, 130, 132-144, 147, 148, 151, 153, 155, 156, 160, 170, 175, 176, 178, 179, 184, 185, 194, 196, 198, 200, 201, 218, 283-285, 295-302, 308, 309, 311, 314, 317-321, 323, 324, 326, 327, 333-337, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356.

The Historical Basis of Socialism: Advertisement, 75-87, 89-92. See also Hyndman, H.M.

History and Philosophy of the Eight-Hour Movement: 154p.5. See also Danryid, Lemuel.

History and Theory of Money: 266p.4. See also Sherwood, Sidney.

History of Civilization: 148p.5, 169p.5. See also Buckle, Henry.

History of the Free Trade Struggle in England: 288p.3. See also Trumbull, Gen.

History of the Rise and Fall of Rationalism: on public opinion, 157p.4. See also Lecky.

History of the Trial of the Anarchists: 267p.3. See also Lum, Dyer D.

The Holy Bible Abridged: E.C. Walker on, 31p.3.

Home Colonization Society: 391 p.50.

Homecraft and National Club Woman Review: on vice. 384p.6-7.

Home Journal (N.Y.): on dynamite 36p.3-4.

Honesty (Melbourne, Australia): 107p.1 113p.1, 119p.1, 122p.5,123p.1 133p.4, 148p.5; advertisement, 101-104, 106-111, 113-121,123-152, 155: on freedom, 132p.1; on passive resistance, 117p.5; Tucker on 99p.1, 1OOp.I. See also Andrade David.

Hospital (London): 284p.1; on anarchy, 284p.3; Herbert on, 286p.10.

Humboldt Publishing Co.: 219p.1, 291 p.5; Tucker on, 222p.1.


I: 362p.1, 363p.1; Swartz on, 360p.8; Tucker on, 359p.1, 362p.4-5. See also Swartz, C.1.

Icaria Community: 43p.1, 93p.4.

Iconoclasts, a Book of Dramatists: 389p.7; C.1.S. on, 390p.4-5. See also Huncker, James.

Ideo-Kleptomania: The Case of Henry George
158p.6; advertise ment, 162, 165-168, 174-176, 178, 179. See also Sullivan, J.W.

The Ideophonic Texts: Advertisement, 366-385.

Idyls Of the King: See Subscription Premiums.

"Illegality of the Trial of J.W. Webster": 100p.5, 117p.5, 288p.2; advertisement, 282, 283, 286-293, 296-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 362.See also Spooner, Lysander, and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Illegitimate Children: Donisthorpe on, 286p.8-9. See also Fisher.

Illustrated American: on B. Potter, 168p.1.

Illustrated Graphic News: 125p.1. also Underwood, B.F. (editor).

Immigration: on immigration, 39p.41. See also Hill, Prescott F.

"The Impossibility of Anarchism": 345p.3; J.B. Robinson on, 296p.3. See also Shaw, George Bernard.

Independent (Nebraska): The Public on, 373p.6-7.

Independent (Rockland, Mass.): 328p.2; on anarchy, 305p.5, 308p.8; on inheritance, 397p.14-15. See also Loud, H.B. (editor).

Independent Theatre: 185p.1, 290p.6; N.Y. Nation on, 182p.3.

Index (formerly Free Religious Index): 13p.4, 25p.2, 26p.2, 44p.1, 51p.1, 52p.7, 54p.1, 62p.4, 64p.5, 66p.5, 76p.1, 83p.1, 89p.5, 94p.1, 108p.1; on anarchy, 63p.5; on Bakounine, 40p.1; on voluntarism, 66p.1; B.B. on, 51p.4-5; Tucker on, 10p.1, 14p.1, 14p.2, 18p.1, 59p.5, 90p.1, 92p.5. See also Underwood, B.F. (editor).

Indianapolis Journal: on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.4.

Indianapolis News: on tariff, 287p.9.

Indianapolis Star: on anarchists, 395p.37.

Indianapolis Sun: on Liberty, 3p.4.

Individualism: A System of Politics: 153p.6, 164p.1, 170p.4; Donisthorpe on, 153p.6-7. See also Donisthorpe, Wordsworth.

Individualist (Russian): Viconte on, 402 p.44.

Individualist (formerly Denver Arbitrator) (Denver): 149p.1, 151p.1, 152 p.1, 153p.4, 153p.6, 155p.6, 156p.1, 158p.1, 163p.1, 164p.1, 166p.5, 166p.6, 188p.4, 191p.1, 191p.2; on anti-vaccina tion, 376p.6; on free love, 167p.7; on Looking Backward, 152p.6
poem, 375p.1; Tucker on, 152p.6, 161p.1, 164p.7, 166p.1; Yarros on, 150p.4, 161p.4. See also Stuart, Frank Q. (editor).

Individualist Anarchism: 402p.43. See also Viconte, 0.

Individualist Club (London): 344p.1.

Individualist Club: 122p.7.

The Infidel Pulpit (subsequently This World): 2p.3, 13p.1. See also Chainey (editor).

Inquiry: 391p.4. See also Thompson, William.

Inquiry Concerning the Social Question: Mirbeau on, 350p.2-4.

Inquiry into Socialism: on socialism, 147p.4. See also Kirkup, T.

Instead of a Book: 237p.1, 238p.2. 239 p.2, 239p.3, 240p.2, 241p.2, 243p.2, 244p.2, 247p.2, 248p.2, 249p.2, 250p.2, 251 p.2. 252p.2, 253p.2, 254p.2, 255p.2, 256p.2, 257p.2, 259p.3, 261p.3, 262p.3, 264p.2, 264p.4, 266p.3, 267p.1, 267p.3, 268p.3, 270p.1. 270p.2, 272p.2, 281p.4, 289p.3, 304p.3, 320p.1, 320p.4, 325p.6, 329p.2, 329p.8, 332p.6, 333p.2, 341p.1, 344p.1, 347p.6, 350 p.1, 355p.1, 359p.1, 359p.3, 368p.6, 370p.3, 381p.2, 382p.6, 394p.13, 402p.41, 403p.3; advertisement, 263-277, 281-287, 289-293, 295-305, 309, 311-314, 316-327, 329, 331-340, 343-348, 355-356, 359, 360, 362, 364, 365, 367-369, 373, 374, 376, 378, 387-390; on children, 320p.7; on land, 274p.2-3
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"Insufficiency of Henry George's Theory": 104p.4. See also Gronlund, Laurence.

L'Insurrezione (Italian): 3p.1. See also Malatesta, Enrico.

International Address: Advertisement, 6, 7, 12, 15-17, 20-22, 26, 27, 29, 31-36, 39-41, 45, 46, 48, 49, 52-55, 67-78, 83, 98, 102, 104, 107, 109, 110, 111, 114, 121-124, 127-129, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 155, 156, 162-176, 178-181, 183-189, 193-206, 208, 209, 213-217. See also Greene, William B.

International Art Printer: 344p.1, 346 p.1; on printing, 344p.7.

International Journal of Ethics: 331p.1; on labor. 219p.4.

International Publishing Company of London: 89p.1, 92p.1. See also Seymour, Henry.

International Working-People Association: on women, 21p.4; Buch mann on, 80p.8; N.Y. Sun, 81p.8; Reclus on, 16p.3; Le Revolte on, 1p.4, 2p.4; Tucker on, 2p.2, 6p. 1.

Internationale Arbeiter Association: See International Working-People's Association.

Inter-Ocean (Chicago): 88p.1, 264p.1, 268p.3, on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.8; on Liberty, 264p.3; on Tucker, 363p.5.

L'Intransigeant: 21p.2, 25p.1, 38p.3, 44p.7, 97p.1, 118p.1, 118p.8; on adultery, 21p.4; on anti-clericalism, 289p.7; on bourgeoisie, 55p.7; on censorship, 31p.2; on cholera, 66p.7-8; on Cipriani, 19p.4; on class distinction, 64p.8, 65p.5; on compro mise, 133p.1; on the Czar, 28p.3; on Ferre, 17p.3; on free thought, 297p.7; on government, 318p.11-12; on Guiteau, 25p.4; on Herold, 16p.4; on V. Hugo, 64p.7; on Kropotkin, 4p.4, 32p.3; on labor, 29p.3; on liberty, 121p.5, 130p.1; on licenses, 91p.7; on marriage, 30p.4; on L. Michel, 75p.1, 75p.8; on monopolies, 130p.5; on nihilists, 18p.3; on police, 70p.8; on politics, 25p.3, 68p.8; on pornography, 21p.3; on Ravachol, 222p.3-4; on rights, 81p.4; on Russian despotism, 36p.3; on sex, 36p.4; on taxes, 184p.6; on Vaillant, 283 p.9-10; on Vereschagine, 73p.8; on voting, 193p.3; on Wagner, 61p.5; on women, 117p.1. See also Rochefort, Henri.

Investigator (Atlantic): Tucker on, 185p.1.

Investigator (Boston): 14p.2, 25p.3, 40p.4, 51p.1, 60p.1, 61p.4, 62p.4, 64p.5, 71p.1, 72p.4, 77p.1, 83p.5, 99p.1, 104p.1, 104p.8, 113p.1, 121 p.1, 125p.1; advertisement, 43-45; on anarchists, 127p.4; on Government, 354p.7; on Liberty, 3p.4; on prohibition, 349p.5; Tucker on, 10p.1, 40p.3, 70p.4, 100p.1, 166p.1, 385p.1. See also Mendum, J.P. and Seaver, Horace.

Involuntary Idleness: 153p.1, 175p.1, 270p.2, 329p.2, 341p.1; advertisement, 157, 159, 160, 165, 168-176, 180. 183-189, 193-206, 208, 209, 213-217, 282-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341. 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 361; on rent, 153p.1; on wealth, 152p.4; Tucker on, 152p.4. .5ee also Bilgram, Hugo.

Ireland: 68p.1, 69p.1, 71p.4, 118p.4, 119p.4; reprint, 69-120; Tucker on, 68p.4. See also Sauton, George.

Irene: or, the Road to Freedom: 87p.1; Case on, 89p.7; Hullon, 89p.7. See also Fowler, Sada Bailey.

Irish National Emergency Association: 117p.1; letter-to-ed, 74p.5.

Irish World: 4p.1, 11p.3, 12p.1, 12p.2, 12p.4, 17p.1, 18p.2, 19p.2, 19p.4, 22p.1, 23p.2, 24p.1, 28p.1, 42p.8, 53p.1, 54p.5, 70p.5, 73p.5, 79p.4, 79p.5, 79p.8, 89p.1, 92p.1, 103p.6, 113p.5, 142p.1; on capital, 25p.3; on freedom, 119p.7; on land, 30p.3; on rent, 24p.4; on single tax, 131p.5; Appleton on, 71p.4; Tucker on, 1p.3, 3p.2, 8p.1, 9p.2, 19p.1, 23p.1, 71p.4; X on, 58p.4. See also Ford, Patrick (editor/pub.).

The Iron Law of Wages: 103p.1, 152p.4, 301p.5; advertisement, 103, 104, 106, 108, 110, 111, 113-120, 123-128, 130-133, 135-142, 144, 145, 146, 148, 150, 155, 157-200, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253. See also Bilgram, Hugo.


James R. Osgood and Co.: 3p.1, 7p.1, 9p.3, 17p.2; Tucker on, 21p.2, 27p.1.

Le Jardin des Supplices: 368p.6; on cannabilism, 362p.7-8; Tucker on, 362p.5. See also Mirbeau, Octave.

Jeffersonian (Kansas, single tax): 155p.1, 259p.1; on government,198p,l; on railroads. 183p.4.

Jeffersonian (Topeka): 212p.4; on taxes, 164p.3.

Jenseits von Gut und Bose: 284p.7; on egoism, 337p.7&8; on pity, 336p.5. See also Nietzsche.

Jewish Daily News: on racism, 398p.85-86.

"Johann Schmidt": 402p.1; reprint, 401p.11-52; Tucker on, 401p.1-2. See also Bosque, Francis du.

John Gabriel Borkman: Carlin on, 352p.6. See also Ibsen, Henrik.

John Swinton's Paper: 53p.5, 58p.1, 59p.1, 63p.1, 70p.5, 77p.1,90p.1, 91p.1, 101p.4, 104p.5; on B. Butler, 5lp.5; on courts,67p.1; on G. Kelly, 85p.7; on labor, 86p.7; on Liberty, 78p.5; on the San Franciscan, 61p.8; on strikes, 76p.1; on Tucker,93p.5;Tucker on, 42p.1, 57p.1, 87p.1, 104p.1, 105p.1; X on, 58p.4; Yarros on, 107p.4. See also Swinton, John.

Josiah Warren, the First American Anarchist: 391p.14, 393p.10; C.1.S. on, 388p.2, 387p.3-4, 392p.5O-57; Tucker on, 389p.2, 390p.2. See also Bailie, William.

Le Journal: on art, 273p.3; on Business is Business, 373p.6; on bureaucracy, 339p.6-7; on conscientious objectors, 367p.6-7; on hunting, 331p.7, 402p.57-58; on hypocrisy, 326p.5; on law, 351p.6, 395p.53-54; on morality, 378p.6; on police, 396p.61-62; on politics, 328p.7, 402p.47-48; on religion, 332p.7; on scruples, 333p.5; on society, 324p.7-8, 350p.2-4; on the state, 303p.8; on universal suffrage, 342p.6; on Vaillant, 282p.8, 283p.8, 283p.9; on Wilde, 317p.6-7; on women, 351p.3-4.

Le Journal des Economistes: 148p.5, 368p.6, 385p.2; on government, 117p.6-7; on inequality, 138p.1; on sovereignty, 37p.2-3; Tucker on, 134p.4. See also Molinaire, Gustav de (editor).

Journal of Commerce: 234p.2; on credit, 343p.3; on post office, 325p.5; on socialism, 320p.5. See also Stone, David M. (editor).

Journal of the Knights of Labor: 159p.1, 159p.7, 166p.1, 185p.1, 186p.4, 209p.1, 210p.1, 217p.3; on anarchists, 187p.2-3; on capitalism, 166 p.1, on competition, 215p.1; on land, 210p.3; on Looking Backward, 159p.8; on Progress and Poverty, 157p.7; on Smith, W., 221p.1; on socialism, 184p.1; on Sunday laws, 176p.3. See also Knights of Labor.

Journal of United Labor: 149p.1; on government, 149p.7; on sacrifice, 170p.2; Tucker on, 105p.1, 120p.4, 128p.1. See also Knights of Labor.

Jurisprudence: on law, 146p.5; on taxes, 151p.4-5. See also Austin.

Jus: A Weekly Organ of Individualism
98p.1, 103p.1, 109p.1, 122p.1, 140p.4, 149p.8, 150p.4, 152p.1, 182p.4, 295p.4, 304p.8, 308p.7; on boycott, 113p.4, 118p.7; on British Individualism, 108p.5; on Donisthorpe, 102p.4; on ethics, 110p.6-8; on Huxley, 103p.7; on land, 111p.6
on Liberty and Property Defence League, 122p.7-8; on the state, 110p.4, 122p.7-8
on taxes, 104p.4;Tucker on, 95p.1, 102p.1, 107p.1, 111p.1, 111p.4, 118p.1, 122p.5, 122p.7, 123p.1; Yarros on, 118p.4-5, 121p.5. See also Donisthorpe, Wordsworth (editor).

Justice (Burlington): on journalism, 123p.1; on law, 66p.1.

Justice (London, socialist): 83p.1, 87p.1, 89p.1, 95p.1, 98p.1, 103p.1, 108p.1, 146p.1, 207p.1; on anarchy, 67p.7; on labor, 157p.2; poem, 62p.1; on sex, 329p.5; Tucker on, 328p.1. See also Hyndman, H.M. and Social Democratic Federation.

Justice (Philadelphia, single-tax): on banking, 287p.8; on H. George, 282p.11; Looking Backward, 154p.7; on money, 285p.5; on post office, 292p.9; on singletax, 308p.7, 352p.6; Tucker on, 154p.1, 155p.1, 204p.1, 295p.5, 301p.3.

La Justice: 4p.4, 83p.1, 282p.5, 284p.5, 285p.5; on capital punishment, 282p.10; on education, 297p.7; on governnment, 341p.7-8; on parents, 249 p.4; on poverty, 297p.4-5. See also Pichon (editor) and Clemenceau, G.

Justice According to the Revolution and According to the Church: 41p.2, 63p.1, 186p.1. See also Proudhon, Pierre.


Der Kamp (German, The Fight): 3p.1, 3p.4; on revolution, 5p.4.

Kansas City Journal: on Knights of Labor, 83p.7; on Nordau, 324p.7; on voting, 97p.1.

Kansas City Sun: 56p.1, 82p.1, 88p.1, 119p.1, 148p.5, 164p.1. See also Fowler, Charles T.

Kansas Democrat: on revolution 142p.5.

Kansas Liberal (subsequently Lucifer the Light Bearer): 40p.1; advertisement, 32p.4, 33p.4, 36p.4; Tucker on, 32p.2. See also Harman, Moses and Walker, E.C. (editors).

Kate Field's Washington: on coercion, 183p.7; on logic, 185p.5-6; on Looking Backward, 160p.3; on politics, 173p.1; on women, 168p.3.

Kaweah Cooperative Colony: 123p.1, 170p.1. See also Commonwealth (S.F.)

Keokuk Chronicle: 256p.1; Tucker on, 259p.3.

The Kingdom: on anarchy and christianity, 333p.6.

Der Kleine Finger und Anderes in Prosa: 336p.1. See also Mackay, John H.

Aus einer Kleinen Garnison: E. Evanson, 381p.6.

Kleinere Schriften: 355p.1, 360p.3. See also Stirner, Max.

Knickerbocker's History of New York: on law, 47p.8.

Knights of Labor: on strikes, 291p.10; A.H.S. on, 111p.1; Apple ton on, 79p.8; C.H.M. on, 75p.5, 78p.4-5, 80p.4; Fair Play on, 76p.4; F.F.K. on, 82p.7; Heywood on, 76p.1; Lum on, 82p.7; Swain on, 81p.4; Swinton on, 86p.7; Ramsdell on, 87p.7; Tucker on, 73p.1, 76p.4, 79p.5, 82p.5, 83p.7, 95p.5, 140p.1; X on, 79p.4, 80p.4, 83p.4; Yarros on, 274p.2.

The Kolokol (Russian, The Bell): 9p.1. See also Bakounine, Michael.

Kreutzer Sonata: 158p.6, 159p.8, 162p.6, 165p.6, 166p.1, 166p.3, 166p.5, 167p.1, 168p.1, 168p.6, 169p.6, 169p.7, 175p.6, 176p.7, 403p.61; advertisement, 158-190, 192-199, 219-222, 224-253; Boston Traveller on, 165p.3; Buffalo Express on, 165p.2; Chicago Tribune on, 165 p.2-3: J.W. Lloyd on, 168p.5-6; Michailovsky on, 159p.2; Pentecost on, 167p.7; Truth Seeker on, 167p.3; Tucker on, 165p.2, 165p.4. See also Tolstoi, Leo.


Labor Advocate: 187p.1, 187p.6-7; on Ingersoll, 187p.6-7; on single tax, 182p.1; Tucker on, 195p.3.

The Labor Annual: Advertisement, 352, 354-356.

The Labor Dollar: Advertisement, 6, 7, 9-23, 26-29, 31, 34-40, 48, 51, 53-58, 60-75, 79-84, 86, 93-95, 98, 102, 104, 110, 111, 114, 121-124, 127, 128. See also Andrews, Stephen Pearl.

Labor Enquirer (Chicago): 120p.5, 121 p.1, 125p.5, 129p.1, 135p.1. See also Buchanan, Joseph R. (editor).

Labor Enquirer (Denver): 55p.1, 57p.5, 65p.7, 71p.1, 96p.1, 108p.1, 111p.6, 113p.1, 113p.4, 120p.1, 125p.1; on anarchy, 84p.4; on constitution, 105p.5. See also Haskell, Burnette G. (editor).

Labor Exchange Bank: 53p.5, 63p.7; Byington on, 346p.4-5, Tucker on, 346p.4; Western Watchman on, 345p.5.

Labor Journal: 72p.7; on labor, 63p.8; on monopoly, 63p.5; on slavery, 65p.1. See also Drury, Victor.

Labor Leader (Boston): on bureaucracy, 148p.1; on competition, 292p.10; on contract, 282p.10; on socialism, 159p.1; on the state, 210p.1; on reformers, 267p.1; Tucker on, 161p.1 161p.6. 163p.1. See also Foster, Frank K. (editor).

Labor Leaf (Detroit): on labor, 75p.8; on reformers, 60p.8; on the state, 67p.8; on tariff, 70p.8. See also Burton, John R. (editor) and The Advance and Labor Leaf. Labor Review
on Liberty, 15p.4.

Labor World (Philadelphia): Tucker on, 15p.1.

Laborer (Haverhill): Tucker on, 78p.5.

Ladies Land League: 3p.1.

The Land: on mortality, 116p.7.

Land and Labor Club: 110p.8. 115p.1, 117p.7; Tucker on, 106p.4.

Land and Labor Party: Healy on, 106p.6.

Land and Liberty (Russian): 103p.1.

Land League (Irish): 1p.1, 8p.1, 11p.1, 17p.1, 20p.1, 21p.1, 22p.3, 23p.2, 24p.4, 31p.4, 52p.2, 71p.4, 80p.5, 101p.4, 113p.5; Tucker on, 2p.1, 3p.2, 7p.1, 7p.2, 11p.2, 11p.3, 12p.1, 22p.1, 23p.3, 27p.3, 42p.5, 42p.8. See also Rent.

Land Question: 340p.7, 347p.6. See also George, Henry.

"Land Tenure": 103p.1; advertisement, 103, 104, 107-111, 113, 114, 121-124, 127-129, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 152- 156, 159, 161-176, 178-189, 193-209, 213-217, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253, 282, 283, 286-293, 296-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 354-356, 360, 362. See also Fowler, Charles T.

Languages Printing Company: Advertisement, 366-390.

"Law and Authority": 24p.1; advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122; reprint, 22p.2-4, 23p.3-4, 26p.3-4, 27p.3-4. See also Kropotkin, Pierre.

Law in a Free Country: 301p.3, 312p.1. See also Donisthorpe, Wordsworth.

"The Law of Intellectual Property": 100p.5, 182p.6; on intellectual property, 180p.2; Simpson on, 180p.2; Tucker on, 180p.4. see also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

"The Law of Prices: A Demonstration of the Necessity for an Indefinite Increase of Money"
100p.5. 101p.8. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Leaves of Grass: 29p.1, 31p.3, 35p.1, 37p.3, 121p.4, 208p.3, 383p.3, 403 p.61; advertisement, 24-26, 28-32; A.E.G. on, 26p.1; Tucker on, 9p.3, 21p.2, 22p.1, 24p.1, 25p.1, 27p.1. See also Whitman, Walt.

Legitimation League: 275p.3, 356p.1; Donisthorpe on, 286p.8-9; W. Gilmour on, 353p.7; The Penman on, 276p.3.

Lessons in Words of One Syllable: 294 p.5. See also Byington, Steven.

"Letter to Grover Cleveland": 76p.4, 77p.1, 83p.1, 85p.1, 89p.1, 89p.7, 91p.8, 97p.5, 101p.4, 101p.8, 170p.7, 324p.1; advertise ment, 83-87, 89-92, 96, 97, 99-101, 281-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354356, 360, 362; reprint, 63-81. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

"A Letter to Scientists and Inventors": Tucker on, 47p.1, 48p.1.

See also Spooner, Lysander.

"A Letter to Thomas F.Bayard": Advertisement, 282, 283, 286-293, 292-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 35I, 352, 354-356. 360, 362; reprint, 21p.2, 42p.6-7. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Letters: C.1.S. on, 391p.36-43. See also Ibsen, Henrik.

"Letters to a Provincial": on usury, 282 p.3-4. See also Pascal, Blasie.

"Letters to Partners' Sons": Chicago Herald on, 186p.6; Tucker on, 186 p.1. See also Chase, Henry W.

"Lettres d'Auguste Comte a Henry Edger et a M. John Metcalf": Nettlau on, 391p.48.

The Liars: Tucker on, 358p.1.

Liberal (Liberal, Missouri): on free love, 84p.4.

Liberal League: 16p.2, 32p.2, 37p.1, 51p.1, 54p.1, 55p.4, 56p.1, 66p.1, 68p.1, 70p.5, 77p.8, 118p.1, 217p.1, 288p.3; Tucker on, 7p.1, 8p.1, 27p.1.

Liberator (abolitionist): 71p.4, 329p.4. See also Garrison, William L.

Liberator (Australian, Melbourne, Freethought): 76p.7, 88p.7, 12lp.1; on law, 293p.8
Andrade on, 87p.7.

Le Libertaire (Anarchist-Com.): Tucker on, 375p.1.

Libertas (German version of Liberty): 119p.4, 120p.4, 121p.1, 123p.4, 132p.4, 331p.1, 353p,4; announcement of, 115-119; Moeller on, 117 p.4; Tucker on, 122p.4. See also Schumm, Emma and Schumm, George.

Liberty: Advertisement, 53-76, 93-111, 113-133, 135-153, 155-161, 166, 167, 174, 178-180, 183, 184, 186, 187, 188, 190-198, 200, 202, 204, 205, 208, 209, 218-222, 224-253, 380, 381; Alarm on, 56p.5, 60p.7, 117p.5; Altruria on, 398p.80-81; The Anarchist on, 130p.7; Andrade on. 69p.1; Der Arme Teufel on, 289p.7; B. Ball on, 3p.4; Ballou on, 54p.1; Boston Post on, 43p.1; Byington on, 370p.3; Carr on, 400p.4; Case on, 51p.7; de Cleyre on, 160p.5; Crosby on, 397p.6; Dietrick on, 312p.7, 316p.6; F. F. on, 49p.4; Foulke on, 61p.7; M. Franklin on, 62p.5; Gordak on, 328 p.1; Hammar on, 88p.1; Hannum on, 359p.6; L. Harman on, 181p.4; Haskell on, 40p.2; Hickey on, 47p.8; Horr on, 389p.6; G. Howe on, 29p.4; Inter-Ocean on, 264p.3; J. Jack on, 183p.7; John Swinton's Paper on, 78p.5; L.M.H on, 163p.3; Lloyd on, 88p.7, 153p.5; S. Morse on, 135p.7; New York Times, 375p.4; Palladium on, 254p.2: Palmer on, 245p.2; Pink on, 55p.7; Providence Journal on, 29p.3; Small on, 359p.6; Smart on, 3p.3; S.F. Truth on, 40p.2; Tucker on, lp.1-2, 26p.2, 27p.1, 27p.2, 29p.3, 31p.2, 32p.2, 41p.2, 42p.4, 47p.4, 57p.1, 114p.1, 164p.1, 164p.7, 198p.1, 227p.1, 229p.1, 230p.1, 231p.1, 232p.1, 232p.2, 234p.1, 254p.2, 261p.2, 276p.2, 278p.2, 281p.2, 283p.1, 285p.8, 286p.12, 287p.12, 288p.8, 289p.8, 290p.8, 291p.12, 292p.12, 293p.12, 294p.8, 295p.12, 297p.8, 301p.4, 303p.1, 310p.5, 314p.3-4, 321p.2, 325p.2, 331p.3, 339p.1, 346p.2, 357p.1, 358p.2, 367p.1, 372p.5-6, 391p.1-2, 391p.4, 394p.1-2, 395p.2-3, 396p.3-4, 397p.2, 397p.1, 399p.1, 400p.2; Vrooman on, 73p.1; Wadsworth on, 50p.1; E.C. Walker on, 3p.4; J. Walker on, 71p.5; Willcox on, 14p.3; Die Zukunft on, 50p.8. See also Tucker, Benjamin.

Liberty (London): Tucker on, 40p.1.

Liberty and Morality: Advertisement, 29-33, 36, 37. 39, 45, 48, 51, 53-59; Tucker on, 29p.1. See also Bell, W.S.

Liberty and Property Defence League: 89p.1, 95p.1, 102p.4, 122p.1, 147p.1, 149p.8, 150p.4, 153p.7, 154p.6, 158p.7, 176p.3, 182p.3, 283p.2, 322p.1, 345p.3, 398p.73; Donisthorpe on, 122p.7-8, 152p.1, 308 p.7; Tucker on, 122p.7, 295p.5, 308p.1. See also Jus, A Journal of Individualism.

Liberty Club: 68p.1.

Liberty Luminants: 367p.2. See also Bool, Henry (pub.)

Liberty Party: 94p.5, 100p.5.

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Liberty's Library: See Anarchism or Anarchy; Captain Roland's Purse; The Great Strike; Hard Cash; International Address; The Labor Dollar; Mutual Banking; Prostitution and the International Woman's League; Radical Review; So the Railway Kings Itch for an Empire, Do They?; Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic Financial Fragments; Work and Wealth; The Working Woman; Yours or Mine.

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Le Nouveau Monde: on the state, 118p.2.


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"Organic Ideas": Reprint, 45p.7-8; Tucker on, 45p.1. See also Edgeworth.

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People (Providence): Tucker on, 106p.5, 109p.1, 113p.1. See also Vrooman, H.C. (editor).

People (S.F.): Tucker on, 101p.4, 332p.5.

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People's Party Paper: on democracy, 328p.5. See also Watson (editor).

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Periodical Letter on the Principles and Progress of the Equity Movement (monthly): 391p.14, 391p.49. See also Warren, J.

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Philos: on W.H. Smith, 221p.1.

Philosophy of Anarchism: 261p.3. See also Parsons, A.R.

The Philosophy of Trade-Unionism: 267p.3. See also Lum, Dyer D.

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Pilgrimage to the Wise Men of the West: G. Macdonald on, 398p.63. See also Conway, Monclure.

Pillars of Society: F.F.K. on, 157p.6. See also Ibsen, Henrik.

Pilot (Catholic): on the people, 142p.1.

Pioneer Press (St. Paul): on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.5; on censorship, 195p.1; on post office, 65p.8.

Pionier: 115p.4. See also Schumm, George (editor).

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Pittsburgh Press: on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.8.

Pittsburgh Truth: on rights, 155p.1.

The Place of Anarchism in Social Evolution: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Kropotkin, Pierre.

Plain Dealer (Cleveland): on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.5.

Plain Talk in Psalm and Parable: Tucker on, 363p.4-5. See also Crosby, Ernest.

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A Policy of Free Exchange: Tucker on, 281p.5.

Political Economy: on anarchy, 338p.5. See also Thompson, R.E.

Political Economy Circle: 254p.2. See also National Liberal Club.

Political Justice: 201p.2. See also Sullivan, J.W.

Political Justice: 82p.8, 84p.7, 391p.44. See also Godwin, Wil liam.

The Political Theology of Mazzini and the International: 87p.1; reprint, 87-101. See also Bakounine, Michael.

The Political Value of History: 262p.4. See also Lecky, W.E.H.

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"A Politician in Trouble About His Soul": 396p.54. See also Herbert, Auberon.

Poltavtchina: on Filonoff, 392p.15-16.

Popular History of England: See Subscription Premiums.

Popular Science Monthly: 2p.1, 42p.4, 127p.5, 164p.2, 169p.2, 209p.1, 225p.1, 227p.1, 297p.1, 303p.5, 313p.1, 315p.1, 319p.5; on anarchy, 253p.3; on labor, 297p.1; on laissez-faire, 297p.7; on state education, 134p.4. See also Youmans, E.1.

"The Positive Community: Glimpse of the Regenerated Future of the Human Race. A Sermon Preached at Modern Times": 391p.49.

Post-intelligencer (Seattle): Tucker on, 194p.1.

Pot-Bouille: Tucker on, 22p.1. See also Zola, Emil.

Pounce and Co.: Tucker on, 37p.2. See also Woolfe, B.E.

"Poverty: Its Illegal Causes and Legal Cure"
100p.5. See also Spooner, Lysander.

Practical Co-operation: Advertisement, 59. See also Walker, E.C.

Practical Details in Equitable Commerce: 122p.6, 391p.46. See also Warren, Josiah.

Precis d'Economie Politique et de Morale: 262p.4. See also Moli nari, Gustav de.

Present Aspect of the Labor Movement: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Newton, R. Heber.

The Present Day (London): on vigilantes, 86p.5. See also Barrett, Thomas (editor).

Press Cable Messenger: on government, 294p.6; on repression, 293p.6-7, 294p.6.

Press Dispatch: on courts, 290p.5; on law, 294p.6; on marriage, 291p.7; on navy, 292p.7; on politicians, 295p.6.

The Prince: N.Y. Nation on, 204p.2. See also Machiavelli.

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Principles of Political Economy: on taxes, 164p.5; Alden on, 164p.5-6. See also Newcomb, Simon.

Principles of Population: on poverty, 84p.7. See also Malthus.

Principles of Psychology: 168p.6, 174p.5. See also Spencer, Herbert.

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El Productor (Communist, anarchist, Spanish): 165p.7.

Progress (Buffalo): on boycott, 383p.6.

Progress and Poverty: 1p.1, 7p.1, 8p.1, 23p.1, 25p.1, 27sup., 28p.2, 30p.3, 36p.1, 45p.1, 49p.1, 90p.7, 95p.5, 102p.6, 111p.4, 111p.6, 123p.4, 125p.1, 128p.2, 152p.4, 153p.1, 157p.1, 157p.7, 172p.1, 181p.1, 195p.1, 319p.6, 332p.3, 337p.6, 341p.5, 342p.2, 372p.7; on land, 28p.3; Boyd on, 12p.4; Byington on, 385p.3; Tucker on, 23p.2. See also George, Henry and Fallacies of Progress and Poverty-advertisement.

Prohibition and Self-Government: Advertisement, 35, 36, 40, 41, 45, 48, 53, 55, 56-58. See also Walker, E.C.

Prohibition: or, The Relation of Gov. to Temperance
67-78, 83, 84, 87, 93, 98, 102, 104, 107, 108, 110, 111, 114, 121-124, 127-129, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 155, 156, 162-176, 178-181, 183-189, 193-206, 208, 209, 213-217, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253, 283, 286-293, 296-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 362. See also Fowler, Charles T.

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Prostitution and the International Woman's League: Advertise ment, 6, 7, 9, 10-23, 26-29, 31, 34-36, 38-40, 48, 53-58, 60-76, 98, 102, 104, 111, 114, 121-124, 127, 128. See also Edger, Henry.

Protection or Free Trade: on tariff, 90p.7; J.F. Kelly on, 90p.7. See also George, Henry.

Proudhon: 42p.1. See also Lesverdays (editor).

Proudhon and His Bank of the People: Advertisement, 345-352, 354, 356, 360, 364, 365, 367-369, 371, 374-376, 384; Tucker on, 345p.1. See also Dana, C.

Proudbon Library: 91p.4, 92p.1, 92p.5, 93p.1, 93p.4, 94p.1, 95p.5, 95p.7, 95p.8, 96p.5, 98p.1, 100p.1, 101p.1, 103p. 1, 103p.6, 105p.7, 106p.5, 117p.1; advertisement, 93-104, 106-111, 113-152; J.F. Kelly, 92p.4; Prescott on, 93p.1; Tucker on, 92p.4, 118p.4.

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Providence Journal: on labor, 28p.1; on Liberty, 29p.3; on vot ing, 56p.4; Tucker on, 27p.1, 29p.3.

Provincetown Advocate: on boycott, 287p.9; Byington on, 338p.5.

Public (Chicago): on anarchy, 371p.7; on Hearst, 380p.6; on money, 400p.51-52; on police, 383p.7; on post office, 367p.7, 373p.6-7, 374p.6; on railroads, 383p.7; on terrorism, 388 p.6; on Turner, 380p.6. See also Post, Louis.

Public Ledger: on Chinese, 388p.6-7; on interest, 385p.6.

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Pullman Co.: 299p.1, 300p.7, 303p.3, 335p.7; Tucker on, 291p.10; Yarros on, 292p.3.

Punch (Australia): on Whitman, 221p.1; Andrade on, 97p.1.

Purity Congress: G. Macdonald, 402p.27-29.


"A Question for the Clergy": See Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

La Question Sociale: Tucker on, 63p.1. See also Argyriades (editor).

La Question Sociale (anarchist, Belgian): 161p.6, 212p.3. See also Berger, Octave (editor).

The Quintessence of lbsenism: 207p.1, 209p.1, 257p.2, 318p.4; advertisement, 283-287, 289-302, 304-309, 311, 314, 317-321, 323-327, 331-336, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 3S6. See also Shaw, G.B.


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Radical (London): 125p.1, 127p.5. See also Standring, George.

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Radical Publications: Advertisement, 281-287, 289-295.

Radical Publication Fund: Tucker on, 276p.2.

Radical Remedy in Social Science: 85p.4, 85p.7. See also Foote, E.B. Jr.

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Review of the National Bank System: on money, 128p.7; Westrup on, 128p.7. See also Esterly, George.

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Revolution: or, the Reorganization of our Social System Inevita ble
on poverty, 20p.4; Tucker on, 19p.1. See also Slocum, W.N.

La Revue Anarchiste (subsequently La Revue Libertaire): 284p.3.

Revue Anarchiste Internationale: 57p.1.

Revue des Deux Mondes: on theatre, 292p.11.

La Revue Libertaire (formerly La Revue Anarchiste): 284p.3.

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Russia and Nihilism: Advertisement, 27-32. See also Black, W.P.

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Sentinel: on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.5.

Shoe and Leather Reporter: on wealth, 294p.5.

Siecle (French): on war, 400p.20.

Signing the Document . . . And Other Essays: 48p.1. See also Wheelbarrow.

Simple Life Press: 399p.4. See also Fifield, Arthur C.

Simple Life Series: 385p.1.

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Single Tax Club: 313p.6, 337p.3, 339p.6; Trinkhaus on, 337p.6-7.

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The Social System That is and That is To Be: Tucker on, 9p.3. See also Smart, W.G.H.

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Socialistic, Communistic, Mutualistic and Financial Fragments

Advertisement, 6, 7, 12, 16, 17, 19-23, 26, 31, 34-40, 48, 53-58, 60-76, 95, 98, 102, 104, 111, 113, 114, 117, 121-124, 127, 128, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 154-156, 159, 161-176, 178-181, 183-191, 193-200, 202-209, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253, 282, 283, 286-293, 296-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317, 321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 362, 365, 367-369, 371, 373-379, 382, 383, 388-390; on currency, 354p.6; Tucker on, 362p.1. See also Greene, William B.

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Socialistic Publishing Society: 108p.5, 108p.6.

Socialistic Revolutionary Club: 22p.2.

La Societe Nouvelle (France): Tucker on, 59p.1.

Society for the Employment of Women: 313p.1.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children: 187p.6, 226p.3, 287p.6, 300p.7, 334p.4, 382p.1, 387p.1.

Society for the Suppression of Vice: N.Y. Sun on, 288p.4-5. See also Comstock, Anthony.

The Society of To-Morrow: A Forecast of Its Political and Econom ic Organization
on government, 385p.2; S.R. on, 385p.2. See also Molinari, Gustav de.

The Sociological Index: 278p.2; reprint, 254-277; Tucker on, 254p.2.

Solidarity: Yarros on, 252p.2-3. See also Edelman, J.H. (editor).

Solution of the Social Problem: 41p.2, 63p.1, 95p.7, 186p.1, 299p.1. See also Proudhon.

Sophisms of Protection: 169p.1. See also Bastiat.

Soul of Man Under Socialism: 302p.3; Tucker on, 181p.1. See also Wilde, Oscar.

The South West (Fort Worth): on secession, 332p.5; Tucker on, 123p.4-5, 125p.1.

Der Sozialist (State Socialism, German): Tucker on, 123p.4.

The Speaker (London): on capitalists, 291p.10; on G.B. Shaw, 377p.2.

Spectator (London): on government, 306p.6-7; Tucker on, 26p.1.

The Sphere and Duties of Government: 136p.7; on invasion, 135p.7. See also Humboldt, Wilhelm Von.

The Spirit of Labor: C.1.S. on, 398p.54-58. See also Hapgood, Hutchins.

Spiritual Delusions: 267p.3. See also Lum, Dyer D.

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St. Louis Globe-Democrat: on divorce, 291p.7; on legislation, 180p.2-3, on politicians, 170p.1.

St. Louis Republican: Tucker on, 211p.3.

St. Paul Pioneer-Press: on Liberty, 3p.4.

Standard: on anarchy, 104p.5; on copyright, 128p.4, 174p.4; on Haymarket, 347p.4; on interest, 109p.4; on taxes, 109p.1; on telegraph, 126p.7; on voting, 123p.1; Tucker on, 90p.1, 109p.1. See also George, Henry (editor).

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Standard (New Bedford): on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.5; Tucker on, 361p.1.

Standard News Company (Canton agent for Liberty): 234p.2, 240p.2.

Standard Oil Company: G. Macdonald on, 401p.57-58.

Stanford University: C on, 319p.2-3.

Star (London): on post office, 292p.7.

Star (Montreal): on indians, 71p.1.

"The State: Its Nature, Object and Destiny": 117p.1, 118p.4; reprint, 117p.2-3, 118p.2-3. See also Proudhon, Pierre.

The State: Its Origin, Its Nature and Its Abolition: 156p.1; advertisement, 156, 162-176, 178-181, 183-189, 213-217, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-253. See also Tarn, Albert.

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The Story of an African Farm: 190p.1; advertisement, 155-159, 165, 169, 170-190, 192-199, 211, 214-216, 219-222, 224-253, 284-287, 289-302, 308, 309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356; Tucker on, 134p.1. See also Iron, Ralph (pseudonym of Olive Schreiner).

A Strike of Millionaires: Advertisement, 162-174. See also Lloyd, Henry.

The Student's Darwin: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Aveling, Edward.

A Study of the Money Question: 291 p.5, 292p.5, 310p.7, 315p.7; Ballou on, 291p.8. See also Bilgram, Hugo.

Study of Sociology: See Principles of Sociology.

Sturm: 150p.4, 153p.6, 178p.3, 194p.1, 232p.4; advertisement, 157-161, 174, 175, 178, 179, 183-189, 194, 220, 222, 224, 226-228; G.S. on, 154 p,4-5. See also Mackay, John Henry.

Subscription Premiums: Christmas Stories - Dickens, Fors Clavig-era - Ruskin, Idyls of the King - Tennyson, Light of Asia - E. Arnold, Lothair - Disraeli, Macaulay's Essays - Macaulay (ed), Memories of My Exile - Kossuth, Sartor Resartus - Carlyle
27p.1, 28p.1, 29p.1, 30p.1, 31p.1, 32p.1, 34p.1.

Sunday Advertiser: Tucker on, 232p.1. See also Cockerill, John (editor).

Sunday Morning Mail (Rochester): Tucker on, 28p.1.

Sunday School Times: on Christianity, 287p.5; on property, 296p.7. See also Trumbull, Clay H. (editor).

Sunrise Club: Tucker on, 356p.4-5, 357p.4; E.C. Walker on, 357p.8.

Sunset Club: Tucker on, 349p.2.

Synthetic Philosophy: 84p.7, 172p.1, 262p.1, 265p.2, 285p.6, 313p.1. See also Spencer, Herbert and Principles of Biology, Principles of Ethics, Principles of Psychology, Principles of Sociology.

Syracuse Post Standard: on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.5.

System of Economic Contradictions: 41p.2, 51p.1, 63p.1, 91p.4, 92p.1, 92p.4, 95p.7, 95p.8, 118p.4, 125p.5, 151p.6, 174p.2, 178p.2, 181p.4, 269p.2, 269p.3, 278p.3, 295p.11, 298p.7, 382p.6; advertisement, 119-156. 160-166, 172-176, 178-181, 281-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 362; quoted, 105p.5; Mulberger on, 269p.1, 269p.3. See also Proudhon, Pierre and Proudhon's Library - advertisement.

"A System of Paper Currency": See Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.


Taxation or Free Trade: Advertisement, 92-100, 102, 106, 114, 117, 119-124, 127, 128, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-143, 146, 148, 150, 155, 156, 163, 165-176, 178-181, 183-189, 193-206, 208, 209, 213-217, 219-222, 224-236, 238-247, 249-25 3, 282, 283, 286-293, 296-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 362. See also Kelly, John F.

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"Tchernychewsky's Life and Trial": Reprint, 82p.2, 83p.6, 84p.6, 85p.6.

Le Temps: on compulsory education, 282p.7; on nudity, 400p.39-43; on oath, 225p.4; on police, 215p.3. See also Delombre (editor).

Les Temps Nouveaux: on Duval, 381p.3; on reformers, 381p.2. See also Grave, Jean (pub.).

Terre et Liberte (anarchist, subsequently L'Audace): 53p.1, 60p.4.

Terre Haute Express: on usury, 56p.8.

Texas Siftings: on future, 169p.7.

Texas Union Workman (single tax): on rights, 302p.5.

Theatre Libre: Antoine on, 185p.6; N.Y. Nation on, 182p.3; Today on, 180p.3.

Theatrical Federation: Yarros on, 180p.7.

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"The Theories of Law and Anarchy: A Midnight Debate"
150p.1. See also Brewster, H.

Theory and Practical Workings of our System of Government: Tucker on, 37p.1. See also Rosecrans, W.S.

Theory of Population: 82p.8, 84p.7. See also Malthus.

Therapeutic Sarcognomy: N.Y. Sun on, 186p.6. See also Buchanan, J.R.

Things As They Are: 363p.1. See also Hall, Bolton.

The Thirty-Six Trades of the State: Advertisement, 349-353, 355-359, 362, 364, 365, 367-369. See also Arsene, Alexandre.

In This Our World: on charity, 282p.5.

This World (formerly Infidel Pulpit): 24p.1, 26p.2; Tucker on, 13p.1. See also Chainey, George.

Three Acres and Liberty: 397p.34. See also Hall, Bolton.

Three Dreams in a Desert: 109p.1, 115 p.1, 119p.4, 203p.4, 355p.1; advertisement, 117-125, 127, 128, 130-133, 135-151, 155-157, 160-162, 171-175, 183-185, 188, 214-217, 354-356; on free dom, 178p.2-3; reprint, 109p.7; Tucker on, 354p.1. See also Schreiner, Olive.

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Times (Monterey, Mexico): on currency, 353p.7-8.

Times of Natal: on juries, 402p.49-50.

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Tolstoy as a Schoolmaster: 385p.1, 389 p.7. See also Crosby, Ernest H.

Tom Strang Killed and Anti-Syllabus: Advertisement, 75-87, 89-92.

Topeka Daily Citizen: on Liberty, 80p.5.

Town Topics (N.Y.): on Ballad of Reading Gaol, 361p.5; on voting, 326p.5.

Tragic Comedians: on literature, 336p.5.

Transatlantic: 154p.1, 156p.1, 178p.1; advertisement, 151-154, I56, 178-188.

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Twentieth Century Club: 325p.8, 400p.10.

Twentieth Century Library: 291p.8.

Twentieth Century Publishing Co.: 186p.1, 186p.6.

Two Anarchisms: 323p.4; on anarchy, 323p.7. See also Seymour, Henry.

In Two Moods: Boston Herald on, 203p.1.

Typographical Journal: on unions, 371p.6-7.

Typographical Union: on strikes, 291p.1O; Tucker on, 316p.5.


Unbidden Thoughts (column): 396-403. See also Macdonald, George E.

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"The Unconstitutionality of the Laws of Congress": Advertisement, 282, 283, 286-293, 296-302, 304, 305, 307-309, 311-314, 317-321, 323-327, 329, 331-337, 339-341, 343-349, 351, 352, 354-356, 360, 362, 265, 367-369, 371, 373-379, 382-385, 388-390. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Union (Minneapolis, Knights of Labor): 305p.5, 31Op.8.

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Union Printer and American Craftsman: Tucker on, 321p.2.

Union Reform League: 2p.3.

United Ireland: 35p.3, 35p.4. See also O'Brien, W. (editor).

United States Express Company: Philadelphia Press on, 178p.1.

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Universal Peace Society: 69p.4.

Universal Socialistic Congress: Tucker on, 6p.1.

"Universal Wealth": 100p.5, 101p.8. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Universities, Actual and Ideal: on government endowment, 107p.7. See also Huxley, Aldous.

University Cynic: on sacrifice, 226p.1.

University of Brussels: Lazare on, 327p.4-5.

Utica Observer: on vaccination, 282p.6.

Utopia: on wealth, 68p.1. See also More, Thomas.

Utopia (Ellensburg, Labor Exchange paper): 346p.5.


Vaccination Inquirer: on anti-vaccination, 67p.1.

Valmond, the Crank: B. Millet on, 184p.5.

La Verite: on compulsory education, 1p.4.

"Vices are Not Crimes". 100p.5. See also Spooner, Lysander.

Vick's Floral Guide: Advertisement, 59. See also Vick, James.

Victor Hugo (Paris, weekly): 1p.1.

Victor Hugo: A Sketch of His Life and Work: 256p.4. See also Pringle, N.J.

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Vienna Neue Freie Press: on the state, 281p.6.

Viestnik-Evropy (St. Petersburg): on journalism, 286p.10.

Vigilance Association for the Defense of Personal Rights: 86p.5.

Vindication of Anarchism: Byington on, 377p.4-5. See also James, C.1.

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La Voix du Peuple: 174p.2, 269p.1, 356p.3; on the state, 117p.2-3, 118 p.2-3. See also Proudhon, Pierre (editor).

Voluntary Socialism through the State: 346p.2. See also Bliss, W.D.P.

Voluntary Socialism: 342p.1, 347p.6, 382p.6; advertisement, 339-347, 349, 351, 353. 359, 360, 363, 365, 386-390; J.B. Robinson on, 341p.6; Tucker on, 334p.6, 338p.1. See also Tandy, Francis.

Voluntary Taxation: 156p.1; advertisement, 156, 167-176, 178-181; Tucker on, 149p.1. See also Fisher, J. Greevz.

Vorbote: 42p.1, 82p.1, 86p.7, 214p.1. See also Chicagoer Arbeiter.

Vorwarts: on G.B. Shaw, 395p.48.


Waco Evening News: on Galveston News, 296p.1.

Wahrheit: on racism, 398p.83-85.

Waif and Wanderings: 52p.1; advertisement, 52, 53. See also Putnam, Samuel P.

Walden: 385p.1. See also Thoreau.

War: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Kropotkin, Pierre.

Washington National View: on Liberty, 3p.4.

Washington Post: on Congress, 288p.5; on H. George, 91p.5; on law, 281p.6; Tucker on, 346p.4. See also Hutchins, Stilson (editor).

Washington Star: on General Ordway, 186p.4-5.

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Watchman (Boston): on Liberty, 3p.4.

Waterman's Journal (Spencerian, subsequently Today): 153p.6, 154p.1, 154p.5, 155p.1, 157p.1; on legislation, 151p.1; on liber ty, 151p.7, Tucker on, 153p.1.

Watkin's Freethinkers' Convention: 29p.1.

Wave (S.F.): on taxes, 283p.2.

Weakly Weekly: poem, 4p.3.

Wealth and Progress: 120p.5, 122p.1, 122p.5, 126p.1, 145p.5, 154p.5; on post office, 134p.4-5; Yarros on, 126p.6, 127p.2-3. See also Gunton, George.

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Weekly Star (S.F., Single Tax Society): Tucker on, 128p.1.

Weekly Times and Echo (London): on anarchy, 327p.8; on monev, 323p.5.

Wells Fargo and Co.: Tucker on, 6p.1, 72p.5, 105p.4, 107p.4.

Wendell Phillips Memorial Hall: Tucker on, 117p.4.

Westboro Reform School: Tucker on, 1p.3.

Western Laborer: 284p.1, 285p.1, 289 p.2, 292p.4, 292p.5, 297p.5, 302p.3. See also Hudspeth, Willis (editor).

Western Union: Ingersoll on, 112p.7.

Western Watchman: on Labor Exchange, 345p.5.

Westminister Gazette: on anarchy, 295p.11.

Westminister Review: on marriage, 141p.7; on the state, 287p.11.

"What is a Dollar"": 1OOp.5. See also Spooner, Lysander.

What is Anarchism?: 364p.1; Byington on, 362p.8, 363p.34; re print, 362, 364, 365, 367-390. See also Byington, Stephen.

"What is Freedom and When Am I Free": 77p.1; advertisement, 78, 83, 84, 90, 92, 96, 99, 102, 114, 121-124, 127-129, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 152-156, 162-176, 178-181. See also Appleton, Henry.

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What's To Be Done?: 29p.4, 80p.1, 82p.1, 85p.6, 88p.1, 103p.5, 108p.5, 124p.7, 125p.7, 130p.1, 178p.5, 262p.2, 362p.7; adver tisement, 82-87, 89-93, 97-101, 103, 104, 106-109, 110, 111, 113-121, 123-128, 130-132, 134-139, 141-143, 145-153, 155-161, 165, 169-190, 192-199, 216, 219-222, 224-253; Tucker on, 42p.2, 82p.4. See also Tchernychewsky, N.G.

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Whitman's Ideal Democracy and Other Writings: 370p.4; advertise ment, 370-384, 387. See also Born, Helena.

"Who Caused the Reduction of Postage?": 105p.1. See also Spooner, Lysander and Lysander Spooner's Pamphlets.

Why Government at All?: 258p.4, 278p.3; Yarros on, 278p.1,3-4. See also Ornum, W.H. Van.

The Wife of Number 4,237: 76p.4, 80p.1; reprint, 77p.2-3, 78p.7, 79p.2-3, 80p.7, 81p.3. See also Kropotkin, Sophie.

The Wild Duck: 290p.6, 316p.7, 31 8p.7. See also Ibsen, Henrik.

The Will of the People (nihilist): 4p.1, 36p.3.

William Morris as an Exponent of Socialism: Cooper on, 391p.50-51. See also Cooper, Samuel W.

Wilmington Star: on anarchy, 345p.5.

The Wind and the Whirlwind: 51p.1, 51p.5, 111p.5; advertisement, 47-58, 60-76, 83, 84, 86, 87, 98, 102, 114, 121-124, 127-129, 131-133, 136, 137, 140-142, 145, 146, 148, 150, 152, 153, 155, 156, 159, 161-176, 178-181, 183-189, 192-209, 213-217, 283-285, 294-296, 300, 303-309, 311-314, 316-321, 323-328, 337, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356; excerpt, 364p.4; Tucker on, 48p.1. See also Blunt, Wilfred Scawen.

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The Wing of Azrael: 296p.1; R.S. on, 147p.5. See also Caird, Mona.

Winsted Press: on anarchy, 83p.7; on banking, 59p.1, 98p.4; on Heywood, 37p.3; on Knights of Labor, 82p.7; on labor, 82p.7; on marriage, 88p.8; on obscenity, 104p.8; Tucker on, 105p.4, 121p.1, 123p.1. See also Pinney, Lucien V. (editor).

Witenagemote Club: Labadie on, 333p.6.

Witness (Montreal): on boycott, 287p.9; on female labor, 124p.7.

Woman in the Past, Present and Future: Advertisement, 75-87, 89-111, 113, 115-122. See also Bebel, August.

Woman Question: Advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122. See also Aveling, Edward.

The Woman Who Did: 326p.2; Kuehn on, 312p.6; Tucker on, 309p.1, 313p.1, 314p.1. See also Allen, Grant.

Woman's Bible: Tucker on, 334p.4.

Woman's Congress: Yarros on, 309p.2.

Woman's Herald of Industry: Tucker on, 35p.1. See also Stow, Mrs. J.W. (editor).

Woman's Journal (woman's suffrage): on Lady Burton, 194p.3-4; on The Woman Who Did, 309p.1.

Woman's National Liberal Union: 162p.1.

The Woman Suffrage Association: 37p.1, 162p.3, 306p.4; Tucker on, 9p.3.

Woman's View of the Woman Question: Edgeworth on, 43p.8.

Woman's World: 67p.8, 89p.4. See also Wilmans, Helen (editor).

Women and Economics: B. Marvin on, 362p.7. See also Stetson.

Women's Employment Defense League: 338p.2.

Woodhull and Claflin's Weekly: 83p.1, 118p.4, 137p.1, 138p.3, 141p.4, 142p.5. See also Woodhull, Victoria and Claflin, Tennie (editors).

Word: 1p.3, 3p.3, 29p.1, 39p.2, 54p.1, 54p.5, 92p.7, 148p.5, 149p.4, 159p.1, 166p.5; on Liberty, 3p.4. See also Heywood, Ezra H. (editor).

Words of a Rebel: 123p.1, 298p.1, 342p.4; advertisement, 93-111, 113, 115-122; on expropriation, 112p.5. See also Kropotkin, Pier re.

Work and Wages: 100p.5; on anarchy, 112p.6.

Work and Wealth: Advertisement, 6, 7, 12, 16, 19-23, 26, 27, 31, 34-40, 48, 51, 53-58, 60-75, 80-82, 95, 98, 102, 104, 110, 111, 114-117, 121, 122, 284-287, 289-294, 296-298, 300, 303-309, 311-314, 316, 325-327, 329, 331-337, 339-347, 349, 351, 352, 354, 356. See also Ingalls, J.K.

Worker: on Hearst, 371p.6.

Working Girls' Club: Swartz on, 247p.2.

The Workingman's Programme: Advertisement, 75-87, 89-92. See also Lassalle, Ferdinand.

Workmen's Advocate (Socialistic Labor Party): on Liberty, 121p.5; on passive resistance, 130p.4; on Proudhon, 156p.5; on socialism, 144p.4; Tucker on, 96p.1, 125p.1, 136.1, 145p.1. See also Busche (editor).

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World (Cleveland): on banking, 199p.4; Tucker on, 195p.1.

World's Congress: Tucker on, 202p.2, 260p.2.

World's Fair: Anonymous on, 172p.3; Inter-Ocean on, 264p.3; Rev. Mackay on, 204p.3; Tucker on, 224p.1, 263 p.2; E.C. Walker on, 207p.3.


Yale Review: on the Natural Law of Money, 291p.5.

Yorkshire Post: on legitimation league, 276p.3.

Young American: on government, 131p.4.

Yours or Mine: Advertisement, 6, 7, 12, 16, 19-23, 26, 27, 31, 34-39, 45, 48-51, 53-58. See also Heywood, E.H.


Zarathustra: Wyzewa on, 239p.1. See also Nietzsche.

Zeitschrift fur den individualistichen Anarchismus: Tucker on, 374p.1. See also Otten, Johann (editor).

Die Zukunft (German, anarchist): on communist-anarchism, 56p.5; on revolution, 50p.8; on Truth (S.F.), 53p.1. See also Bachmann, Moritz (editor).

Zwischen den Zielen: 336p.1. See also Mackay, John Henry.

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